My GoPro Hero 11 does not turn on anymore, what should I do?

The GoPro HERO 11, a true technological feat, has quickly established itself as the preferred instrument of adventurers, extreme sportsmen and passionate videographers, thanks to its robustness and its ability to capture breathtaking images in almost all conditions. These little technological jewels, often subjected to severe tests, are designed to resist the elements,… Read More

4 Common GoPro Problems (with Solutions)

Since its appearance on the market, the GoPro has quickly established itself as one of the most popular sports cameras among amateurs and professionals. Compact, robust and offering impressive image quality, it has become the essential tool for capturing memorable moments. However, despite its many advantages, the GoPro is not immune to… Read More

Your GoPro Hero 8 does not turn on anymore, what to do?

Expected every year by amateur or professional videographers, GoPro sports cameras have no room for error. With its ever more impressive technical characteristics, the GoPro Hero8 has kept all of its promises. Penultimate version released by the brand, it was particularly able to impress thanks to its new ergonomics and stabilization ... Read More