My Miele vacuum cleaner no longer charges, what should I do?

Miele claims to be a high-end appliance manufacturer. So when you invest in one of their products, you hope it lasts as long as possible. That is why, when our faithful Miele vacuum cleaner no longer charging, we can legitimately be worried and disappointed. Although it happens that the problem comes from the battery or an internal component requiring an expensive or technical repair, it can also happen that it comes from the power source or the charger whose repair will be easy and inexpensive . So, without further ado, find out how to fix a charging problem on a Miele cordless vacuum cleaner.

What to do when the Miele vacuum cleaner no longer charges?

At first, if you have not used the vacuum cleaner for a long time or did not charge it after the last use, put it to charge at least one day. If this has already been done or the charging lights do not come on, then proceed to the troubleshooting steps below.

Warning : Risk of electric shock and damage to the device. Unplug the vacuum cleaner from the power source when performing any operation. If you are not competent for certain manipulations, call the Miele Service or a competent person. 

Check room temperature

To start, make sure that the room where you store your Triflex Miele stick vacuum cleaner is at a adequate temperature when loading it. Indeed, if the vacuum cleaner is in a room with extreme temperatures, its safety engages to avoid damaging the battery, and charging will not start. Avoid placing your vacuum cleaner in a room where the temperature is below 5°C and above 40°C.

Checking the power source of the Miele vacuum cleaner

Miele vacuum cleaner no longer charging what to do?

Si your Miele vacuum cleaner is no longer charging and no charging indicator lights up, this means that the device is not not powered. In this case, the problem may be with the power source or the charger. Firstly, then check if the power source delivers the current necessary to charge your Miele vacuum cleaner by proceeding as follows:

  • Check if the electrical outlet works by plugging another functional device into it.
  • Check that you have firmly pushed the tips into their connector.
  • If you use a power strip or extension cord, remove them and plug the Miele stick vacuum charger directly into the socket. Indeed, in addition to being potentially defective, these accessories can cause electrical noise and voltage peaks that can interfere with the charging and operation of the device.
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Testing the Triflex vacuum charging attachment

If the charging problem on the Miele cordless vacuum cleaner has not been solved, it may also be that the charging accessory (charger or charging cradle) is defective. In the majority of cases, no lights will come on because no current will reach the vacuum cleaner. However, it also happens that the charger is partially faulty, ie it sends current but not the charging voltage necessary for charging. In this case, the charging indicators may light up.

So, to check if the charging accessory is responsible for the charging problem on the Miele vacuum cleaner, here is how to do it :

Notes : First, try charging your Miele vacuum cleaner via the charger, then via the charging base if you have both accessories. If the vacuum cleaner charges with one of the two, the fault comes from the accessory. If the vacuum cleaner does not charge with any of the accessories, then go directly to the next part because the problem lies with a faulty component internal to the device. 

1 – Check the charger of the Miele stick vacuum cleaner

To begin, visually inspect the charger. If you notice that the charger is damaged (stripped, cracked, burnt, melted cord, etc. or twisted, damaged or blackened plugs), it is probably faulty. To be sure, you can either try to get a charger compatible with the model of your Miele vacuum cleaner, or measure the charging voltage at the output of the charger. For this last option:

  1. Plug the charger into an outlet
  2. Put the multimeter in the direct current voltmeter position
  3. Measure the voltage across the charger output plug

If the voltage displayed is about the same as that noted on the charger, then it is functioning normally and your Miele vacuum cleaner is not charging due to an internal component. Otherwise, if the voltage that appears is zero or less, the charger is faulty. In this case, replace it for your cordless vacuum cleaner to charge normally again.

2 – Check the charging base of the Miele cordless vacuum cleaner

To start, make sure your Miele vacuum cleaner that is no longer charging is correctly snapped into the charging cradle. You can then visually check if the terminals (metal tips) of the device and the base do not appear damaged. More precisely, twisted, damaged, oxidized or dirty as this could be responsible for a false contact. If you notice that they seem clogged, clean them with a dry cloth or compressed air suitable for electrical appliances. Caution, carry out this operation with the power off.

Finally, to be certain that the problem with charging your Miele stick vacuum comes from the charging base, you can check its voltage at its terminals. To do this, use a multimeter set to the direct current voltmeter position. If the multimeter displays zero or less voltage than indicated on the socket, then the socket is faulty. In this case, it will be necessary to change to find optimal loading of your Miele vacuum cleaner.

Check the battery status of the Miele cordless vacuum cleaner

Si the charging lights of the Triflex Miele stick vacuum cleaner that no longer charges come on but never finish charging or the vacuum cleaner no longer holds a charge, the problem most certainly comes from the battery. Indeed, the batteries of cordless vacuum cleaners are often the first components to fail because they are fragile. Sometimes warning signs can alert you (decreasing autonomy, longer charging, etc.), while sometimes, overnight, the battery gives up the ghost.

To check if the battery is causing the Miele cordless vacuum cleaner charging problem, you will have to test it with a multimeter:

  1. Charge the battery to the maximum with the charger or the charging cradle (if you feel that it is no longer charging, let it charge anyway for the time necessary for a full charge).
  2. Once the battery is fully charged, unplug it from the power source  
  3. Without waiting, measure its voltage at the terminals using a multimeter in the direct current voltmeter position. The voltage should be approximately the same as the voltage marked on the device or on the battery.

1 – If it does not provide no voltage or voltage too low, the battery is dead. Be careful to replace it with a certified new battery, not counterfeit to avoid any further malfunction.

2 – If the voltage is compliant, put the battery back in the vacuum cleaner and start the vacuum cleaner in minimum power mode. Then time the battery life. If you notice that it discharges faster than the normal autonomy, it is defective. You will then have to replace it to have optimal charging and operation of the device again.

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What to do if the charging problem persists on your Miele vacuum cleaner?

If your Miele vacuum cleaner still does not charge at this point, the failure comes from an internal component which requires disassembly of the device. Indeed, it can be a disconnected or damaged power supply connector but also the electronic card. Disassembly and testing of these components requires electrical clearances to avoid electrical shock and/or further damage to the vacuum cleaner.

Miele cordless vacuum charging problem what to do?

Thus, we recommend that you call a professional repairer to repair your Miele vacuum cleaner. Depending on your case, several options are available to you:

  • If your Triflex vacuum cleaner that no longer charges is still covered by warranty, contact the after-sales service of the retailer who will take care of the procedure for returning them to the manufacturer. You can also directly contact the Miele Service via their online form, at + 09 74 50 10 00. If you prefer, you can also make an appointment with a technician directly on their website.
  • If your Miele vacuum cleaner is no longer entitled to the warranty, you can contact Miele after-sales service to obtain a personalized solution and an estimate adapted to your situation. You can also hire a professional independent repairer. In this case, also ask for a quote to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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