My Cookeo no longer turns on, what should I do?

Although the Moulinex Cookeo multicooker is a qualitative product, reliable and highly rated by its users, it can unfortunately happen that it encounters malfunctions. Among one of the most frequent, and at the very least very annoying, your Cookeo refuses to turn on. Several factors can be at the origin of the malfunction. Some can be repaired by your own means, while others will unfortunately require the help of Moulinex after-sales service. In any case, learn in this article what to do when your Cookeo no longer turns on.

How to fix a Cookeo that no longer turns on?

First, we will see the checks and operations accessible to all to revive the pressure cooker. Cookeo broken down.


  • To begin with, if your Cookeo does not turn on the first time you use it ou after dismantling it then reassembled, for example to clean it, check that you have correctly mounted the device. To do this, refer to the user manual of your food processor or consult a tutorial video on the net.
  • If your Cookeo took the water, bring it directly to a Moulinex approved service center.
  • If your Cookeo does not work but an error code is displayed, refer to User Manual or contact Moulinex customer service in order to have a personalized solution.
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Check the faulty Cookeo connections

Cookeo that no longer lights, what to do?

It happens very often that your Cookeo does not turn on quite simply because it is no longer correctly supplied because of bad connections. In fact, the Moulinex pressure cooker connections are relatively sensitive. If you have unplugged or moved your device, the power plugs may have come off. Then try to disconnect then reconnect the end caps of the power cord (mains side and Cookeo side). Make sure that the cable is firmly seated in the socket and in its port.

If the power cord connections are correct, then check that the power source is not the cause of the failure of Cookeo. This especially if you hear a strange noise when your device is plugged in. To check the power source, plug the pressure cooker into a different AC outlet. If it comes back on, then your outlet is probably defective. Push the test by plugging another assistive device into it. If the outlet no longer works properly, contact an electrician. On the other hand, if your Cookeo does not turn on again by plugging it into another outlet, the problem is indeed with the appliance.

If your Cookeo, which no longer turns on, is connected to a strip or a extender, remove them. An appliance that consumes so many Watts must be plugged directly into the mains socket, without any intermediary. Indeed, these accessories may cause electrical interference and voltage concerns that may interfere with the proper functioning of your food processor.

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Electrically restart your Cookeo

Un software bug may also be responsible for a Cookeo appliance that no longer works. A electrical restart allows to completely empty the electricity present in the device and, therefore, to eliminate small bugs and errors stored in the memory of the Broken Cookeo. To do this, nothing simpler :

  1. Unplug the food processor from the power outlet
  2. Wait about 2 minutes
  3. Reconnect your Cookeo to its power source

Then try to turn your device back on. If unfortunately it does not turn on again, the problem most likely stems from a hardware failure which will require a more technical intervention.

What to do if despite everything your Cookeo no longer works?

At this stage, unfortunately, when your Cookeo no longer turns on, there is a good chance that a internal component has failed. In the vast majority of cases, this will be a malfunction in one of these 4 elements: thermostat, fuse, electronic card or display card. You will then have to dismantle the underside of your food processor to gain access to its electrical parts. Then using a multimeter in "continuity" mode, you will then have to check whether the power supply is functioning at the level of the various components.

Many videos exist showing you the procedure to follow to change parts. However, beware of the risk of electric shock and damage to the device. If you wish to perform the operations, here are the prerequisites for doing so:

  • Si your Cookeo which no longer works is under warranty, contact Moulinex support. Do not carry out any manipulations because by dismantling your device you lose the right to the guarantee!
  • Always disconnect the power supply from your device before carrying out any operations.
  • If you don't have electronics skills, call a professional.
  • If you need to change parts, choose similar or equivalent components recommended by the manufacturer. Always pay attention to product compatibility.
Why is my Cookeo no longer working?

If you are not competent for the manipulations or if you have any doubts about the faulty part, we recommend that you contact a professional for a more in-depth diagnosis and targeted repair. We advise you to contact Moulinex customer service via their contact form or at 09 74 50 10 14 to have a personalized solution. You can also contact the Moulinex approved service center nearest you for assistance and repair from an authorized technician. This whether your Broken Cookeo Food Processor is under warranty or not.

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