My LG TV does not turn on anymore, why and what to do?

You wanted to have a good time in front of the television but the device refuses to turn on? Unfortunately this is a fairly common problem with televisions, and LG branded products are no exception. But do not panic ! There are checks and manipulations accessible to all which sometimes allow ... Read More

My Orange TV box no longer lights up, what should I do?

As the leading operator on the French market, Orange relies on quality service to set itself apart from its competitors. Thus, he does not have the right to make mistakes. However, it is not completely foolproof and, like all operators, its equipment can also encounter problems. Unfortunately, wear and tear, bugs and malfunctions do not spare any equipment, not even ... Read More

Moulinex i-Companion no longer heats up, what to do?

Le Companion Moulinex est l’assistant parfait. Il permet de faire gagner un temps précieux en remplissant presque toutes les tâches que l’on peut exécuter dans une cuisine. Alors lorsqu’un dysfonctionnement apparait, c’est parfois dramatique. Votre i-Companion ne chauffe pas du jour au lendemain? Cette panne signifie généralement qu’un composant a rendu l’âme. Mais il se … Read More

My Mr. Lidl kitchen turns off by itself, what to do?

Little by little, the super assistant Monsieur Cuisine has become an essential in your kitchen? We understand why. On a daily basis, it helps in the realization of our culinary preparations, even the most difficult. So, when it encounters a dysfunction, one can quickly feel lonely. This is probably the case with you. Your faithful Monsieur Cuisine is turning off by itself? ... Read More

Monsieur Cuisine no longer runs, what to do?

Monsieur Cuisine now has its place among the best kitchen robots on the market. At the same time versatile, reliable and inexpensive, it has conquered the homes of many French people. However, it is unfortunately not immune to malfunctions. This is probably the case with you. Your trusty Monsieur Cuisine robot is no longer running? He ... not … Read More

Thermomix which forces, what to do?

Do you have the impression that your Thermomix is ​​struggling to turn or perform the function it is supposed to do? Despite its high power and its many functions to achieve all the fundamentals of the kitchen, various factors may explain that it has trouble operating. They can be more or less serious and involve a ... Read More

Thermomix that smokes, what to do?

Is there a burning smell in your kitchen? Do you notice that smoke is emanating from your Thermomix? Panic can quickly overtake you! So discover in this article the first reflexes to adopt when your Thermomix smokes. Then, what to do next to find the origin of the problem and solve it ... Read More

Whistling Thermomix, what to do?

Does your Thermomix make a strange noise? Like a high-pitched noise that sounds like an ultrasound or a hissing sound? In addition to being disturbing, this noise can also be disturbing. But is it necessarily indicative of a problem? This is what we will discover in this article by first seeing why your device is ... Read More

Thermomix which moves a lot, what to do?

Although the Thermomix is ​​the best-selling food processor on the market thanks to its many qualities that are constantly praised, it can still encounter malfunctions. It sometimes happens that the Thermomix moves abnormally or even jumps on the worktop. This problem can quickly become annoying. And sometimes even dangerous ... Read More

Thermomix which trembles, what to do?

Is your Thermomix vibrating more and more? Worried about it falling off your counter? All robot cookers emit vibrations when they are in operation. The Thermomix is ​​no exception to the rule. However, when it starts to shake very strongly, then the problem may be a malfunction that requires attention. ... Read More

Thermomix rusting, what to do?

The products of the Vorwerk brand have particularly high quality requirements. The Thermomix is ​​no exception. It is made of high-end stainless steel, a material known to not oxidize and therefore not rust in contact with water. However, although it is rare, it can happen that it becomes discolored ... Read More

Problem on my Cookeo: code 30, what to do?

When a code appears on your Cookeo, it is never a good sign. Indeed, the error codes indicate that your Moulinex device is encountering a malfunction requiring intervention. Error code 30 or 030 can occur as a result of various factors. The good news is that they can, in most cases, be sorted out on your own ... Read More

Problem on my Cookeo: code 24, what to do?

It sometimes happens that the Cookeo Moulinex pressure cookers encounter operating problems. To indicate this malfunction to the user, the manufacturer has set up a code system. Each code corresponds to a specific error. As a result, the user can then, thanks to certain manipulations, solve the problem independently, without necessarily having to ... Read More

My Cookeo does not connect, what to do?

A wide range of multicookers has been developed by Moulinex. Among the most intelligent, there is undoubtedly the Cookeo Connect and the Cookeo Touch WiFi. Both connected, they provide more extensive functionality than their other versions. However, the choice of connectivity can sometimes be unnecessary when the mode decides ... Read More

My Cookeo no longer turns on, what should I do?

Although the Moulinex Cookeo multicooker is a qualitative product, reliable and highly rated by its users, it can unfortunately happen that it encounters malfunctions. Among one of the most frequent, and at the very least very annoying, your Cookeo refuses to turn on. Several factors can be at the origin of the malfunction. Some can be repaired ... Read More

My Cookeo no longer opens, what should I do?

While you were preparing a good meal and you are finally going to be able to sit down to the table, the lid of your Cookeo will not unlock. Unfortunately, like any electronic device, your food processor can experience malfunctions during its lifetime. But rest assured. This failure is relatively frequent on the pressure cooker ... Read More

Keyboard that writes by itself, what to do?

Does your keyboard write characters without even pressing a key? It even happens that he writes whole lines? This problem is relatively common on computer keyboards. It can appear due to software or hardware problems. So, in this article, find out how to recognize the origin of the problem and what to do ... Read More

My keyboard no longer lights up, what should I do?

The backlight of the keyboard of your laptop or desktop computer does not work or does not turn on? It is normal for a keypad backlight to turn off automatically after a few seconds of inactivity. Normally, when you press a key on the keyboard again, it should turn back on. However, following improper handling, a ... Read More

Charger that sizzles, why and what to do?

A humming or crackling noise from a charger should not be ignored. In addition to being annoying in the long run, it can also be dangerous in certain circumstances. Indeed, even if this noise can be quite natural, it can also be the sign of a malfunction on your charger which ... Read More

How to change the language and the subtitles on myCANAL?

Do you like programs in original version? Do you prefer the VOSTFR option and therefore the display of subtitles? Or, on the contrary, do you hate watching a movie in a foreign language? Fortunately, myCANAL offers functions adapted to the greatest number of people. VO, VF, VOST, and even sometimes SME, find your happiness among the different display options of ... Read More

Sound problem on my Chromecast, what to do?

The Chromecast box was invented by Google and put on the market in 2013. It serves as a link between your smartphone, tablet or computer and your TV or speaker. Several generations of Chromecast have since been released, dedicated to video, but also Chromecast Audio which only allows sound to be broadcast. The Chromecast ... Read More

USB charger that heats up, what to do?

When you notice that your USB charger is heating up for no apparent reason, you should not wait to act in order to avoid any risk to you or your device while it is charging. Indeed, a charger which heats too strongly can result from various more or less natural and more or less dangerous factors: a power source ... Read More