My Continental Edison oven no longer turns on, what should I do?

When your Continental Edison oven decides not to turn on or heat up overnight, it's a disaster. Expensive and yet indispensable in your kitchen, you can already imagine yourself having to replace it. But rest assured because its failure does not always mean that it is doomed. Simple checks and manipulations can revive it.

So, what can you do when your Continental Edison oven no longer turns on? First we will see the simple checks and procedures to try to restart your oven yourself. Then we will see who to contact if nothing helps and your Continental Edison oven refuses to turn back on.

What to do when your Continental Edison oven stops heating?

First of all, be extremely careful when checking and handling your oven to avoid the risk of electric shock. Be sure to disconnect the appliance from the electric current by turning off the electricity or unplugging it from its outlet.

what to do when your edison continental oven no longer turns on

Check the Continental Edison oven lights

When your Continental Edison oven no longer turns on, the first reflex is to check that worries of use does not block its start-up. Indeed, it sometimes happens that following a bad handling on your part or a minor malfunction of your oven, the latter refuses to turn on. To be sure, perform the following checks:

1 / First, the clock in your oven must be in manual mode and not automatic. The clock must set the time and must not flash as this may prevent your Continental Edison oven from starting.

2 / Then check that the child safety of your oven has been activated due to improper handling. Depending on the model of your Continental Edison oven, the display of this option and the procedure to deactivate it may vary. Consult your oven's user manual to find the procedure to follow.

3 / Check that a error code is not displayed on your Continental Edison oven, which no longer comes on. Indeed, if a number, letter or symbol is displayed on your device, consult the user manual which can tell you the origin of the error code and the procedure to follow to resolve the malfunction. If nothing helps, try turning off the appliance's circuit breaker at the distribution board for about ten minutes and then resetting it. Once on again, if the error code is displayed again contact the Continental Edison customer service.

If these first solutions did not give any results and your Continental Edison oven still does not work, go to the following checks.

Check the oven safety thermostat

You have been warned! : For all the steps in our article that follow, turn off the power to your home and / or unplug your oven from its power supply each time you perform a manipulation.

Sometimes it happens that your Continental Edison oven no longer heats up because the safety thermostat (also called klixon) activated. The safety thermostat cuts off the power supply when it detects a power problem. First, and depending on the model, you can try to press the start button on your oven for a few seconds.

If that doesn't work, Manually switch off the safety thermostat. Typically, your oven should have a red button on the top or back of the oven. Note: it is located below the top or back panel of the oven. You will therefore have to dismantle it using a screwdriver. If you notice that the button protrudes slightly, this is proof that it has been triggered. Then press it to reset it and your oven can turn on again.

However, be careful! When the safety thermostat activates on an oven, it means there is a problem. Then carry out the following checks:

  • Make sure the oven ventilation is functioning normally.
  • Make sure the ventilation is efficient enough. Note: you must always leave a space behind and on top of your oven to avoid overheating.

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Check the power supply

When your Continental Edison oven no longer turns on and gives no sign of life (sound or visual signal) in many cases it will be a fault in the power supply circuit of the last. To make sure of this, several checks and operations can be done.

1/ If your faulty oven is plugged into a power strip, remove it. Household appliances must be plugged directly into the wall outlet, without any other appliance on the same power source, at the risk of causing voltage problems or interference interfering with the correct operation of the oven.

2 / If your Continental Edison oven does not come on at all and all the indicator lights are off, check that the wall outlet is correctly supplied. To do this, use a multimeter or plug another working electrical device into the wall outlet. If the device does not work, the fault is with the electrical outlet. If the device works, continue troubleshooting.

3/ Check your home's power supply thanks to the electrical panel. Make sure that no circuit breaker has tripped. Check that all the fuses on your electrical panel are functional. If the circuit breaker trips when you turn on your device, do not try to light it again. A poor electrical contact or a voltage problem may be the cause of the malfunction. You could then create a short circuit and damage your oven. Then call on Continental Edison customer service, to the after-sales service of a store that sells large household appliances or to an electrician.

If at this stage no checking or manipulation has given results and your Continental Edison oven still refuses to work, it is very likely that a part is defective.

Check Continental Edison Oven Components

A defective part that makes up your oven can also be the cause of the failure. Indeed, over time, the components of electrical devices end up being damaged. The parts of a furnace, subjected to tensions and high temperatures very often end up failing or overheating. The components most frequently responsible for Continental Edison oven that no longer turns on or does not heat up are the switch, the electronic card, the terminal block or the thermostat.

Le switch is one of the most easily damaged parts and is therefore often responsible for the failure of an oven. It is used to supply the resistors and therefore to operate the device. It is easy to check its condition and also to change it, which will save you time and money if this is the part that is missing. The switch is located on the back of your oven's programmer handle. Check that none of the electrical contacts are damaged (melted, deformed, burnt, etc.). Also check the power supply of each pair of contacts with a multimeter. If it is damaged, replace it.

If your Continental Edison oven no longer heats up, it is possible that the door security is damaged. Then check the condition of the door lock.

Le electrical terminal that is on the back of your oven may also be loose and prevent the appliance from functioning. The terminal block is located at the rear of the oven. It is connected to the power cable. Check that it is not melted, damaged or loose.

Finally, the safety thermostat may also be responsible for a Continental Edison oven that no longer turns on. It prevents your oven from overheating by putting itself in the safety position. As we saw previously, try to rearm it first. If that doesn't work, you can test it by using a multimeter in the Ohmmeter position. Place the two tips of the tester on the terminals of the thermostat in question and check that its continuity is open.

If after all of these checks nothing helps, you will need to do it to a professional.

Who to contact when your Continental Edison oven no longer turns on?

edison continental oven does not heat up what to do

When your Continental Edison oven no longer turns on or no longer heats up after all the operations seen previously, you will only have to call a professional.

First, check that your oven is not under warranty. Indeed, if you have recently bought your new oven or if you have taken out an extended warranty, you will certainly not be charged for the repair.

You can contact the Continental Edison customer service to get a personalized opinion on your problem. In the best-case scenario, they will find the source of the problem. Otherwise, they will be able to offer you a repair service. Please note, if the failure is not due to a factory defect and you have no warranty, the costs incurred will be at your expense.

You can also use the After-Sales Service from a store that supplies major household appliances. Their after-sales service will probably be faster and cheaper than that of the brand.

Finally, you can call on a electrician, often easier and faster to get an appointment.

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