How to set the time on a Beko oven?

The time displayed on your Beko oven is not just a simple detail, it is an essential element that not only influences the effectiveness of your daily programming, but also allows the oven to start. In fact, if the time flashes and is not programmed, you will not be able to use your oven. So whether you're a new Beko appliance owner or simply need to refresh your memory after a seasonal time change, find out how to set the time on your Beko oven.

How to set the time on a Beko oven?

You may be faced with two situations : your oven clock flashes following first use or a power outage, or you need to modify the time already displayed because there was a seasonal time change. In this case, two different procedures to change the time of your Beko oven exist :

1. Setting the time of the Beko oven following first use or a power outage

When you turn on your Beko oven for the first time, or after a prolonged absence of electricity, you will notice that the clock flashes “00:00”. This indication means it is time to set the time to start using your device.

There are two models of Beko ovens :

Model 1:

For the majority of Beko oven models, the process of setting the time is simple and straightforward. here are the steps to follow :

  1. First make sure that the cooking mode selector is positioned on the “ stop"
  2. Use the “+” or “–” keys to adjust the time to the current one.
  3. Once the time is correctly set, press the Clock symbol .
  4. Wait 4 seconds, without touching anything to validate and save your setting.
how to set the time on a Beko oven?

Model 2:

If you have this model of oven, know that the procedure is identical to change the time even once it is programmed.

  1. Press the symbol the clock .
  2. Use the up and down keys to set the current time.
  3. Press the clock symbol again or wait 4 seconds without touching any buttons to validate the change.
Setting the time of a Beko oven

By following these simple instructions, you will be ready to use your Beko oven with the time correctly set, ensuring precise cooking and optimal culinary results!

2. Change the time of an already set Beko oven

When you need to change the time of your Beko oven which had already been set and whose time display is operational, for example when changing from summer time to winter time, here is the procedure to follow for a simple and effective modification :

  1. Press the menu key of the device until the clock symbol appears on the screen.
  2. Then change the time using the “+” or “–” buttons, depending on whether you need to move the time forward or backward.
  3. After setting the time to your convenience, just wait a few seconds. This short delay allows the oven to validate and save the new time setting.

With these simple steps, you can easily update the time on your Beko oven to match seasonal changes, ensuring optimal use of your appliance.

What should you do if you can't change the time on your Beko oven?

If you have a difficulty with the time settings on your Beko oven, there is a simple solution: reset electrical power of your appliance. This has the effect of resetting the default settings, including the time. Following this reset, your oven will automatically prompt you to reconfigure your oven time.

To perform this reset, disconnect your oven from its power source for more than 30 minutes. This can be done by using the circuit breaker or by simply unplugging the power outlet. Once the oven is reconnected, follow the instructions to set the time as you would have done when first using it, usually using the “+” or “–” buttons.

Note that the methods mentioned for setting the time are those typically used for Beko ovens. However, if these methods do not correspond to your specific model, the best thing to do is to consult the user manual of your device. If you no longer have the paper version of the manual, it is normally available online on the official Beko website, in the “Contact us” section > Consumer service > Instructions for use > Find a notice.

To precisely identify your Beko oven model, you will find its nameplate located at the bottom of the interior frame of the oven:

how to change the time of a Beko oven?

If, despite these steps, you still encounter problems setting the time or if the time display has anomalies, I recommend that you contact the Beko customer service to get professional, specific help for your problem.

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