My iPhone 11 no longer turns on, what should I do?

Each year, the American giant Apple unveils its long-awaited new smartphones. In 2019, it was the iPhone 11's turn to be in the spotlight. Less innovative than some of its predecessors, one point unites them all: they are meant to be upscale. This forces the American firm to offer reliable phones. Yet the iPhone is not infallible. So, when a malfunction appears, we can very quickly get annoyed. One of the most common problems encountered on the iPhone 11 is a phone that refuses to turn on. So today find out what to do when your iPhone 11 does not turn on?

iPhone 11 does not turn on what to do

To begin with, we will see the controls and manipulations that you can perform yourself to revive your smartphone. Then, learn the remedies if despite everything your iPhone 11 does not turn on.

What to do when your iPhone 11 no longer turns on?

Your iPhone 11 no longer charges or does not turn on? The problem can then come from a hardware or software failure. So, to help you revive it, try these few manipulations and checks which can sometimes save you time and money.

Force restart your iPhone 11

Your first instinct when your iPhone 11 no longer works must be to carry out a forced restart phone, even if it shows no sign of life. This manipulation allows you to remove any malfunctions and minor bugs that your device may encounter without erasing its data.

To force your iPhone 11 to restart :

  1. Short press the volume + button
  2. Successively, briefly press the volume button -
  3. Press and hold the On / Off button until the Apple logo appears and therefore your phone restarts.

Ideally, your phone should restart. If this is not the case, and your iPhone 11 still does not turn on, go to the following checks and operations.

Problem charging your smartphone

When your iPhone 11 no longer turns on, the second check to do concerns the loading problems.

First of all, let your device charge in long charge for about 1 hour. Indeed, if the concern comes from a battery problem, or a completely discharged battery, your iPhone 11 may take a long time to turn on.

  • If the charging screen does not appear and that your iPhone 11 does not turn on, it is very likely that it encounters a major problem (defective component, battery out of order, etc.) that you will not be able to solve without calling for an expertise and therefore a repair service .
  • If the screen prompts you to charge your phone while it is plugged in, your phone probably has a fault in the loading process. As a result, your iPhone 11 no longer charges and therefore no longer turns on.

In both cases, here are the checks to be carried out :

  1. Try to connect your iPhone with another cable and another power adapter to make sure these are not defective.
  2. Try plugging it into a different power source.
  3. If your iPhone 11 still won't turn on, gently clean it the Lightning port, then reconnect your phone. You can also use your iPhone cable on another compatible phone to make sure your Lightning port isn't damaged.

Restore your iPhone 11

When your iPhone 11 no longer turns on and the previous steps did not give any results, you can also perform a reset of the last. Resetting an iPhone removes larger malfunctions that may prevent it from working and / or starting normally.

However, be careful: when your iPhone 11 does not turn on at all, data recovery is only done by DFU mode. This mode allows you to restore your device as if it had just left the factory. In other words, it will erase all your data. If you have not made a backup of your device before its bug, we do not recommend that you do this.

To reset your iPhone 11 that no longer works, do the following:

  1. Connect your iPhone to a computer that has iTunes
  2. Open iTunes
  3. Short press the volume button +
  4. Then briefly press the volume button -
  5. Press and hold the On / Off (side) button until the recovery message appears on your computer
  6. Press "Ok". Be careful, by validating this operation, all your data will be deleted from your iPhone 11.

When your iPhone 11 still does not turn on, you will have to switch to help.

What to do if despite everything your iPhone 11 no longer works?

If none of the checks or manipulations seen above have worked, it is highly likely that your iPhone 11 no longer turns on due to a deeper malfunction that you won't be able to deal with without expertise. In this case, several solutions are available to you.

what to do when my iphone 11 no longer works

Check the warranty of your iPhone 11

First of all, check your purchase guarantee. If you bought your iPhone 11 recently or took a warranty extension, it is very likely that it is still under warranty. If you have taken out telephone insurance, check the terms of the contract and that it does not cover malfunctions.

