Bosch vacuum cleaner that no longer sucks, what to do?

Are you having a suction problem with your Bosch vacuum cleaner? It makes a strange noise, it sucks jerkily or even worse, it no longer sucks at all? Whatever your model of vacuum cleaner, it is common to see this malfunction appear. But you can now be reassured. In the majority of cases, this problem can be solved easily and quickly, without calling after-sales service. So, without waiting, discover what to do when your Bosch vacuum cleaner no longer sucks?

What to do when a Bosch vacuum cleaner no longer sucks?

When your Bosch vacuum cleaner does not vacuum well or at all, the problem may come from different factors. This suction defect may come from a wrong setting, An obstruction or fouling too important in one of its components or finally of a hardware failure.

Know now that in most cases, the problem simply comes from a obstruction and therefore from debris or an accumulation of dirt that blocks the normal operation of the vacuum cleaner. It will then be enough to locate it and remove it to find a Bosch vacuum cleaner that sucks optimally.

Bosch vacuum cleaner sucks badly what to do?
Important Notes : - When performing operations that require dismantling or cleaning part of the vacuum cleaner, turn it off and unplug it from its power source. - if you find that you need to replace a part so that the Bosch vacuum cleaner sucks normally again, check if the device is still covered by the guarantee. In this case, you can obtain a free replacement of the defective part by contacting the Brand after-sales service. 

Check Bosch vacuum cleaner settings

First of all, note that depending on the surface and the amount of dust you are vacuuming, the suction power can automatically adjust and therefore decrease or increase. This increases battery life, while maintaining sufficient suction power to clean your home. It is therefore sometimes normal for the suction power to decrease.

Then remember to check that the power dial (if your Bosch vacuum cleaner model has one) is set correctly. That is to say, positioned on the same speed as usual. Indeed, if you have inadvertently changed this setting, the suction may then become less powerful on the Bosch vacuum cleaner.

Empty the dust container or bag

When your Bosch vacuum cleaner sucks poorly or not at all, it may be that the dust bin or bag is overfilled. In this case, you just have to empty or change these elements. Indeed, the device loses its suction power when the dirt reaches 3/4 of the bag or tank. So remember to empty the bin, if possible after each use, or to change the bag regularly.

Check that nothing is blocking the air duct of the Bosch vacuum cleaner

When the suction of the Bosch vacuum cleaner is less powerful, there may also be a clog in the air ducts of the device. In this case, the vacuum cleaner will no longer be able to vacuum at full power.

Then check that nothing obstructs the brush, hose or tube if you have a stick vacuum. To do this, detach these elements from the body of the appliance, then first check visually if an object, hair, animal hair or a pile of dirt is not blocking the ducts, the cells or the brush. If so, remove them by hand. If you notice that the vacuum cleaner is particularly dirty, clean it according to the cleaning advice corresponding to your model. You can find them in the user guide. If you do not have it available, consult it on their online website, section " HOW TO USE" page (in French).

Tip: As it is difficult to observe the inside of the hose, you can insert a broomstick into it to dislodge any clog that is blocking the suction of your Bosch vacuum cleaner. 

Finish by checking that there is no no air leak in the hose that could cause the Bosch vacuum cleaner to lose suction power. Make sure the items are properly positioned and inserted into the device. Then check if you notice an air leak at the joints or the hose or the tube if you have a stick vacuum cleaner. If so, you will need to seal the air leak or replace the hose or seals.

Clean and check the condition of the filters

It may also be that your Bosch vacuum cleaner no longer sucks because of the filters. The filter is an accessory often located just after the bag or the dust container. It prevents dust or dirt from getting into the engine block. Over time and as and when used, the filters can become clogged or clogged. And unfortunately, when the filtration system becomes less efficient, the particles then reach the engine block, which will tend to overheat. Dysfunctions can then appear such as a lower suction power or even total shutdown of the device following the engagement of its safety. Eventually, this can even lead to total engine failure.

To avoid this, clean the filter(s) of your Bosch vacuum cleaner. Be sure to follow the cleaning instructions for your model. Indeed, some filters are washable with clean water, while others simply need to be shaken and dusted without water. Warning, never use detergent products.

Note: Depending on the model of your Bosch vacuum cleaner (cordless, bagged, bagless, etc.), there may be a single filter or multiple filters. You will have to dust them all and clean them to hope that the vacuum cleaner sucks effectively again. If you have never cleaned the filters, consult the information on this subject in the user manual provided with it. If you don't have it available, find it on their online website, section "How to use".

If you find that the filters are too damaged (hole, crack, encrusted dirt or dust, etc.), it will then have to be changed. You can then find it on their website or on an independent website. Check the compatibility of the filter with your Bosch vacuum cleaner model.

What should you do if despite everything the suction problem persists on your Bosch vacuum cleaner?

When the suction power problem persists on your Bosch vacuum cleaner, the fault very often comes from a faulty component. In this case, you will unfortunately have to contact a professional to solve the problem.

Failure of a hardware component on the Bosch vacuum cleaner

When your Bosch vacuum cleaner no longer sucks at all, unfortunately, it is very likely that the problem stems from a hardware or electrical failure. It is very often the engine and/or its turbine which break down. Indeed, if they no longer rotate because they are bothered by dust or a small object, they will no longer be able to generate depression and the suction power will then be weaker or non-existent.

Caution: Never vacuum construction debris or flour. The fine dust rushes into all the components and it is then the assured breakdown! 

To try to identify this failure, try to listen if you hear the engine running normally. If the noise is weaker than usual, jerky, or seems muffled, the problem is confirmed. You can also turn the power knob if your Bosch vacuum has one. You should hear the motor change in intensity, and therefore spin more or less quickly. If not, the power wheel may be disengaged from its mount or broken or the motor may be faulty.

In any case, to make sure of the origin of the breakdown, you will need to disassemble the vacuum cleaner to access the engine block. Then clean turbine and motor if they are dirty or test the many components to try to identify the failed component. This manipulation is strongly discouraged because in addition to being very complicated, risking further damage to the device or creating a short circuit, you risk losing your rights to the warranty. In addition, spare parts are very difficult to find for individuals or often quite expensive. Finally, the handling is different depending on the model of your vacuum cleaner. If you have electrical skills, you can find tutorials on the internet explaining how to test the motor and the turbine of certain models.

Contact a professional

What to do when your Bosch vacuum cleaner no longer sucks?

At this stage, when your Bosch vacuum cleaner still does not suck normally, we advise you to call a professional to identify the origin of the breakdown more precisely and thus repair the malfunction.

We advise you first to call the Bosch Service. This that your vacuum cleaner that no longer vacuums either covered by warranty or not. You can contact them by email or by phone. The adviser will then be able to tell you how to handle the model of your vacuum cleaner. Then if that doesn't work, it will show you the options that are available depending on your situation. If your vacuum is eligible for warranty, you will get free support.

If your vacuum cleaner no longer entitled to warranty, you can still contact Bosch Service. They will then be able to offer you a personalized solution. You can also contact a independent professional repairer. Remember to ask for a quote to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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