Roller shutter rubbing, what to do?

Do you hear rubbing noises every time your shutter opens and closes? This can quickly become annoying and, in the long term, cause more significant malfunctions on the shutter. This is why it is better not to let the matter drag on while hoping that the problem will pass by itself. Then find in this article… Read More

Roller shutter slat closing badly, what to do?

Do you see daylight pass between the slats of your manual or electric roller shutter when it is supposed to be fully closed? Blades not going down straight or in jerks? These problems have similar origins that need to be addressed to prevent the dysfunction from worsening. So to find complete darkness and... Read More

Rolling shutter beeping, what to do?

One or more strange beeps come from your roller shutter or its control? The beep of a rolling shutter has been set up by the manufacturer to indicate to you that a parameter problem or a hardware malfunction is present on the shutter. This beep is moreover very often accompanied by a flap failure, which … Read More

Squeaky roller shutter, what to do?

A squeaky roller shutter can be extremely annoying. The good news is that this is a common problem that usually comes from a benign factor that does not interfere with the proper functioning of the shutter. In the majority of cases, you will be able to manage to attenuate, or even eliminate the parasitic noise on your own, whether … Read More

My Braun epilator no longer charges, what should I do?

Braun is the world's leading manufacturer of electric epilators. The Silk epilator is one of its flagship products thanks to various innovations, and in particular the use of a battery and therefore of a wireless power supply which allows epilation under water. But, unfortunately, this innovation can quickly lead to frustration when it starts to stop working... Read More

BaByliss straightener that no longer turns on, what to do?

The straightener is an electric hairdressing device that has been around since 1872. Today BaByliss is one of the leading brands on the market. The company offers innovative, high-performance and reliable products that never cease to appeal. But unfortunately, even the best products sometimes malfunction. This is explained because they are composed of many … Read More

BaByliss straightener that no longer heats up, what to do?

The straightener is sometimes essential in a hair routine. BaByliss, an expert in the design of beauty devices, and in particular hair straighteners, has understood this well by releasing ever more technical and innovative products. However, like any electronic device, it can sometimes encounter operating problems. And among one of the problems the... Read More

Philips OneBlade flashing, what to do?

When you were planning to use your Philips OneBlade electric shaver, you notice that a light or a symbol is flashing? In the majority of cases, the flashing does not mean anything abnormal. On the contrary, it allows you to send information on the status of the shaver or a task to be carried out. In some cases, it can signal a problem, … Read More

Hair dryer not turning on, what to do?

The hair dryer is an electromechanical device found in many bathrooms. And like any electronic device, it can unfortunately encounter malfunctions. Your hair dryer does not turn on anymore? When the failure no longer allows its use, it can quickly become very restrictive. This can occur as a result of different factors, it will be important to determine which … Read More

My hair dryer is no longer hot, what should I do?

Your hair dryer no longer heats properly? The air coming out is cold or its flow has greatly decreased? The usefulness of a hair dryer is greatly reduced, or even non-existent, when it no longer emits heat. But where does this problem come from? The origin can be various, although very often, unfortunately, it comes from a hardware failure. The question then arises... Read More

Hair dryer that smells burnt, what to do?

While you were quietly using your hair dryer, it gives off an abnormal odor? It smells bad, and you even have the impression that it smells burnt? Although it is not necessary to panic, it is very important to identify the origin of the failure. This will then allow you to try to solve the problem, if however … Read More

Hairdryer stopping by itself, what to do?

The hair dryer is an essential accessory in the hair routine of many people. So, when it starts to malfunction, it can quickly become a major problem. Fortunately, most malfunctions can be solved on your own. This is the case when your hair dryer stops by itself during use. In the majority of… Read More

Hair dryer overheating, what to do?

Does your device rise abnormally in temperature when you use it? Do you feel that its shell is hot? Is there a burning smell? There's no doubt your hair dryer has overheated. This is confirmed if the device has switched off automatically during your use. Indeed, all hair dryers are equipped with a thermal safety device that cuts … Read More

Hair dryer that goes into safety, what to do?

While you were using your hair dryer, it goes into standby. In some situations, this can be extremely disturbing. Fortunately, in the majority of cases, the fault is not serious and can easily be solved on your own. It will often take just a few maintenance operations to get your hair dryer working at … Read More

Dyson Supersonic flashing red, what to do?

The hair dryer is a must in many bathrooms. And when it is used daily, the purchase of a top-of-the-range hair dryer is then almost obligatory as a guarantee of performance and reliability. So when the lights on your Dyson Supersonic flash red and the device no longer works properly, it's a disaster. Very often, … Read More

Dyson hair dryer flashing red, what to do?

When you needed your precious hair dryer to achieve your best brushing, it decides to cut itself while using it and its three lights start flashing red? This failure is quite common on the Dyson hair dryer. Fortunately, very often it is benign and your device will be able to work again without … Read More

Dyson hair dryer not turning on, what to do?

A hair dryer is for many people, an essential accessory in the hair routine. The Dyson hair dryer has been able to meet all the requirements, which makes it a top-of-the-range product. So we expect performance, robustness and reliability. This is why, when a breakdown occurs, one can legitimately be very … Read More

Dyson hair dryer stopping, what to do?

The Dyson hair dryer is a small innovation in the world of hairdressing, both thanks to its physical appearance and thanks to its performance. Considered a high-end device, it is expected to last over time. So, when a malfunction occurs, one can quickly be disappointed. Your Dyson hair dryer stops... Read More

Samsung robot vacuum cleaner no longer charges, what to do?

The Powerbot, Navibot or Jet bot robot vacuum cleaners from the Samsung brand are renowned for their performance and reliability. Nevertheless, like any electronic device, it happens that these devices encounter malfunctions. So, when your Samsung robot vacuum cleaner no longer charges, it's the drama. Several causes can be at the origin of this failure… Read More

Roomba vacuum cleaner does not start, what to do?

When you wanted to clean up, your iRobot robot vacuum decided otherwise. Indeed, he decided not to light up. Although the brand is the most famous and one of the most reputable in the manufacture of robot vacuum cleaners, its products can unfortunately also encounter malfunctions. Several factors can be… Read More

My robot vacuum cleaner no longer charges, what should I do?

iRobot Roomba, Neato Robotics, Ilife, Dyson, etc. Many brands have made the ambitious bet of developing ranges of robot vacuum cleaners. Some have even specialized entirely in the development of these latest generation vacuum cleaners. And yet, despite their system at the forefront of innovation and performance, they can encounter malfunctions. Among them, … Read More

My Miele vacuum cleaner no longer turns on, what should I do?

Has your Miele vacuum cleaner broken down? It refuses to start normally? Unfortunately, like any electrical device, the products of the Miele manufacturer, however high-end, can encounter malfunctions. Several factors are also likely to cause an operating problem: faulty power source, blockage in the air circuit, faulty internal component... But, fortunately, each... Read More

My Hoover vacuum cleaner won't turn on, what should I do?

When you want to clean the floor of your home, your Hoover vacuum cleaner refuses to start? Unfortunately, this failure can occur due to various factors. Faulty power source, obstruction of the air duct, failure of an internal component... You will then have to try to determine the origin of the failure to better resolve it. So for you... Read More

My Rowenta vacuum cleaner no longer turns on, what should I do?

When your Rowenta vacuum cleaner does not start or no longer works properly, there may be several causes. It could be a problem with its power source, an obstruction or clogging of its components, or an electrical or mechanical failure. It will therefore be necessary to try to identify the origin of the problem in order to better resolve it. … Read More