My Miele vacuum cleaner no longer turns on, what should I do?

Has your Miele vacuum cleaner broken down? It refuses to start normally? Unfortunately, like any electrical device, the products of the Miele manufacturer, however high-end, can encounter malfunctions. Several factors are also likely to cause an operating problem: faulty power source, blockage in the air circuit, faulty internal component... But, fortunately, each problem has its solution. So without further ado, discover what to do when your Miele vacuum cleaner does not turn on anymore?

What to do to repair a Miele vacuum cleaner that no longer turns on?

Initially, when your Miele vacuum cleaner no longer works, the problem may be due to its power supply or plug present in its air circuit. In this case, the checks and manipulations to resolve the malfunction are within everyone's reach. So, without further ado, check them out below.

Caution : Risk of electric shock and damage to the device. When you clean or disassemble the vacuum cleaner, remember to unplug it from its electrical outlet. If you are not competent for certain manipulations, call on a professional. 

Check the power supply of the Miele vacuum cleaner

To begin with, it may be your Miele vacuum cleaner simply does not start because it does not receive power. This is all the more likely if the vacuum cleaner does not give no sign of life, that is to say that it emits neither sound nor light. Depending on whether your vacuum cleaner is corded or cordless, the checks and handling will be different. Then refer to the manipulations corresponding to the type of vacuum cleaner you have:

– Checking the power source of a corded Miele vacuum cleaner

Miele vacuum cleaner does not turn on anymore what to do?

If your Miele vacuum cleaner that no longer turns on is a corded type, you need check the electrical installation and the electrical outlet of your accommodation and the power cord from your device:

• Check that no circuit breaker has tripped on the electrical panel in your home. Then check that the electrical outlet is properly powered by plugging another functional device into it.

• Check the Miele vacuum cleaner's power cord for damage. It must not be cracked, cut, stripped, burnt, melted etc. Also check the electrical plug. It should not be damaged, burned, twisted, or melted. If either of these two elements appear to be damaged, the current may no longer be delivered correctly to your vacuum cleaner. In this case, it will unfortunately be necessary to call on the Miele service department or a professional repairer to find out if the fault is repairable.

• Remove power strip and extension cord if you are concerned. These accessories can be faulty but also create electrical noise and voltage fluctuations that disrupt the normal operation of the Miele vacuum cleaner. Then plug the device directly into an electrical outlet, without any intermediary.

– Check the power supply of a Miele cordless vacuum cleaner

If your Miele vacuum cleaner that no longer works is cordless, the power problem can come from different factors (environment, charger, battery). Here are the checks to be carried out:

• Make sure that the temperature of the room in which you store or use the vacuum cleaner is between 5 ° C and 35 ° C. Indeed, Miele stick vacuum cleaners have a thermal safety device that engages when it is in a room with extreme temperatures to prevent the battery from being damaged.

• Make sure you have sufficiently charged your vacuum cleaner (a full day's charge). If you didn't put it on charge the last time you used it, there may not be enough battery for your vacuum to turn on.

• If the charging lights do not turn on when you plug in the device, try charging it in a different electrical outlet.

It may also be that your Miele stick vacuum does not turn on due to a faulty battery or charging accessory (charger or charging cradle). This is more likely if the charge lights do not come on when you plug it in, if the charge lights come on but the full charge is never reached or is very slow to be reached, or if the device turns on but goes out by itself seconds or minutes later. For check the battery and charger of your Miele cordless vacuum cleaner, we invite you to read our article: My Miele vacuum cleaner no longer charges, what should I do?

Check that the vacuum cleaner is not clogged

When your Miele vacuum cleaner no longer works normally, it may be clogged or too dirty. And this, in particular, if you notice thathe sucks less well or that it stops by itself after starting it. Indeed, when the vacuum cleaner is clogged or dirty, the motor tends to overheat to maintain its suction power. To avoid this phenomenon, when the device detects one of these anomalies, it is designed to trigger a safety device. This safety prevents the vacuum from starting to protect the motor from overheating.