Note: this option is only valid if your iPhone 11 no longer turns on due to a manufacturing defect. If the failure stems from a fault on your part (shocks, device fallen into the water, etc.), you will be charged for the support.

Call for repair service

If your device is no longer under warranty or is not insured, contact repair service. For this, you can consider several options:

  • Call out Apple Support or go directly to a Apple Store to get a personalized solution to your problem. Subsequently, if the failure is proven, they can proceed with a repair.
  • Contact a repair shop expert in electronic objects and iPhones. However, pay attention to the quality of the service and the components used.  
  • If you bought your iPhone 11 from a provider (large chain store, online store, or small business), you can also contact them and ask for the repair conditions of their After-Sales Service , often cheaper than Apple's services.

7 thoughts on “My iPhone 11 doesn't turn on anymore, what to do?”

  1. Bonjour,

    how to make an effective diagnosis, to be sure of the breakdown in order to carry out the correct repair?
    also I cannot find an iPhone 11 Pro motherboard as a spare part?


    • Hello,
      On an iPhone it is not easy to be sure of the origin of the failure given that in principle the iPhone cannot be disassembled and suitable equipment is needed to measure the components.

      The most obvious and easy to detect fault is oxidation (on the SIM card extractor you will see a red indicator at the slot). Otherwise if the iPhone has suffered a shock, a component has certainly been broken. In this case you have to open the phone and check each component.
      In addition, if your iPhone has had charging problems before not turning on at all (battery that drains quickly, iPhone turns off before the battery reaches 0%, slow charging, etc.), then the the problem is most likely with the battery. Likewise, if when you plug it in, it is having trouble charging (jerky, slow charging, stopping etc.) the problem is probably with the USB port. Remember to clean it well and then put your iPhone in prolonged charge to eliminate the hypothesis of a blocked USB port.
      If the failure appeared overnight, disconnection, overheating or breakage of a component or connector or a faulty power supply may be the cause. We advise you to request a diagnosis from a professional who has the right equipment to know if your iPhone is recoverable or not.

      Finally, Apple avoids selling spare parts of its components. If you find any, it may be counterfeit. Once again we advise you to contact a professional (approved or not).
      Bonne journée.

  2. Hello, my iphone does not turn on anymore yet I do not understand it is charging well, has no charging problem, or other cause related to battery problems.
    my phone took a shock during the all-saint's holidays, we had taken it to a screen repair professional;
    long before, even with the broken glass, I had no problem, yet since the repair of it I encountered this computer bug in which my phone does not respond to the On / Off button.
    So I was wondering by asking near your service a solution to this problem, and maybe a first thought on the cause of my problem.


    • Hello,
      If your iPhone no longer responds to the On / Off button, it may be that during the repair, some connectors were not correctly replaced. False contacts must have appeared preventing the information from being correctly transmitted. If the fault appeared just after the repair, we recommend that you go to the repairer again to tell him your situation. In the best case scenario, he will do his mea culpa and fix the problem for you at no cost or at least at a lower cost.
      Please do not hesitate to keep us informed. Good luck and good day.

  3. Hello,
    My iPhone stopped turning on after a small fall on the carpet, the weird thing is that 2 minutes before I was still using it normally and after that it stopped turning on, I still don't understand why it stopped working when it was maximum 10cm drop

    • Hello,
      Unfortunately iPhones are sensitive and the slightest shock can disconnect or break an elementary internal component. It should be opened to check the condition of the connectors and internal components. Since the iPhone is not an easy phone to open, we advise you to call a professional because otherwise you risk damaging it even more... Good luck

  4. I've had an iPhone 4, two iPhone 5s, a 7, I think an 8, and finally an 11 for about 3 years now. I don't think I will buy any more. 11 tripped at night and did not relight. From what the technical service tells me, it is an internal electronic error with no solution. It has never fallen, received no knocks and worked perfectly up to this point, how am I going to pay the price they have if they no longer inspire me with security? I'm sorry because I was very happy but even at Apple you can see they don't work the same way anymore and for that I buy a cheaper one so I don't mind if it stops working or if he has to buy another one.


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