My LG TV does not turn on anymore, why and what to do?

You wanted to have a good time in front of the television but the device refuses to turn on? Unfortunately this is a fairly common problem with televisions, and LG branded products are no exception. But do not panic ! There are checks and manipulations accessible to everyone that sometimes allow you to simply restart the television. So, find out in this article why your LG TV does not turn on and what to do to solve the problem? To start, we will see how to easily restart an LG TV that no longer works. Then we will see how to solve the problem if, despite your efforts, the TV does not turn on.

How to easily fix LG TV that no longer turns on yourself?

what to do when my LG TV no longer turns on

There are simple solutions to restart your LG TV. Follow the troubleshooting steps in this guide one by one.

Note: If your LG TV no longer turns on and the red light is flashing, read our article about it here. 

Checking the status of the remote control

When your LG TV no longer turns on and the red light is steady, it may mean that she does not wake up from sleep mode. In this case, check that your remote control sends the start command and that it is therefore functional.

To check if your remote control works, do the following depending on the model you have:

1 / If the LG remote control has an infrared LED, place the remote control in front of the lens of a smartphone, open the “Camera” application, bring the remote control transmitter close to the lens then press the “ Power ”of the latter. You should then see on the screen of your smartphone the LED of the remote control light up. If so, the remote control is in working order. If not, replace the batteries in the remote control and repeat the experiment.

2 / If your remote control does not have an infrared LED, try to replace the remote control batteries. When that still does not work, then you will have to try turning on your LG TV with a compatible and working remote control.

If your LG TV still refuses to turn on and you confirm that the remote is not faulty, proceed to the following checks.

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Restart your LG TV

Secondly, it is possible that your LG TV no longer turns on due to a software bug or a microprocessor malfunction. To eliminate these potential problems, you will need to perform a forced restart. And if that doesn't work, reset the device.

To restart your LG TV that refuses to turn on, just press the "On" button located behind the TV in the right corner.

Note: Not all LG TV models have this "On / Off" button. Refer to your model's owner's manual to find it. 

If your LG TV does not have this button or the procedure did not work, go to the reset step.

Reset LG TV

To remove bugs and malfunctions that may prevent your LG TV from turning on, you can also electrically reset the device. To do this, nothing simpler :

  • Unplug your LG TV cable from the AC outlet
  • Wait 2 minutes
  • Reconnect the cable to the mains socket

If unfortunately your LG TV does not turn back on, a larger fault related to a power, component or system failure could be the source of the problem.

Checking the power supply

A functional power supply is essential for a television to start. That is why, when your LG TV no longer turns on, it is important to check that there is no problem powering it. Here are the checks to perform:

  1. Check that the connections have not moved and that the cables are firmly seated in the ports. Make sure the cables are not damaged.
  2. Check that the wall outlet is receiving power. To do this, plug your TV into another wall outlet. If it comes back on, the problem is with the original outlet and you will need to get an electrician.
  3. If you are concerned, unplug your television from the multiple socket. Indeed, multiple sockets are responsible for voltage problems and electrical interference. As a result, your LG TV may be affected and may no longer turn on.
  4. If your LG TV does not turn on after a power cut, read our article about it here.

If you are still not getting any response from your LG TV, chances are there is a bigger fault on your LG TV that will require expertise.

What to do if, despite everything, your LG TV refuses to turn on?

LG TV does not turn on what to do

If after all these checks and operations your LG TV refuses to turn on, a bigger problem is responsible for the failure. He will then ask to call on expertise or to have some skills in electronic devices.

Replacing a component of an LG TV

When your LG TV no longer works and the LED remains off or flashing, this usually means that a internal component is defective. In this case, it will be necessary to replace the component in question. To do this, you will need to access the power supply board by removing the back of the TV.

Warning : Risk of electric shock. Switch off the power at the circuit breaker and / or by unplugging your TV from the mains socket. Risk of material damage. If your LG TV is under warranty, do not carry out these operations which could risk losing your rights. In general, we do not recommend this manipulation if you have no skills in electronics or electricity (disassembly, measurement, soldering, reassembly).

