Air passing through my Velux: causes and solutions

Roof windows, like Velux, can be a real asset to a home. They provide natural light and stunning views. However, they can have problems. Among the one that we can meet, that of feel air passing through the skylight although it is supposed to be tightly closed. These drafts can then cause considerable heat loss and make a room uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are solutions to solve this problem as we will see in this article.

Air leak on a Velux: the causes

You feel a draft of cold air when your Velux is closed? There are many raisons for which air can pass through the skylights and cause insulation problems and sometimes even sealing. Here they are :

  • Worn seals: The rubber or foam seals that surround the skylights can wear out over time, which can cause air leaks. Gaskets can become dry, cracked, or distorted, making it difficult to obtain an adequate seal.
  • Defective or ill-adjusted closing mechanism: if the Velux is not closed correctly, air can then rush into the slots.
  • Poor installation: If the skylights are installed incorrectly, they may not fit correctly in the roof opening. This can cause air to leak around the roof window, even if the seals are in good condition. This usually occurs soon after installation and therefore on the New or recent skylights.
  • Lack of insulation: Skylights are often installed in attics or attics that are not insulated. If the insulation is insufficient, hot air can escape through the windows, causing heat loss, condensation and drafts.
  • Aging window: Over time, skylights can become old and tired, the seals and materials used can wear out, degrade or become deformed. If the windows are no longer sealed, they can no longer protect against the elements and drafts.
  • Design problem: It is possible that the Velux roof window is poorly designed and does not allow the sides or the top of the window to be closed properly. This is one of the most likely causes if air passes through the Velux while it is new.

Be aware that air passing through the Skylights can be caused by a combined problem, and therefore by several of these factors. Therefore, all possible factors should be checked to ensure that the cause is identified correctly.

Air passing through the Velux: the solutions

It exists several solutions to solve the problem of air passing through the Velux. Some can be qualified as elementary because accessible to all. Others are called advances because they require major interventions.

Note that in any case, repairing a roof window is not trivial. Depending on its layout, you may need to access the roof. So, if the roof window or the manipulations do not seem accessible to you, contact a professional and don't take any risks!

Velux draft closed, what to do?

Check for any obstructions or dirt

Air may pass through the skylights because there is debris, plants or dirt present in the rails, joints and gaps of the window. Then check all the rails, seals and moving parts of the window to identify if a foreign body has slipped in and is preventing the seal from closing properly. If so, remove it. If the rails, joints or mechanisms are dirty, you can take the opportunity to clean them with a damp cloth.

Check the condition of the Velux closing system

Check that locks and locking mechanisms are working properly. If you find that the Velux has an air leak caused by a closing mechanism faulty or poorly adjusted, you will certainly need replace the lock and/or the reception striker of the skylight. To do this, we invite you to read the following article: Velux that no longer closes what to do?

Add replacement seals

It is highly probable that the air leak on your Velux comes from a damaged seal that it is therefore high time to replace. Replace the gaskets with new ones. Choose gaskets made from quality materials that are suitable for your Velux model. We also recommend that you replace all gaskets at once to ensure an even seal. Note that, generally, Velux seals are replaced every 10 to 15 years.

Note: you can replace the seal using a repair kit called Putty Pack specifically developed for Velux windows. Instructions for its use can be found in the kit in question. You will also find many video tutorials on the internet showing you how to change the Velux seal.

Install joint covers

It is possible that the air passes through the Velux when it is closed due to a lack of insulation. To insulate a Velux from the cold and the air, you can use joint covers. Joint covers are elastic rubber or foam strips installed on the sides of Velux windows. They create an additional barrier to prevent air from passing through the joints. The joint covers are easy to install yourself.

Use adhesive strips to reinforce the joints

It is possible touse adhesive strips, such as silicone tape or foam tape, to reinforce joints around skylights. These strips apply to the sides, top and bottom of the window. They create an additional barrier against the air.

What should I do if the problem still persists?

Replace the Velux roof window or insulate the roof

There are both more technical and more expensive solutions to solve problems with air passing through the skylights:

1. Window replacement : If the Velux are old, damaged or incorrectly installed, it may be necessary to replace them. New roof windows are more airtight and can be made from higher quality materials. It is important to choose a model that suits the roof opening and is compatible with the existing insulation.

2. Roof insulation : The insulation of the roof is a solution to solve the problems of air which passes through the Skylights. There are several types of insulation for roofs, such as glass wool or rock wool insulation. Choose insulation that is appropriate for the application and ensure that it is installed to cover all openings to prevent air from passing through the Velux.

These advanced solutions can be more expensive and more complex to implement than basic solutions. They will also require the intervention of a professional for correct installation. Then consider the costs and relevance of these solutions for each specific situation, depending on the causes and needs.

If you have some condensation or ventilation problems with your skylights, it may be necessary toadd ventilation rooms, attics or attics. Installing roof vents can exhaust hot air and moisture that accumulates in these spaces. However, this requires major work and significant costs. It is best to check with Velux or a professional in the sector to find out where your humidity problems are coming from.

Play the guarantees or involve a professional

Air passing through my Velux window, what should I do?

If the basic solutions did not resolve the problem with air passing through the Velux, we recommend that you try to operate your social security to begin with :

  1. in case the Velux is less than 10 years old, play the ten-year guarantee of the main contractor.
  2. if the Velux is over 10 years old, check in your Home Insurance if a clause supports the repair of your windows.
  3. In case the Velux is not entitled to any warranty, then you can contact theVelux support for personalized information on your breakdown and your situation (installation, model of Velux installed, etc.). You can also request the intervention of a technician Velux approved.
  4. Otherwise you can contact an industry professional to request an intervention or a quote:
    • A roofer: He can install, repair and maintain skylights, as well as roofs in general. He is particularly competent for solutions related to the insulation of the roof.
    • A glazier: He is particularly competent for solutions related to window replacement.
    • A carpenter: He can install, repair and replace skylights as well as frames.

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