My TNT decoder cannot find any channel, what should I do?

Your TNT decoder does not receive the channels? Or does he find some but not all? Whether it is during installation or after having used it for a long time, this problem can occur on any TNT decoder. Indeed, many factors can cause it, which amplifies the chances of being confronted with it. But fortunately, every problem has its solution. So let's find out together what to do when your decoder does not find any channel?

First, we will see what are the different factors that may be at the origin of the failure. Then, we will see the different manipulations to try to find the channels on your TNT decoder.

Why can't your TNT decoder find any channel?

That you meet a concern to receive the channels when you connect your TNT decoder for the first time or if the problem occurs suddenly while you have already taken advantage of the services, you will first have to try to find the source of the problem. As a result, you will be able to find a targeted and appropriate solution to the dysfunction. The various causes which may explain that your TNT decoder cannot find any channel are:

  • un antenna or network problem
  • of bad connections to damaged cables
  • un software or microprocessor bug from the decoder
  • a hardware failure on the TNT decoder

First of all, it is necessary rule out that the failure comes from the antenna or the network because the treatment of the problem will be very different. Indeed, it will not be a problem requiring intervention on the decoder but requesting an antenna operator or calling on the TNT service.

To receive TNT channels you must have a TNT decoder connected to an antenna. If your accommodation is equipped with outdoor antenna, your television is then connected to an aerial socket in your home, which will itself be connected to the rake socket on the roof. If your home does not have this device, your decoder is then connected to a indoor antenna via an antenna cable supplied with. In this case, your antenna is portable and its main advantage is to better capture the channels. 

For identify the reception or antenna problem, here's how to do it:

If you live in an apartment building, ask your neighbors who use TNT if they are having the same problem. If you live in a detached house, try plugging your TNT decoder into another aerial socket in your home. You can also buy an indoor antenna to add to your device but better to make sure that the problem is with the current antenna so that you don't buy it for nothing. Also note that if you no longer receive the channels on your TNT decoder following a bad weather (storm, strong wind, rain, etc.) it is very likely that the antenna or the network have suffered damage.

Then check if the problem is not affecting many people in consulting the ANFR website or social networks (National Frequencies Agency). You can also call the information number for TNT: 0970 818 818 (non-premium rate call). They will then be able to notify you of a fault on your antenna or on the network.

If the checks did not give anything, that there is no problem referenced with the neighbors or the instances seen above, you can then deduce that the problem comes from your TNT decoder. Then go to troubleshooting steps below. On the other hand, if you deduce that the problem comes from the antenna or the network, contact a antennist, buy a indoor antenna ou refer the problem to the trustee of your building according to your situation.

TV decoder that does not receive the channels: How to solve the problem?

After having verified that the problem does not come from the antenna or the network, it will then be necessary to test if the failure comes from the connections, a software bug or a hardware failure. For this, several checks and manipulations will be necessary. Then follow our troubleshooting guide to try to find the channels of your TNT decoder.

My TNT decoder cannot find any channel, what should I do?

Check the connections of the TNT decoder

When your TNT decoder cannot find the channels, first check the quality of the connections :

  • Check that the HDMI cable, the Scart cable and / or the aerial cable have not inadvertently come off the TV
  • Check that all connections are properly seated in their ports
  • Make sure the cables are not damaged and are working properly. If you have another HDMI cable to connect the TNT decoder to the television, test it.
  • Check that the aerial input is properly connected to your decoder and not to the TV.
Please note: If your TNT decoder does not receive all the channels, check that the problem is not simply TNT coverage in your region by consulting the application "My TNT coverage". If the problem appeared during your use and the channels disappeared, it is possible that the network has a problem. You can then call the information number for DTT (0970 818 818). If the problem persists and the TNT information services do not report a network incident, you will then need to contact the after-sales service for your TNT decoder brand so that they can carry out a more in-depth analysis of the problem. 

Relaunch a channel search

When your TNT decoder can no longer find any channel, you must then relaunch a channel search. Indeed, it happens that following a bug or a minor malfunction, the decoder loses the reception of the channels. The procedure to search for and store DTT channels is different depending on the decoders. Refer to the model's owner's manual to find the exact procedure.

Note that generally, the procedure consists of:

  1. Turn on your television and your TNT decoder
  2. With the decoder remote control, press the Home or Menu button to display the menu on the screen
  3. Click on Installation, Configuration or Settings.
  4. Then select the Automatic or Automatic search (rather than manual) configuration mode.

