My HP printer does not turn on anymore, what should I do?

The American company HP is today renowned for its expertise in the field of electronics and more particularly printers. Main sales products aimed at both professionals and individuals, HP printers are designed to be efficient, reliable and robust. So when we encounter a malfunction and it refuses to turn on, the disappointment can be great. Fortunately, there are quick and effective solutions that can bring your printer back to life. Then, what to do when your HP printer does not turn on?

Find out how to solve the problem with simple manipulations that you can do on your own. Then, find out what are the last recourse when your HP printer does not respond any more.

What to do when your HP printer no longer turns on?

what to do when my HP printer does not turn on

Does your HP printer stop turning on when you press the power button? You do not detect any sound or visual signal? In the vast majority of cases, this problem occurs following a power supply malfunction. The good news in this case is that your printer is not dead. However, you will need to perform a few simple checks and manipulations to make sure.

It exists 3 types of power on HP printers. Depending on your model, the procedure to follow will be slightly different:

  • HP printer with internal power supply: the power supply module is located inside the printer and the power cable is connected directly to the socket without an intermediary.
  • HP printer with external power supply: The power supply module is located outside the printer. It is the intermediary between the printer and the socket.
  • HP printer with battery: The battery is mobile.

Depending on the type of HP printer you have, follow the additional instructions for your printer.

Power supply and wall outlet test

When your HP printer no longer turns on, first make sure that the power cables are securely connected, or that the multiple socket is not switched off.

Subsequently, you will need check the correct functioning of the fuel system (wall outlet, power cord, and power supply) of your HP printer that no longer turns on. To do this, follow the steps below.

1 - Test for the HP printer with external power supply:

First of all, when your HP printer with external power does not turn on, check that the connectors are compatible with the printer : Printer and cord connectors must be the same shape, size and color. You never have to use force to connect cables. If the cable is compatible but your HP printer does not turn on, go to Part 3 - “Testing for All HP Printer Types”.

2 - Test for the HP printer with battery:

First of all, when your HP printer with battery does not turn on, check that the battery is not fully discharged. Plug the printer in long charge into a wall outlet.

If the printer still does not turn on, test power and printer without battery. To do this, unplug the printer, remove the battery and plug in your printer again.

  • If your device turns on again, then your battery is probably defective. To make sure, test the printer with the battery: Turn off the printer, reinsert the battery, let it charge for 30 minutes, unplug the cord, and try to turn on the printer. If it does not light up, this confirms that the problem is with the battery and that it will need to be replaced. To do this, go to HP's parts store or contact HP Support.
  • If the printer still does not respond, go to the next step, part 3 - “Testing for all types of HP printers”.

3 - Test for all types of HP printers:

  1. Unplug your HP printer by removing the cord from the wall outlet and from the back of your printer to reset the power module. If you have a printer with external power, do the same and also unplug the intermediate detachable cord.
  2. Plug another electrical device into the same wall outlet to test that the outlet is working properly. If the wall outlet does not work, plug your HP printer into a different wall outlet. Otherwise, continue.
  3. After unplugging your printer for at least 1 minute, plug the cord back into the back of your printer. Remove all multiple sockets and plug your printer directly into the wall outlet.
  4. Check the back and inside of your printer to see if any light comes back on.
    • If the light is on but the HP printer does not turn on, or the light has not come on, press the On / Off button briefly. Wait about ten seconds, then briefly press the On / Off button again.

If your HP printer still does not turn on and the light remains off, continue to the next step.

Testing the HP printer power cord

This manipulation is valid for all types of printers..

If nothing helps and your HP printer is still not responding, it is very likely that the power cord is defective. To verify this, you can test your power cord in two different ways. Choose the one that seems easiest to you:

  • Test your power cord on another working electrical device.
    • If the device at the functional base does not turn on again, your cord is defective.
    • If the device turns on again, the problem is with your printer.
  • Replace the power cord with another compatible power cord. Connect this new cord to your HP printer which no longer turns on.
    • If the printer turns on again, your cord is defective. Then change your original cord.
    • If the printer does not turn back on, the problem is with your printer.

When unfortunately after all of these checks your HP printer still refuses to turn on and the lights do not come on, it is very likely that your power supply module is out of order or that a component of your printer is defective. If your HP printer no longer turns on but the lights come on, most likely the problem is with the cable or a faulty component.

If the LEDs are off, you can then consult HP's parts store and replace your power supply module by following the instructions that will come with it. In the event that the printer lights are on or you do not wish to replace the power supply module, then repair service will be required.

What if the HP printer not turning on problem persists?

what to do if my HP printer stops working

When your HP printer no longer turns on despite all the manipulations seen above, do not forget to see if it is under warranty ou assured. In fact, if you have recently purchased the printer, if you have taken out insurance, or if special sales conditions grant you an extended warranty, you will probably not be charged for the repair. You can check the warranty of your HP printer by following this link.

You can also contact HP Printer Support which will certainly be able to find the origin of the failure, or at least, you will find a personalized solution to your problem. If the failure is proven, in principle, they will take charge of your printer to have it repaired.

If you have spotted where the problem is coming from and you want to change a part of your printer, do not hesitate to consult HP's parts store. You will be sure to get compliant and genuine parts. You can also go to a store that supplies the brand and call on their after sales service.

Finally, you can call on a repair shop independent but competent in the repair of electronic objects. However, pay attention to the quality of service and parts used for the repair.

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