My Braun epilator no longer charges, what should I do?

Braun is the world's leading manufacturer of electric epilators. The Silk epilator is one of its flagship products thanks to various innovations, and in particular the use of a battery and therefore of a wireless power supply which allows epilation under water. But, unfortunately, this innovation can quickly lead to frustration when it starts to stop working normally. This is the case when your Braun epilator no longer charges. Fortunately, solutions, more or less easy, exist to solve this problem. Discover them in this article.

Why does the Braun epilator no longer charge?

Braun Silk-épil cordless epilators take approximately 1 hour to reach a full charge. Then count about 40 minutes of autonomy. Once the battery is low, the charging light on the front of the epilator will flash red. You must then charge it using the original charger and/or the charging base if your Braun epilator model has the accessory. When the epilator is charging, the indicator starts flashing green. Once full, the light becomes fixed.

However, it happens your Braun epilator does not charge correctly or at all. The failure may occur due to different factors :

  • an HS power source
  • a faulty charging accessory
  • a tired or dead battery
  • a disconnected or damaged connection
  • a faulty engine block

Depending on the cause of the breakdown, the repairs will not be identical. Different symptoms can then help you diagnose the origin of the breakdown you experience on your Braun cordless epilator:

1 – If the charging indicator does not light up at all when you plug in the epilator, the problem is most likely the charger or the power source.
2- If the light comes on, it is charging normally, but on the other hand it is discharging much too quickly, we invite you to read our article corresponding to this problem: Braun epilator no longer holding a charge, what to do?.
3 – Finally, if the charging indicator lights up, but it charges too slowly, on the contrary too quickly or it never stops flashing after several hours, in the majority of cases, the problem comes from the battery or the engine block.

Note: Using, storing or charging the Braun epilator in a location with temperatures below 15°C and above 40°C may result in longer charging time and reduced battery life.

How do I fix a Braun epilator that is not charging properly?

Check the power source

First of all, and although it may sometimes seem obvious, think about check that the power source is working properly when your Braun epilator is not charging. This is especially so if no charging indicator lights up when you connect the epilator to the charger.

Then check if the power source delivers the current needed to charge the Silk-épil epilator by doing the following:

  • Make sure that the electrical circuit of the dwelling and that the electrical outlet is working by plugging another working device into it.
  • Make sure you have pushed the charger tip firmly into the epilator's charging port.
  • If you use a power strip or extension cord, remove them and plug the Braun epilator charger directly into the socket. Indeed, in addition to being potentially defective, these accessories can cause electrical noise and voltage peaks that can interfere with the charging and operation of the device.

Check Braun epilator charging attachment

It may also be that your Braun epilator no longer charges because the charging accessory is faulty (charger and/or base). Again, this is all the more likely if the charging indicator does not light up when you plug it into its power supply. Note that in more rare cases, the charging accessory may be partially defective. In this case, the charging indicator may light up because it detects that the charger is sending voltage, but that it is not powerful enough to actually charge your epilator.

So, to check if the charging accessory is responsible for the charging problem on the Braun epilator, here is how to do it :

1 – Check the charger

For check if the charger is responsible for the failure your Braun Silk-épil epilator, here's how to do it:

– Start with visually inspect the charger cord. If it is stripped, cracked, cut, melted etc., the internal wires may be defective and the current no longer flows.

– To confirm this failure, you can either get a compatible charger (note the charger is specific, it has a very low voltage and you must therefore find a charger of the same intensity), or test it electrically. For that :

  1. Plug the charger into an outlet
  2. Position the multimeter in direct current voltmeter position
  3. Measure the voltage across the output plug of the charger (watch out for short circuit!). If you have never performed this manipulation, it is better to call on someone competent or find out via video tutorials.

If the voltage displayed is approximately the same as that noted on the charger, then it is functioning normally. Otherwise, if the voltage that appears is zero or lower, the charger is faulty. In this case, replace it by a new and compatible charger. The best thing is to buy one certified by the brand, directly on their site under "service" -> "Spare parts -> your model number. You can also find them on online merchant sites or in stores, but beware of counterfeits that do not always meet the safety standards in force.

2 – Check the charging base of the electric epilator

If your Silk-épil epilator model is equipped with a charging cradle, it may also be faulty. Here are the checks to be carried out:

To start, make sure your Braun epilator that is no longer charging is properly seated on the base.

Then check visually if the terminals (metal tips) of the epilator and base do not appear damaged. More precisely, twisted, oxidized or dirty as this could be responsible for a false contact. If they seem dirty to you, clean them with a dry cloth or compressed air suitable for electrical appliances. Be careful, this manipulation is obviously done with the power off.

Last but not least,  check the voltage across it if you have the skills to do so. To do this, use a multimeter set to the direct current voltmeter position. If the measuring device displays a voltage of zero or less than that noted on the base, then the latter is defective. In this case, replace it to make your Braun epilator charge normally again.

Replacing components inside the Braun epilator

Before continuing the article, note that from now on precautions must be taken. In effect, if your Braun epilator that no longer charges is still entitled to warranty legal conformity (minimum 2 years), contact the after-sales service of the retailer or Braun Support. Repair or replacement of the epilator should be the responsibility of the manufacturer.

Important: if your electric epilator is still under warranty, do not dismantle and replace the parts yourself, otherwise you will lose your right to the warranty. 

If your epilator is no longer under warranty, the following operations require certain electrical clearances. If you are not competent for the manipulations, call on a professional repairman or to  Braun Support (France: 0800944802) so that he can tell you a authorized service center near you.

Replacing the Braun epilator battery

Most of the time, when your Braun epilator no longer charges, the problem is with the battery who is dead.

Note: If you have not used your epilator for a long time, put it on. long charge (i.e. more than 1 hour). Indeed, even when not in use, the battery continues to discharge. In case of deep discharge (0%), the charging time is longer. Note that deep discharges damage the battery and can end up damaging it irreversibly. 

Batteries all have a limited lifespan. By dint of charges and discharges, they end up giving up the ghost. It will then be necessary replace the battery so that your Braun epilator can charge normally again. For this, it will be necessary disassemble the epilator. The approach is different depending on your model, but generally it involves removing the epilation head, then removing the screw on the top and bottom of the handle (the body of the device). Then remove the module where the plate, the motor and the battery are located.

To make sure that the battery is indeed responsible for the failure, you can test it by measuring the voltage across it using a multimeter. If the voltage is correct, the battery is working and in this case the fault most likely comes from the engine block. If the voltage is zero or less than indicated, then the battery is indeed responsible for the fact that your Braun epilator no longer charges. In this case, you will need to replace it for your Silk Épil to charge and work again. Count about ten euros for a new battery.

Braun epilator no longer charging what to do?

Be careful to buy a battery compatible with your Braun epilator model. To find the corresponding battery, you can type in the search bar of your search engine, the exact reference of your epilator (example: Braun Silk Epil 9 type 5377 epilator battery) or the reference indicated on the battery. You can also call on Braun Support or to a authorized service center to find out if they have a certified battery.

Replacing the motor unit of the Silk-épil cordless epilator

Finally, it may be that your Braun epilator does not charge due to a faulty motor unit and electronic module. As a result, they may no longer receive the charge and then cannot function.

Braun epilator not charging, what to do?

If so, it will need to be replaced to fix the fault. However, this time you will have to pay around forty euros. Also, pay attention that it matches well with your Braun epilator model. Once again, if you have any doubts, call Braun Support or to a authorized service center to find out if they have a certified engine block.

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