If after searching for channels the TNT decoder still does not receive any channel, the problem may come from a bigger bug requiring an electrical restart of the device or a hardware failure on the decoder.

Note: On some decoders, during installation, you must trigger the antenna feed. To do this, go to the DVB-T decoder menu, select the Parameters and go to "Antenna supply". Then select "On" to activate it. Then repeat an automatic search for TNT channels. Note that, once again, depending on the model of your decoder the indications may be different. 

Electrically restart the TNT decoder

When your TNT decoder does not receive channels overnight it may be that a software or microprocessor bug is the cause. In that case, an electrical restart device allows you to restart your system and remove any bug that interferes with its proper functioning.

For electrically restart a TNT decoder, the operation consists of:

  1. Switch off the TNT decoder with the ON / OFF button if it has one
  2. Disconnect the power supply from the decoder
  3. Wait 1 minute for it to fully discharge
  4. Reconnect the power and turn on the decoder

Then proceed to an update of the TNT decoder by referring to the user manual for the model and brand of your device.

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What to do if despite everything the TNT decoder does not find the channels?

If the above manipulations did not give anything and your TNT decoder still cannot find the channels, you will then need either:

  • boost your equipment to better capture the channels if the problem stems from a signal problem
  • or, replace your equipment if the problem is due to a hardware failure.
why the TNT decoder does not receive the channels

Buy a signal booster

If during the first installation of your TNT decoder, this one does not pick up the channels or that it does not find all the channels, signal not strong enough may be the cause. In this case, you can try adding a signal booster or a powered indoor antenna.

  • Signal amplifier is a small box which is installed between the antenna cable and the television to increase the reception signal.
  • The amplified indoor antenna the outdoor antenna will be replaced while amplifying the reception signal of your line. It can therefore also be useful to you in the event that your outdoor antenna has suffered damage. It works by being connected directly to your decoder via a cable provided with at the time of purchase.

Replace your equipment

If the failure is not due to a signal problem, and therefore appeared during use, your TNT decoder is probably defective following a hardware failure (component or power supply). In this case, if your TNT decoder is under warranty, contact the brand customer service of your decoder. After having verified that the failure is proven, they will then proceed to replace your decoder free of charge.

If your decoder that no longer receives channels is no longer under warranty, you will then unfortunately have to either have it repaired or have it replaced. To have it repaired, you must contact a repair services specialized in electronics. They can then diagnose the decoder and give you an estimate if the fault turns out to be repairable. Otherwise, for more speed (and probably less expense), you can buy a new TNT decoder. The advantage is that fewer and fewer people now have an external TNT decoder since recent TVs all have an integrated TNT tuner. As a result, their prices have fallen sharply.

Note: We recommend that you opt for an alternative reception mode if you need to change your equipment. The best is to take a TV decoder from an Internet operator. 

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  1. My hisense h55n5700 television goes into black screen after 5 minutes of operation, still having sound. I can turn it off and turn it on again, it does the same thing again.

    • Hello,
      If you still have sound but no more picture, the problem is most likely a malfunction in the power supply to the panel. Unfortunately, it is difficult from a distance to make a diagnosis for this kind of failure. The best thing to do is to contact a professional repairer near you so that he can carry out a thorough diagnosis on your TV, and if necessary repair it.
      PS: If your TV is still guaranteed (2 years minimum manufacturer) call the after-sales service of the brand or the retailer store.
      Good luck !

  2. Hello. Despite all your information, I can't seem to get any channels.
    My decoder is new and so is my card. I only have channels in Japanese or other languages ​​that I don't understand ...
    In addition for the others, it is written "you do not have access rights to this program".
    Thanks if you can help me.

    • Hello,
      It seems that your decoder is incorrectly configured. Have you tried to re-parameter or reset it? Otherwise, the best in your situation (since everything seems new and therefore still under warranty), would be to contact the assistance of your decoder or the dealer where you bought it so that they can find you a personalized solution. And if necessary, they will change it for you.
      Good luck.

  3. I just bought a DVB-T2 decoder during installation, all the channels were picked up correctly, but today it no longer picks up 2 and 3; I re-started the decoder electrically and did an automatic channel search, still no 2 and 3, but on the other hand I received paris première! Is this an aerial fault and should the indoor aerial be boosted (I currently have an aerial amplifier – not recent…-) the wedge of this amplified aerial sometimes gives signs of defect by signaling on the television “not image” problem which is solved by “moving the cable; I changed the contact cards on both sides (decoder and amplifier) ​​but sometimes it starts again thank you for your help


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