Orange TV decoder slow, what to do?

Starting up, changing channels or even navigating between the menus of your Orange TV decoder are very slow to operate? This can quickly become annoying and make viewing particularly unpleasant. Fortunately, very quick fixes can fix the problem. So, discover without delay how to find the fluidity of an Orange TV decoder... Read More

How to change the language and the subtitles on myCANAL?

Do you like programs in original version? Do you prefer the VOSTFR option and therefore the display of subtitles? Or, on the contrary, do you hate watching a movie in a foreign language? Fortunately, myCANAL offers functions adapted to the greatest number of people. VO, VF, VOST, and even sometimes SME, find your happiness among the different display options of ... Read More

How do I use my Canal Plus decoder without a remote control?

Your Canal + remote control no longer works but you want to continue using it? Although the Canal service offers the dispatch of a replacement remote control fairly quickly, you may need to access the services during the next few days. So, find out how to use your Canal Plus decoder without a remote control. Know now that, unfortunately, ... Read More

My Canal Plus decoder no longer turns on, what should I do?

You wanted to turn on your Canal + decoder but it does not respond? Unfortunately, like any electronic device, your decoder may experience a technical failure. The problem can be more or less serious depending on the factor that causes it to malfunction. But fortunately certain checks and manipulations sometimes make it possible to repair it without having to call for service ... Read More

How do I reset my CANAL + decoder?

Resetting or "Hard Reset" makes it possible to remove major malfunctions and bugs that an electrical device may encounter. As you will have understood, when you encounter a problem with your Canal + decoder and it no longer works correctly, resetting will probably be the solution to your problem. There are two methods to reset the decoder: partial ... Read More

How to reset a Bbox remote control?

A reset procedure removes minor bugs and malfunctions that an electronic device encounters. As you will have understood, when your Bouygues remote control encounters an operating problem, resetting it is the solution to try to regain its functional use. So, let's find out together how to reset a Bbox remote control. In the first part, learn to ... Read More

My Free remote control is flashing red, what should I do?

Your Free remote control flashes red continuously and no longer works correctly? Unfortunately, the operators' equipment will most likely encounter a problem during your subscription. And when you can no longer comfortably start your TV box with your remote control, it can quickly become annoying. Fortunately, the failure you are experiencing can ... Read More

Freebox: how to access the administration interface?

Do you want to configure your Freebox internet network in detail? The Freebox administration interface, also called Freebox OS is then made for you! By accessing it, you can then, among other things, set up a firewall, configure the wifi network or activate parental controls. So many functions that can be useful to you. So, let's find out together how to access ... Read More

Error code 20 on Freebox, what to do?

When an error code appears on the Freebox, it is rarely a good sign. Indeed, your box informs you that it encounters a malfunction which does not allow you to take full advantage of your Free services. In the case of an error code 20, the failure affects your internet service and can therefore quickly become troublesome. So where ... Read More

Error code 10 on Freebox, what to do?

There are many error codes on a Freebox. Each of them corresponds to a malfunction communicated by the box to allow the user or the operator to solve the problem effectively. And in the context of error code 10, the problem requires rapid troubleshooting since while waiting for its resolution you will not have access to the service ... Read More

T1 error code on Bbox Bouygues Telecom, what to do?

Error messages appear on the Bbox to notify you of a malfunction. The T1 error code is particularly annoying since it signals that one or more of your services (telephone line, internet or television) are no longer functioning correctly. This dysfunction therefore has a considerable impact on your lifestyle. Therefore, we are going to see the ... Read More

Lost WiFi Bbox password, what to do?

Your WiFi Bbox password, also called WPA encryption key, helps protect your internet network from any intrusion. The only downside is that you need it each time you connect to a device for the first time. Considering the complexity and length of the original password, many users decide to ... Read More

Error F3413 on Bbox, what to do?

The Error codes transmitted by the Bbox announce that a specific malfunction has taken possession of the equipment. In the case of the F3413 error, this means that there is a problem in receiving channels on the Bouygues TV decoder. Annoying, this problem can appear exceptionally but also recur. In this case, it will be necessary to ... Read More

Error F3411 on Bbox, what to do?

While you want to sit in front of the television, the error message F3411 is displayed. This means that a malfunction has appeared on your Bbox or on your decoder. Unfortunately this problem directly affects your user experience since it prevents you from watching TV. But rest assured because easy and effective solutions can solve the problem ... Read More

My Canal + remote control no longer works, what should I do?

Your Canal + remote control no longer responds correctly? Although Canal Plus equipment is reputed to be of high quality, it can unfortunately happen that during its use it breaks down. Software or hardware fault, the causes can be multiple. Fortunately, there are some problems that can be fixed quickly and easily by you. So, let's find out together ... Read More

My Orange TV remote control no longer works, what should I do?

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My SFR RED remote control no longer works, what should I do?

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How to reset a Freebox?

When your Freebox encounters a technical problem or no longer turns on at all, resetting can sometimes revive it. Indeed, reinitializing a Freebox is a procedure which makes it possible to remove any bugs and software malfunctions which prevent the box from functioning correctly. The resetting of the Freebox occurs when the ... Read More

My Orange TV box no longer lights up, what should I do?

As the leading operator on the French market, Orange relies on quality service to set itself apart from its competitors. Thus, he does not have the right to make mistakes. However, it is not completely foolproof and, like all operators, its equipment can also encounter problems. Unfortunately, wear and tear, bugs and malfunctions do not spare any equipment, not even ... Read More