No more sound on my Canal Plus decoder, what should I do?

Are you having a sound problem on your Canal Plus decoder? Rather restrictive when one wishes to watch television, this technical problem can have different origins more or less easy and quick to resolve. Adjustment problems, bad connections, software bug or even hardware failure are all factors that can cause a sound malfunction on your decoder. So, to help you solve the fault, find out in this article what to do when there is no more sound on my Canal + decoder?

What to do when there is no more sound on your Canal + decoder?

Check your sound settings

First of all, check that you have not inadvertently muted the sound of the Canal + decoder following a bad handling or an error of inattention:

  • Make sure your television or decoder is not on "Mute"
  • Check that the sound volume is not set to minimum
  • Check that no other sound device is plugged into the TV

Then the second thing to do whenthere is no more sound on your Canal Plus decoder, is to check that the settings are correctly made.

For check the sound settings on your Canal + 4K decoder :

  1. Go to Menu
  2. Select Settings and Materials
  3. Go to the section ARE decoder and check that the box is checked on NO.

For check the sound settings on your decoder + The Cube :

  1. Go to Menu
  2. Click on My TV and Set up audio / video
  3. In category Sound and images, select STANDARD

Check your decoder connections

there is no sound on my Canal Plus decoder what to do

When there is a sound problem on your Canal Plus decoder, it is also possible that bad connections are at the origin. Here are the checks to make to make sure:

  • Disconnect then reconnect the HDMI cable from the decoder and your TV. Check that it is not damaged (stripped, melted, burnt etc).
  • Test the different HDMI ports on your TV if it has more than one
  • Try plugging in the Canal + decoder with another HDMI (or 4K HDMI) cable to make sure it works

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Reset your Canal + decoder

If the connections are correct butthere is still no sound on your Canal + decoder, then the problem may also be a software bug. In this case, start by carrying out a electrical restart decoder by disconnecting it from its power supply, wait 2 minutes then reconnecting it to its power supply. Then wait the time for its initialization.

If the procedure did not work, then try to perform a resetting the decoder. Start with a partial reset from the settings. Then, if that does not work and the sound problem persists on the Canal Plus decoder, you will then have to completely reset the box.

For partially reset your CANAL + decoder which has lost its sound, here is the procedure:

  1. With the Canal remote control, click on " Menu » 
  2. Then go to the " MyTV "Then" Settings »
  3. Select " My decoder "Then" Update »
  4. Then click on " Relocation »  
  5. Enter your Parent Code with 4 digits and validate
  6. Then select the " Partial resettlement »

If you sound problem persists on your Canal + decoder, then go to total reset which restores the factory settings of the decoder. Thus, this procedure makes it possible to remove all the big bugs and malfunctions that could disrupt its proper functioning. Please note that this procedure deletes all your personalized data. If you are using an external hard drive, unplug it to avoid losing all your recordings.

For completely reset your Canal + decoder, proceed as follows:

  1. Turn on your TV
  2. Switch off the Canal + decoder using the ON / OFF button on the back of the box
  3. Hold down the button - (less) on the front for the 4K decoder and P + button for the decoder + The Cube.
  4. While continuing to hold the button down, turn on the decoder with the ON / OFF button
  5. Release the button when the pairing screen or the pairing screen appears.

If the procedure did not work, try the manipulation again by pressing the + button for the 4K decoder and P- for the + Le Cube decoder.

Sound problem that persists on a Canal Plus decoder: contact customer service

Sound problem on Canal + decoder what to do

If despite all these checks and operations, there is still no sound on your Canal Plus decoder, your box is defective. Indeed, electronic failures are relatively frequent on boxes following a component or power supply failure. In this case, the only solution will be to contact CANAL + support.

The advisor will then be able to carry out a more in-depth diagnosis. If the sound failure turns out to be irreparable and the failure is confirmed, your decoder will then be replaced by a new one. To contact them, you can either reach the complaints department at 09 70 82 08 15 or ask be called back by an advisor via your customer area by going to your client space  section "Contacts" then "contact us".

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