Samsung charger making noise, what to do?

Buzzing, high-pitched sound, hissing, ultrasound or crackling are all noises that can appear on a Samsung charger. Although disturbing, are they nevertheless worrying? This will depend on the factor causing the noise. Indeed, several causes can be responsible and they sometimes require an intervention to avoid any risk for you and ... Read More

Samsung charger heating up, what to do?

Essential accessories to preserve your electronic device, chargers experience innovations and improvements in their performance regularly. However, it may happen that your charger encounters problems during its use. One of these problems is overheating. So, when you notice that your charger heats up when it is plugged in, worry can quickly ... Read More

Sizzling iPhone charger, what to do?

Do you notice a crackling noise coming from your iPhone charger? Relatively annoying, one can also wonder if this presents a danger to the iPhone or to your safety. Although this phenomenon can be quite natural, it can also cover up a dysfunction that should not be overlooked. So find out in this article ... Read More

IPhone charger that heats up, what to do?

Do you notice that your iPhone charger gives off heat when you plug it in? This phenomenon is not surprising as long as the heat emitted is not too high. However, when the temperature rises too sharply, more than usual, or other side effects appear on your iPhone, the problem may be more serious and require a… Read More

My iPad Mini doesn't turn on anymore, what should I do?

The iPad Mini combines practicality and functionality in the best possible way. Due to its small size, it can be transported anywhere and discreetly, while being more suitable for working, playing or reading than the smartphone. It is therefore the perfect compromise between the smartphone which is sometimes too small, and the normal tablet ... Read More

My iPhone 10 no longer turns on, what should I do?

Nowadays, our phone is an integral part of our life. A means of communication, but also a diary, data backup, camera or even a means of information, it is useful to us in every aspect of our daily life. So when it has a failure that prevents us from using it, we are quickly confused. Unfortunately, one of the concerns ... Read More