To check if your vacuum cleaner no longer turns on due to an obstruction or too much clogging, then carry out these few operations:

  • Empty the vacuum tank or bag if it is too full. Note that it is strongly recommended to empty it before it reaches 3/4 of its maximum capacity. Check at the same time that you have positioned the bag correctly.
  • Make sure nothing is blocking the dimples, the brush, the tube or the hose Miele vacuum cleaner that won't start. If you notice that the vacuum cleaner is very dirty, and in particular dusty, clean it according to the cleaning instructions specific to your model.
  • Check the status of filters. If they are dirty, clean them. Note that it is recommended to wash them every 3 months. If they appear damaged, replace them. Note that it is recommended to change them once a year.

Technical manipulations when a Miele vacuum cleaner no longer starts

When your Miele vacuum cleaner is still broken at this stage, unfortunately, it's a safe bet that the malfunction comes from a component internal to the engine block. In this case, it will be necessary to disassemble, test and replace the defective component. As you will have understood, the manipulations then require electrical authorizations to avoid an electric shock or significant damage to the device. Moreover, finding an equivalent or compatible spare part is not easy. This is why, at this stage, it is strongly advised to call a professional repairer.

Note: If your Miele vacuum cleaner that no longer turns on is still under warranty, then contact now the Miele service department without dismantling the engine block. Indeed, this manipulation will make you lose your rights to the guarantee, while you have a repair free of charge thanks to the guarantee. 

Testing Potentially Failed Miele Vacuum Components

When your Miele vacuum cleaner does not start, several components may be responsible. You will then have to test them one by one to find the exact cause of the failure, then replace the defective element so that your vacuum cleaner is functional again. Here then the components to be tested :

Note: If the Miele vacuum cleaner that no longer turns on is cordless, you should have already tested the battery. If you haven't already, refer to our article: My Miele vacuum cleaner no longer charges, what should I do?, part "Checking the battery status of the Miele cordless vacuum cleaner".

The switch

The On/Off switch is used to mechanically open the power supply to the vacuum cleaner. The sign that can alert that the switch is defective is that the Miele vacuum cleaner no longer turns on at all and that it has no signs of life (no noises and no lights on). To test the switch, do a continuity test using a multimeter. The latter must display a value close to 0 in operation and 1 or OL when stopped. If not, the switch is faulty and you will need to replace it.

The power cord

If the Miele vacuum cleaner shows no signs of life when plugged in, the problem could also be with the power cord. It can be cut, damaged or disconnected. Luckily, the cable may have simply become disconnected due to repeated shock or vibration. You will then simply have to put the stripped wire back in the fixing stud and then tighten the screws. On the other hand, if it seems damaged or cut, it will have to be changed.


If you hear an abnormal noise coming from the broken down Miele vacuum cleaner (jumpy noise, stopped, muffled), that it gives off a strange odor, or on the contrary that it makes no noise even though the ignition lights are working normally , the engine and its turbine are probably defective. First, mechanically test the motor. To do this, rotate it with your hand. If the rotation is not smooth, the motor must be replaced. Then perform the electrical test of the motor. To do this, measure the voltage across its terminals using a multimeter set to an alternating current voltmeter. The measured voltage should be approximately 220V.

The electronic card

The electronic card is in a way the brain of the vacuum cleaner. When it fails, power is no longer transmitted to the other components of the device. To check if your Miele vacuum cleaner is no longer working because of the circuit board, then measure the input supply voltage of the card and the motor supply voltage at the output of the card using a multimeter set to alternating current voltmeter. The two voltages should be about the same, around 220V. If the output voltage is lower or zero, the board is faulty. It will then have to be replaced.

Call a repairman

If you have not been able to identify the origin of the fault on your Miele vacuum cleaner, or if you are not competent for the previous manipulations, then you will need to call a professional repairer.

Miele vacuum cleaner does not start what to do?

If your vacuum cleaner is still covered by the warranty (2 years manufacturer in France), then call the Miele Service via their online form or at 09 74 50 10 00. You can also make an appointment with a technician directly on their website. On the other hand, if your appliance is no longer under warranty, you can either contact Miele after-sales service for a certified repair, or a professional independent repairer. Attention, in both cases do not forget to ask for an estimate because the repair costs will be charged to you.

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