My Hoover vacuum cleaner won't turn on, what should I do?

When you want to clean the floor of your home, your Hoover vacuum cleaner refuses to start? Unfortunately, this failure can occur due to various factors. Faulty power source, obstruction of the air duct, failure of an internal component... You will then have to try to determine the origin of the failure to better resolve it. So, to help you in the process, discover our troubleshooting guide to try and fix a Hoover vacuum that won't turn on.

How to Fix Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Won't Start?

To get started, when your Hoover vacuum cleaner won't turn on, learn some easy checks and operations which sometimes allow him to be revived quickly.

Please note: Risk of electric shock. When carrying out routine maintenance operations (cleaning, replacing a filter, etc.) or dismantling your vacuum cleaner, remember to always unplug it from its power source. 

Check the Hoover vacuum's power source

Why does the Hoover vacuum cleaner no longer start?

To begin with, it may simply be that your Hoover vacuum cleaner does not start because it is not powered. In this case, the vacuum cleaner should not turn on and it should not give no sign of life (no sound and no lights on). Your Hoover vacuum can be cordless or corded. The checks will then be slightly different:

1 – Check the power supply of a corded Hoover vacuum cleaner

If your Hoover vacuum cleaner that no longer works is wired, you will need to check the electrical outlet of your home and the power cable of the device:

  • Check if the current is flowing well in the mains socket by plugging another functional device into it. If this is not the case, you will need to contact an electrician to repair the electrical installation.
  • Check if the power cable seems damaged (cracked, stripped, cut, burnt, melted, etc.). Then make sure that the electrical plug is not damaged, blackened or twisted. If you notice that the cable or plug looks damaged, then power may not be properly delivered to the device. Unfortunately in this case, it will be necessary to call the Hoover after-sales service or a professional repairer to find out if the breakdown is repairable.
  • Unplug power strip and extension if you use it. Plug your vacuum directly into the wall outlet. In fact, in addition to being potentially defective, these accessories can cause electrical noise and voltage variations that prevent the Hoover vacuum cleaner from working properly.

2 – Check the power supply of a cordless Hoover vacuum cleaner

If your Hoover vacuum cleaner that no longer works is cordless, start with the few checks below:

  • Check that the Hoover stick vacuum is stored and operated in a room where the temperature is between 5 ° C and 35 ° C. Otherwise, the safety of the Hoover vacuum cleaner may engage and, in this case, it will refuse to start.
  • Make sure you have sufficiently charged your vacuum cleaner (a full day's charge).
  • If no lights come on when you put it on charge, change the power outlet.

Si you are using a Hoover cordless stick vacuum cleaner and it no longer works, the problem could also be with the charging accessory or the battery. This is more likely if no charging lights come on when you plug it in, the charging lights come on but the full charge is never reached, or if the Hoover vacuum turns on but goes out on its own a few seconds or a few minutes later. In this case, your vacuum cleaner no longer works because it is no longer powered correctly. We invite you to read our article on the problem of charging a Hoover vacuum cleaner in by clicking here.

Check that the vacuum cleaner is not blocked

When your Hoover vacuum cleaner not working correctly, it may also be that a plug obstructs the air circuit. This is all the more likely if you observe a decrease in suction power or that it turns off automatically after successfully turning it on.

Indeed, when the air passage is obstructed or clogged, the motor must force to maintain its suction power. It then tends to overheat. An automatic safety device provided by the manufacturer then engages to prevent the engine from melting. Here are the checks and potential manipulations to be carried out in this case:

  • Make sure the dust bin is not overfilled. Empty it before it reaches 3/4 of its maximum capacity.
  • Check that the filter(s) are not clogged or damaged. If necessary, clean them or replace them.
  • Check that no objects, debris, or dirt are clogging the cells, the brush, the tube or the hose of the Hoover vacuum cleaner which no longer starts.

What to do if despite everything your Hoover vacuum cleaner does not turn on anymore?

At this point, you should have checked your device's power source, battery, charging accessory, and air path. So, if your Hoover vacuum cleaner still does not start, the problem most likely stems from a failure of a component in its engine block. In this case, unfortunately, if you do not have electrical skills, you will have to call a professional to identify, repair and replace the defective part.

Attention: If the Hoover vacuum cleaner that no longer turns on is still eligible for the guarantee, do not proceed with the dismantling of the engine block as this will make you lose your rights. Contact now the after-sales service of the professional retailer of your vacuum cleaner or the Hoover after-sales service.

Checking Hoover Vacuum Engine Block Components

When your Hoover vacuum cleaner is broken and it does not turn on, the problem may then come from a defective internal component. Indeed, like any electrical or mechanical component, they eventually wear out. In the vast majority of cases, you will need to replace the component.

Note: Note that it is not easy to find an equivalent or compatible spare part on sale for individuals. In addition, to disassemble the vacuum cleaner, test the components and then replace the faulty one, you will need electrical skills. If this is not the case, we strongly advise you to contact a professional directly at the risk of causing another problem which will require even more repair, such as a short circuit.  

Without further ado, discover the components present in the engine block potentially responsible for the operating problem on your Hoover vacuum cleaner :

• The power cable

If no lights come on even when the Hoover stick vacuum is charging or when the corded vacuum cleaner is plugged in, the power cord is probably cut or disconnected. With luck, the cable simply disconnected due to repeated shock or vibration. You will simply have to put the stripped wire back in the fixing stud, and tighten the screws. If it looks melted, burnt or damaged, it will need to be replaced.

• On/Off switch

If the switch is responsible for your Hoover vacuum no longer turning on, there will also be no sign of power on the vacuum when you attempt to turn it on. To test it, you will need to perform a continuity test. The multimeter should display a value close to 0 in operation and 1 or OL when stopped. If not, the switch is faulty. It will need to be replaced.

• The car's battery performance

If the light comes on when you put your Hoover vacuum cleaner on charge but it does not turn on, its battery is probably dead. You must then test its condition by measuring its voltage across the terminals. It should be approximately equal to the voltage written on it. This measurement is made after charging the battery for a full day. Note that it is done off. If there is no voltage at its terminals, then replace it with a certified battery. If the voltage is good, then let your vacuum cleaner run on minimum power mode. Then, time its autonomy. If it discharges faster than the normal autonomy, it is defective. You will also need to replace it.

• Engine

If the Hoover vacuum cleaner that no longer works produces an abnormal sound (stopped, jerky, muffled), that it gives off a strange odor, or on the contrary that it makes no noise even though the start lights are working normally, there is there is a high probability that the motor is faulty. To mechanically test the motor, you just need to spin it with your hand and see if the rotation is smooth. With regard to the electrical test of the motor, you will need to read the voltage at its terminals using a multimeter in the alternating current voltmeter position. The voltage reading should be approximately 220V.

• The electronic card

To test the card, measure its input supply voltage and its motor supply voltage at the card output using a multimeter in the alternating current voltmeter position. Both voltages should be approximately the same (220V).

Call a professional repairman

What to do when your Hoover vacuum cleaner won't turn on?

If at this stage, your Hoover vacuum cleaner does not start and you have not been able to identify the fault or you are not competent in the handling, then contact a professional.

If your broken Hoover vacuum cleaner is eligible for warranty, contact the Hoover after-sales service. An advisor can then analyze the specifics of your case. Thereafter, you will certainly have to send your device to a repair center approved by the brand, at their expense.

If the vacuum cleaner that no longer turns on is no longer eligible for warranty, you can either contact Hoover Service or an independent professional repairer. Attention, do not forget to ask for a quote. Sometimes the price of the repair is not far from the purchase price of the device...

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