My Braun epilator no longer spins, what should I do?

When your Braun epilator no longer spins properly or at all, there may be several causes. The problem may be due to a lack of cleanliness, a defective epilation head or a broken or damaged part inside the handle. To try to identify the problem and solve it as best we can, we invite you to follow our troubleshooting guide in order. You will thus have all the keys in hand to know: what to do when your Braun epilator stops spinning?

How do I fix a Braun epilator that no longer spins?

First of all, if your non-turning Braun epilator is still under warranty (2 years minimum in France thanks to the manufacturer's warranty), call the after-sales service of the reseller store or Braun Support. You should obtain the repair or replacement of your product free of charge, unless the breakdown occurs following improper use on your part (drop, shock, etc.).

First checks

First of all, the head of the Braun epilator may no longer turn after a lack of use or to a electric problem. Then remember to check the following points:

Make sure that the epilation head is well nested in the handle of the device. Indeed, this is often the most common cause of an epilator that does not turn because the head cannot be driven by the motor and the drive shaft.

Check that your Braun epilator is correctly plugged into the electrical outlet and that the latter works and sends the necessary current to the device. If your Braun epilator does not turn on at all, the power cord may also be at fault. In this case it will be necessary to visually check if it presents no defect (cut, stripped, melted etc), test it electrically and if necessary, it will have to be replaced.

Clean the Braun epilator

In the vast majority of cases, Braun epilator no longer spins due to poor maintenance and therefore following the fouling of its components and mechanisms. A cleaning is often sufficient to solve the problem. Attention, all subsequent manipulations are done with the power off !

Braun epilator not turning what to do?

1 – Routine cleaning of the Braun epilator

Usually you just need to clean the underside of the epilator head and the tweezers. Indeed, they tend to clog over time due to the accumulation of hair. The latter then end up blocking the rotation system of the head and the tweezers. Thus, to prevent the blocked rotation mechanism from forcing the motor too much, the device locks automatically and then completely prevents the head from rotating.

To clean your Braun epilator that no longer spins, the easiest way is to consult the notice corresponding to your model. Indeed, depending on your epilator model (Silk-épil 9 Beauty, Spa, Flex, Silk-épil 5, etc.), the maintenance method may vary slightly. If you don't have it available, you can most likely find it online.

For the majority of Braun epilators, head cleaning method consists of:

  1. Use the small brush cleaning tool supplied with the epilator to remove hair from the tweezers and under the epilation head. A button or a clip allows you to remove the head from the handle.
  2. Once the head is separated, pass it under the water if the head seems very clogged or that hairs remain attached (if your model allows it).
  3. Let it dry, preferably in the open air, the epilator head before reassembling it. Count at least 24 hours to be sure that the head is completely dry, especially if your model is not waterproof.

In principle, it is advisable to clean your Braun electric epilator after each use. This is in order to avoid blockage problems of the epilator head but also for hygiene.

2 – Deep cleaning of the Braun epilator

If after cleaning your Braun epilator still refuses to turn normally, hairs may be embedded inside the epilation head. In this case, you will need to deep cleaning.

To do this, you will need to open the head by removing the screws located on the inside of the device using a screwdriver. Then clean the hairs and dirt from the rotating mechanism of the epilator using your fingers or a small brush. Also blow into the small holes to evacuate any potentially stuck hairs.

Caution: Do not use water, detergent or liquid inside the mechanism! Also be careful not to lose the screws and if necessary film your intervention to remember the layout of each element. 

Replace Braun epilator head

If your braun epilator still not spinning, it is also possible that its epilation head is too clogged or damaged. To confirm this, remove the epilation head from the handle. Connect the device to the power source and attempt to turn it on. If you find that handle cogs turn and operate normally, then epilator head is most likely faulty. If the cogs in the handle are not working, then a component inside the handle is likely responsible for the failure. In this case, go directly to the next part of our article.

In case the epilator head is the source of the problem, you can replace because it certainly exists as a spare part (unless your model is old). You can find it on the Braun website under the heading “ spare parts or on an independent merchant site. Attention, if you wish to be entitled to the guarantee, it is necessary to buy a certified Braun spare part.

Check the components of the Braun epilator that no longer spins

If your Braun epilator stops spinning after the above checks, then a component inside the handle is most certainly broken. In this case, electronic skills are necessary because you will have to open the epilator, test the different components and then find the corresponding spare part.

As an indication, the components potentially responsible for the problem are: the engine, thedrive shaft, the switch (where the switch depending on the model of your electric epilator).

Braun epilator that still does not turn: call a professional or replace the device

When your Braun epilator no longer epilates because it no longer spins and that the epilation head is not responsible for the problem, you will have understood it, this means that a internal component is defective. If you are not competent to test potentially failed components, then you will need to call a professional ou replace the device depending on your case:

Whether your Braun epilator is eligible for warranty, call the after-sales service of the retailer or Braun Support. In this case, you will get the repair or replacement of your device free of charge. Note that a 2-year manufacturer's legal warranty protects your epilator, unless the breakdown occurs as a result of improper use.

If your Braun epilator is out of warranty, but there remains relatively recent (less than 5 years), spare parts can be found on the market. In this case, you can contact Braun Support or a professional repairer to get your device repaired. In any case, we advise you to request a quote to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

• Finally, if your Braun electric epilator which no longer works is no longer entitled to the guarantee and it is old (more than 10 years), the most profitable option will most certainly be to throw it away and redeem a new new one. Indeed, the spare parts and the cost of the repair will probably not be advantageous.

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