My Rowenta vacuum cleaner no longer turns on, what should I do?

When your Rowenta vacuum cleaner does not start or no longer works properly, there may be several causes. It could be a problem with its power source, an obstruction or clogging of its components, or an electrical or mechanical failure. It will therefore be necessary to try to identify the origin of the problem in order to better resolve it. Find out now what to do when your Rowenta vacuum cleaner no longer turns on? To begin with, we will see the checks and maintenance operations accessible to everyone which sometimes resolve the problem. Then, we will see, how to fix the problem if it persists.

What to do when your Rowenta vacuum cleaner no longer turns on?

Warning: if you carry out operations that require you to disassemble or clean part of the vacuum cleaner, unplug it from its power source. 

Check power

Rowenta vacuum cleaner does not turn on anymore what to do?

If your Rowenta vacuum cleaner does not start and shows no signs of life (no light coming on, no engine noise, etc.), there is a strong probability that it is not powered. Depending on the type of Rowenta vacuum cleaner you have (cordless or wired), the procedure to follow is different. Find the one that matches your model below:

– Check the power supply on a Rowenta cordless vacuum cleaner

If your Rowenta vacuum cleaner that no longer turns on is wireless, the problem may come from the battery, charger or power supply cut off at the level of the internal cable which connects the battery to the power card. Here are the first checks and manipulations to be carried out:

  • Start by checking that you have fully charged your vacuum cleaner (minimum 5 hours). If no lights come on, try charging it in another electrical outlet.
  • Check that the device is correctly connected to the charger or connected to the charging base.
  • Make sure there is no no false contacts between the charger/charging base and the vacuum cleaner. To do this, check that the plugs (charger tips) and terminals (place where the device is placed) are clean and dust-free. If not, clean them with a compressed air spray suitable for electrical appliances or a dry cloth. Attention, this manipulation is done without power.
  • Pay attention to the storage and use temperature when your Rowenta vacuum cleaner is not working. The temperature should be between 5 ° C and 40 ° C so that he can walk normally.

Then check if the charger or charging station you are using for your Rowenta stick vacuum cleaner is working properly:

If you are used to using a charging base, but you have a charger available, then connect your Rowenta stick vacuum cleaner directly to the charger. You can also test it by measuring the voltage at the terminals where the device sits. This thanks to a multimeter set to direct current, voltmeter position. If the base supplies no voltage or too low a voltage, it is faulty. You will then need to replace it.

If you are using a charger, try to get another one. If you have electrical skills, test it by raising the voltage at the plugs charger output with a multimeter set to voltmeter. If the charger works, you should find a voltage somewhat similar to that noted on the charger. If the charger is faulty, replace it.

– Check the power supply on a Rowenta corded vacuum cleaner

If your Rowenta vacuum cleaner is corded, it may no longer lights up due to the electrical installation of your home or the power cable. Here are the things to check:

  • Make sure the electrical outlet delivers power by plugging another functional device into it.
  • Check that the power cable does not have any visible damage (cable cut, cracked, stripped, melted etc). Also make sure that the electrical plug is not bent or damaged. If so, unfortunately the cable is probably faulty and is blocking the flow of current. In this case, contact Rowenta after-sales service or an independent professional repairer to find out if the fault can be repaired.
  • If you are concerned, unplug power strip and extension and plug your vacuum directly into the wall outlet. In addition to being potentially out of service, these accessories are likely to cause electrical noise and voltage variations that interfere with the operation of your Rowenta vacuum cleaner.

Check that the Rowenta vacuum cleaner is not clogged

It may also be that your Rowenta vacuum cleaner is not working due to an obstruction or clogging in the air circuit. This is all the more likely if your Rowenta vacuum cleaner works for a few seconds or a few minutes before turning off, then it refuses to turn on again. Indeed, if the filters are dirty, the bag or the dust container is too full, or if a plug blocks the passage of air, the motor must work harder to maintain the suction power. It then tends to overheat, and therefore ends up triggering its safety device which automatically cuts off the current so as not to damage the motor. 

Here are the things to check:

  • Check if the tank (dust container or bag) is not overfilled. Whatever happens, we advise you to empty it before it reaches 3/4 of its maximum capacity. Indeed, at this stage, it is already beginning to lose suction power.
  • Check that nothing do not obstruct the cells, the brush, the tube or the hose of the Rowenta vacuum cleaner which no longer starts.
  • Finally, check that the filters are not dirty or defective. If necessary, wash them or replace them.

Rowenta vacuum cleaner that still does not start: how to fix the problem?

