My CookEasy + Kenwood is no longer running, what should I do?

Kitchen robots are a great help to us in our daily life. In particular, they save us precious time. But then when they start to malfunction and we got into the habit of using it, it's the drama. Often, a hardware failure is the cause. But that doesn't mean your device is breakable. Sometimes you can fix it, without even having to go through customer service or a professional repairer. So, find out in this article how to repair a CookEasy + that no longer runs?

The CookEasy + no longer runs: checks

First of all, it is important to proceed to some basic checks, even if they are obvious to you, to make sure that the problem does not come from a bad use or a bad adjustment on your part:

  • Check that you have correctly attached the accessories (mixer, emulsifier, or knives). Indeed, if these accessories are not correctly clipped, they will not be driven by the base and, of course, they will not be able to turn.
  • Check that you have respected the quantities indicated in the recipe. Indeed, an under dosage or an over dosage of the ingredients can disturb the good rotation of the accessories and the engine. In the event of overdosing, this can result in too heavy a weight for the CookEasy + which, for safety, will not engage the motor and therefore will not run.
  • Make sure that the rotation speed of the knives, mixer or emulsifier is adapted to the function used but also to the quantity and the food present in the bowl.
  • Check that the preparation is not too sticky, too thick or too hard for the knives. Indeed, this can cause overheating or blocking of the knives which will prevent the CookEasy + Kenwood from turning correctly. If ingredients are stuck to the knives, stir the preparation or add liquid.
  • Restart the appliance electrically: disconnect its power source, wait 2 minutes, reconnect the CookEasy +. If the device spins again, the problem was with a minor software bug.

Unfortunately, if all these checks did not resolve the issue and your CookEasy + still does not run, the problem then most certainly arises from a hardware failure or electric.

My Kenwood CookEasy + still does not run: hardware problems

The hardware or electrical failures Unfortunately, very often require having advanced skills in electronics or calling in a professional. In fact, for the most part, they require disassembly of the device, technical tests and measurements, and replacement of parts. Manipulations which are not within the reach of the first comer. However, as an indication, or if you have electrical bases, discover in this part the parts to check that may be susceptible to the failure you experience on your CookEasy + Kenwood.

Kenwood Cook Easy no longer runs, what to do?
Note: If your CookEasy + which no longer runs is still under warranty, do not carry out any manipulations. You will lose your warranty rights so that you can obtain repair at no or less cost from the Kenwood Service. 

Check the condition of the knives

Si your CookEasy + is no longer mixing correctly, it may be that knives are failing. Visually check if the blades appear dull or damaged. Indeed, knives are consumable parts. That is to say that they are subject to wear. Over time, they will cut and mix less well. In this case, you will have to change them so that your device is operational again.

Unlike most robot cookers on the market, the CookEasy + knives are removable and can therefore be changed very easily. You can easily find them in spare parts.

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Check the drive axis

When your CookEasy + no longer runs, or runs with difficulty (low speed or choppy), there is a very good chance that the problem comes from the drive axis (the support on which you attach the accessories). Especially if you hear the sound of the motor, but the accessories do not turn, there is a good chance that the problem is with the axle.

To confirm the failure, you can visually check whether the axle looks broken or cracked. Also check whether the axis of the knives is having difficulty turning. To do this: Insert and secure the knives in the axle and using your hand, rotate the knife blades. If there is resistance preventing the knives from turning properly or a strange noise appears, the axle is probably defective.

You will understand, if the CookEasy + does not turn because of the drive shaft, it will have to be replaced. You can also easily find it as a spare part on the internet.

Other hardware failures

The other faults are inside the engine block and therefore require much more advanced electronic skills (risk of damage to the device and electric shock!). This is why, here we are simply informing you, as an indication, of potentially broken parts that can affect your CookEasy + when it is no longer running:

  • La pulley. It is located under the bowl location. It transfers the rotation of the motor to the coupler through the belt.
  • Le coupler. It is located on the body of the device and drives the axis of the bowl.
  • Le engine. In the event of engine failure, you will not hear any noise, abnormal noise or odor may be released.
  • La power card. However, this failure is rarer, because generally, when it is defective, all the functions of the bowl no longer work.

Call Kenwood after-sales service

To repair your CookEasy + which no longer runs due to a failure of internal components, it is best to call on the skills of a professional repairman.

We therefore advise you to contact the Kenwook Service, especially if your device is still eligible for guarantee. If this is the case, you can also contact the after-sales service of the retailer store to take charge of repair requests from the brand. Whether your device is guaranteed or not, you can also go to a Kenwood Authorized Repair Center near you. However, before going there, we advise you to contact them to be sure that they can take care of the service.

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