Keyboard that writes by itself, what to do?

Does your keyboard write characters without even pressing a key? It even happens that he writes whole lines? This problem is relatively common on computer keyboards. It can appear due to software or hardware problems. So, in this article, find out how to recognize the origin of the problem and what to do ... Read More

My keyboard no longer lights up, what should I do?

The backlight of the keyboard of your laptop or desktop computer does not work or does not turn on? It is normal for a keypad backlight to turn off automatically after a few seconds of inactivity. Normally, when you press a key on the keyboard again, it should turn back on. However, following improper handling, a ... Read More

PC charger whistling, what to do?

Like any electrical device, a charger is a fragile element. He is likely to encounter dysfunctions during his life. So when an ultrasound or a hissing sound appears, we can ask ourselves what is the cause and should we be worried? This is what we will see today by answering the question: what to do ... Read More