BaByliss blower brush no longer spins, what should I do?

In recent years, the blower brush has established itself as an essential device in certain hair routines. The BaByliss brand, an expert in the design of hair tools, has understood this well and regularly releases new, ever more efficient models. However, like any electronic device, sooner or later it may malfunction. Among one of the commonly frequented concerns, the one you encounter: a BaByliss blower brush that no longer spins. Then discover the causes likely, and their solutions which will require more or less expert skills to solve.

Why does the BaByliss blower brush no longer spin properly?

First of all, if your BaByliss blower brush does not spin on first use we recommend that you check that you comply with instructions for use corresponding to your model. Note that most models have a spin button (right or left direction) on which you must press to start the rotation. Some blower brushes are referred to as " intuitive“. That is to say that the brush starts to rotate when it detects a specific movement which then triggers the rotation.

When the rotation of your BaByliss blower brush no longer works after several uses, here are the causes who may be responsible:

  • The rotating brush is badly clipped on the handle (especially if your model has a removable brush on the handle).
  • The brush is sale.
  • Un component has failed.

How do I fix a BaByliss blower brush that won't spin?

BaByliss blower brush that no longer spins, what should I do?

First of all when your BaByliss rotating brush no longer rotates correctly or at all, do these two basic checks :

  • Check that the removable rotating brush is properly pressed and clipped on the handle. If the brush is not removable, try tightening the screw on the handle that holds the brush.
  • See to do not press the brush when it is in operation.

If these two elements are respected, here are the checks and manipulations to be carried out afterwards to try to repair it:

Clean the blower hairbrush

The power of the BaByliss blower brush is relatively low. As a result, the device is equipped with an automatic protection that engages when it detects an obstruction. This avoids a potentially bigger problem (overheating, motor blockage etc).

That is why, dirt or a clump of hair stuck in the brush can interfere with its rotation, sometimes even completely block it and prevent it from spinning. Be sure to remove hair and dirt from the outside of the blower brush. If the brush is removable, remove it and check that nothing is obstructing the drive shaft. If so, remove them by hand and/or use a special electronics cleaning spray.

Check the internal components of the BaByliss blower brush

If unfortunately dirt or hair is not the cause of the problem and your BaByliss blower brush still does not spin, then the fault most likely lies with a defective internal component. In this case, good knowledge of electronics is necessary to try to solve the malfunction because you will have to disassemble the brush, test the different components and replace the one causing the problem, knowing that most of the time the spare parts do not fit. not find for sale to individuals.

As an indication if the BaByliss brush turns on, blows but no longer spins, the failure may come from the rotation button, the motor or the drive shaft.

If the blower brush not working at all, the problem may come from the On/Off switch or the switch, the motor or the power supply connectors.

Note: If your broken blower brush is still under warranty, do not proceed with the disassembly, which would make you lose your rights. Contact now the BaByliss after-sales service.

Call the BaByliss after-sales service or a professional repairer

If you are not competent to test potentially faulty components or cannot find the necessary spare parts, then you will need to call a professional or buy a blower brush.

First, if your BaByliss blower brush no longer under warranty, call on BaByliss after-sales service through their online form or by telephone at 0327707805 (France). If you no longer have the guarantee, you can, at your option, contact a professional repairer ou buy a new device depending on the purchase price and the age of your broken down brush. Indeed, the repair costs can sometimes be too high to be interesting. Do not hesitate to ask for a quote to make an informed choice.

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