If these few elements of checks did not give anything, and that your Rowenta vacuum cleaner does not start, at this stage unfortunately, the problem most certainly comes from a failure of an internal electrical or mechanical component.

It is therefore preferable to call on a professional. Indeed, you have to disassemble the vacuum cleaner to access the internal components. Risk of electric shock and damage to the device. Then, all the components must be tested to find the one that is defective. Finally, it must be replaced knowing that the spare parts are unfortunately not often available for sale to individuals.

Important: Be aware that apart from the maintenance operations seen above, you lose your warranty rights if you work on an internal component and therefore dismantle the vacuum cleaner. In this case, even if you have a basic knowledge of electricity, we strongly recommend that you call on the Rowenta after-sales service or the dealer's after-sales service. 

Failure of an internal component on the Rowenta vacuum cleaner

As an indication, here is the components most likely to have failed when your Rowenta vacuum cleaner no longer turns on :

Note: If you have advanced electrical skills and want to test the components yourself, note that all manipulations are done with the power off (device switched off and unplugged).

• The power cable. If no lights come on even when it's charging or plugged in, the power cable is probably cut or unplugged. In this case, most often the cable has simply disconnected due to a shock or repeated vibrations. You will then simply have to put the stripped wire back in the fixing stud, and tighten the screws.

• The on/off switch. In this case, there will also be no sign of power on the vacuum cleaner. To test it, it will then be necessary to carry out a continuity test. The multimeter should display a value close to 0 in operation and 1 or OL when stopped. If this is not the case, the switch is faulty and that is why your Rowenta vacuum cleaner no longer turns on.

• The battery. If the light comes on when you put your Rowenta vacuum cleaner on charge but it does not start, its battery is probably bad. You must then test its condition by measuring its voltage across the terminals. This measurement is made after charging the battery for at least 6 hours. Note that it is done off. If there is no voltage at its terminals, then replace it with a certified battery.

• The engine. If the Rowenta vacuum cleaner that no longer works makes a strange noise (sound that seems jammed, jerky or muffled), gives off a strange smell, or does not make any noise even though the ignition lights are working normally, there is a high probability that the motor is faulty. To test it mechanically, just spin it with your hand and see if the rotation is smooth. With regard to the electrical test of the motor, you will need to read the voltage at its terminals using a multimeter in the alternating current voltmeter position. Its voltage must be 220V.

• The electronic card. The electronic card is a printed circuit composed of electronic elements. It sends power and commands to all the other parts of the vacuum cleaner. If it no longer works correctly, the information and/or the voltage will not be transmitted and your Rowenta vacuum cleaner will encounter bugs such as a refusal to turn on. To test it, you must measure its input supply voltage and its motor supply voltage at the card output using a multimeter in the alternating current voltmeter position. Both voltages should be approximately the same (220V).

Contact a professional

Rowenta vacuum cleaner does not start what to do?

If your Rowenta vacuum cleaner still does not start, that you have not been able to identify the problem or that the manipulations are not accessible to you, you will then have to call on a professional.

We advise you first to call the Rowenta customer service, whether your device is still under warranty or not. Indeed, they will be able to tell you the manipulations to follow according to the model of your vacuum cleaner, then find you a personalized solution. You can also go directly to a center Rowenta approved repair near you. To avoid unnecessary travel, be sure to contact the center upstream to ensure they have the necessary spare parts and ask them for a quote.

If your Rowenta stick vacuum cleaner that no longer turns on is no longer eligible for warranty, you can also contact an independent repairer. Don't forget to ask for a quote to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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  1. what can happen to the rowenta 32.4v vacuum cleaner by turning the brush to the right
    it doesn't work thank you

    • Hello,
      We don't know exactly what model. Either way, never force it. Instead, refer to the model's user manual. Cordially

  2. Hi, I have a hot x-maybe-flex vacuum, I charged the battery for 5-6 hours, the problem is that the brush starts underneath for 10 seconds then stops and the battery lights go out in no case turn on the motor of the vacuum cleaner, I search on the net what it can have but there is still no one who has happened to it

    • Hi
      If the vacuum only turns on for 10 seconds, then turns off and the battery lights come on, it may be faulty. Do you have the opportunity to test it? cordially

        • Hello,
          Did you reassemble the battery and power supply correctly? If there is a bad contact it can prevent it from being properly powered.
          Otherwise, the motor of the device may no longer receive power due to a fault. Unfortunately, in this case it is preferable to replace the device as a whole or to contact Rowenta after-sales service to try to obtain a repair at a lower cost... Good luck


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