Velux opening on its own: problem solving

A Velux is a key element for letting natural light and air into a home. However, it may encounter malfunctions such as an involuntary and sudden opening. This problem can be very constraining, even dangerous. It is therefore essential to understand why the Velux opens on its own and to know what to do... Read More

Velux blind that no longer rolls up: 5 causes

Velux products have a good reputation. However, like any mechanical device, they can end up having operating problems that can be more or less annoying. And unfortunately, when the Velux blind no longer rolls up correctly or at all, this is one of the rather restrictive breakdowns. Discover the causes responsible for … Read More

Velux blind coming off, what to do?

Velux blinds are interior blinds for roof windows that control the light and privacy of your room. However, it may happen that the awning comes off its fixings. If you encounter this problem, it is important to know how to fix it to avoid further damage. In this article, … Read More

Velux roller shutter blocked by frost, what to do?

Velux roller shutters are practical elements for insulating your home. However, in a harsh winter, they may find themselves stranded in the cold. This blockage can make it difficult or even impossible to open and close the shutters and cause security or insulation problems. In this article, we will explore the causes of... Read More

Velux creaking, what to do?

Velux roof windows are a practical solution for bringing in light. However, some owners complain about the appearance of creaking noises, especially when the sun is shining. This problem can be annoying and sometimes even worrying. Find out why your Velux is creaking and how to react to this disturbing noise. Why your... Read More

Bubendorff roller shutter jamming, what to do?

Bubendorff rolling shutters are recognized for their quality and reliability, however, it may happen that some of these shutters get stuck. This problem can have many causes and it is important to solve it quickly, not only to regain the use of your shutter, but also to avoid further damage. In this … Read More

Bubendorff roller shutter jerking, what to do?

Does your roller shutter go up or down with difficulty? Does it seem to jerk? Bubendorff roller shutters are known for their reliability and quality, however it can happen that a jerking problem occurs when opening or closing. This kind of problem can be frustrating and can even make it impossible to use... Read More

Leaky skylight, what to do?

Velux roof windows are very practical for bringing natural light and ventilation to attic rooms. However, sometimes these windows leak, which can cause a lot of damage and be very unpleasant. If you find yourself in this situation, don't panic! It exists … Read More

How to reset a Velux roller shutter?

Resetting a Velux roller shutter eliminates the vast majority of software malfunctions or electrical bugs that can occur overnight, without warning. Following this reset, in most cases, you will be able to re-parameterize the shutter and restore normal operation of the latter. Being … Read More

Somfy roller shutter motor problem, what to do?

The French company Somfy has today acquired an international reputation thanks to the manufacture of high-performance and robust electric roller shutter motors. However, like any electrical device, they are not infallible. During their life, they may encounter more or less serious breakdowns. Fortunately, the Somfy after-sales service has planned everything since they … Read More

Somfy roller shutter no longer goes down, what should I do?

Somfy is now considered to be one of the world leaders in home automation. The reputation of this French company is essentially built on the design of motors for rolling shutters that are ever more efficient and reliable, making our daily lives easier. That is why, when a problem arises, it is disappointment. Fortunately, Somfy is also betting... Read More

Roller shutter that goes into safety, what to do?

When you need to open or close your electric roller shutter, it categorically refuses? He engaged an automatic safety and nothing helps, he doesn't move anymore. This means that it encounters a sufficiently significant malfunction for it to consider that its descent or its ascent could be a source of danger for you... Read More

Roller shutter blocking, what to do?

A roller shutter that is blocked when going up, down or completely can quickly become problematic. And unfortunately, the problem very rarely resolves itself. Indeed, generally the breakdown comes from a malfunction in the mechanism which requires a small adjustment or a repair. Some manipulations will be accessible to all, others... Read More

Forced roller shutter motor, what to do?

Does your roller shutter motor lack power? The shutter does not go up without help or it does not go up any more? This problem can become annoying very quickly. And unfortunately, it never resolves itself since it comes from a failure of a component on the roller shutter or directly on the motor. So, … Read More

Roller shutter rubbing, what to do?

Do you hear rubbing noises every time your shutter opens and closes? This can quickly become annoying and, in the long term, cause more significant malfunctions on the shutter. This is why it is better not to let the matter drag on while hoping that the problem will pass by itself. Then find in this article… Read More

Roller shutter slat closing badly, what to do?

Do you see daylight pass between the slats of your manual or electric roller shutter when it is supposed to be fully closed? Blades not going down straight or in jerks? These problems have similar origins that need to be addressed to prevent the dysfunction from worsening. So to find complete darkness and... Read More

Rolling shutter beeping, what to do?

One or more strange beeps come from your roller shutter or its control? The beep of a rolling shutter has been set up by the manufacturer to indicate to you that a parameter problem or a hardware malfunction is present on the shutter. This beep is moreover very often accompanied by a flap failure, which … Read More

Squeaky roller shutter, what to do?

A squeaky roller shutter can be extremely annoying. The good news is that this is a common problem that usually comes from a benign factor that does not interfere with the proper functioning of the shutter. In the majority of cases, you will be able to manage to attenuate, or even eliminate the parasitic noise on your own, whether … Read More

My roller shutter remote control no longer works, what should I do?

The remote control of your roller shutter seems to be broken? Unfortunately, like any electrical device, the components of a roller shutter can be faulty. Thus, when your shutter no longer responds, it can obviously be the remote control but also components internal to the shutter: motor, blades, or even the limit switches. He … Read More