Here are the different things you can check:

  • Check that the power board is working using a multimeter.
  • Check that there are no burn marks on the turntable that may indicate that it has burned out. Also make sure that no part is melted or warped.
  • Check that the capacitors are not swollen and therefore broken. You can also test their value using a multimeter. Note that capacitors are often the source of the problem on LG TVs. Also be aware that if the light on your TV is flashing and you hear a "CLICK" when you try to turn it on, it's a good bet that a capacitor is at fault.
  • Check that the fuses are not out of order using a multimeter or fuse tester.

If after checks you find that one or more components are faulty, they will have to be changed. If you are not proficient in handling, call in a professional.

Contact a repair service

If, despite everything, you cannot find the origin of the fault, you will then need contact a repair service able to assess the device because the source of the problem will certainly be substantial. When your LG TV does not turn on anymore, several services can help you:

  • LG support service who can tell you what to do next.
  • The after-sales service of the distributor-reseller in order to request their repair or exchange condition for your TV.
  • A repair service specializing in televisions. Preferably contact a LG authorized center to obtain compliant parts.

Always ask for a quote for troubleshooting and repair.

Note: Consider check if your faulty LG TV is still under warranty for free repair or replacement service. 

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    • Hello,

      If you have access to your TV's Settings, you can first try to reset it. You will certainly find the procedure in the user guide for your TV model.

      Secondly, carry out the following checks:
      - Are you using a TV decoder? If this is the case, check that it is not the cause by changing the source. For example you can connect a computer with HDMI. If your television remains on when connected to this source, the decoder may be faulty. In this case, call your operator.
      - Check that the remote control is not the cause. If your TV has control buttons on its front, try changing channels through these buttons.

      If, despite these checkpoints, the bug persists, the fault may come from an HS component, a faulty power supply, a control signal fault or a fault on the high voltage power supply (inverter). Unfortunately, you will need to call in a professional to carry out the expertise and repair the malfunction. We recommend that you first call on LG support on 3220 to obtain a personalized solution (and especially if your TV is under warranty!). Then contact the after-sales service of the dealer or a repair service. Be careful to ask for a quote before proceeding with the repair ...

      Good luck !

  2. Hello, the ignition LED which indicates that it is off only flashes so I never had this problem before Proximus came to install their equipment. You should know that it is not the main TV and that it is in the room with a side there is the wifi booster as well as the decoder. The failure did not occur directly but rather twice, the first flashing then it is on and now flashing but nothing any more no images that the TV is connected to the decoder or not! Could you help me please because if l have asked proximus we are referred to so many people that I have migraines. Thank you in advance for your answers.

    • Hello,
      Have you tried reconnecting and then reconnecting all of the cables? It seems that the failure is related to a power failure. Also, try plugging it into another wall outlet without the decoder.

      You can also try to reset the TV electrically. For that :
      - Unplug your LG TV cord from the wall outlet
      - Wait 2 minutes
      - Reconnect the cord to the wall outlet (without multiple socket).

      Unfortunately from a distance it is difficult to carry out a more in-depth analysis. If the failure persists, Proximus must find a solution for you since they seem to be responsible for the problem.

      Good luck !

  3. Hi
    The red light works I can turn on the TV but qd I do it there is the mark the which appears in flash and the screen remains black and qd I turn it on again later the mark no longer shows and the screen remains black then that the light turns green

    • Hello,
      It seems to be related to a backlight failure. To be sure, bring a lamp or phone flash near the screen when the screen is on. If the image is displayed very lightly, it is a problem with the backlight.
      The backlight problem may be with the entire screen, one or more LED strips, or poor contact between the power supply and the screen.

      Unfortunately, when the backlight is out of order, you will certainly have to replace the entire screen. Indeed, repairing LED strips is a solution that is very rarely offered in repair shops. However, do not hesitate to check with television repair stores near you if they provide this type of service (of course in the event that after expertise there is indeed a tape failure. LED and not the panel).

      If you want to do the repair yourself, be aware that it is difficult to find compatible LED strips. You can still try your luck by searching and ordering the parts on the internet. Also note that to replace one or more LED strips by yourself, you will first have to check that the failure actually comes from them. There are video tutorials on the net which explain the procedure to follow to do this and, if the failure is confirmed, which explain how to replace them.

      It could also be that the failure is related to a faulty capacitor that is no longer delivering enough power to turn on the TV. In this case, you can also replace it. Tutorials exist on the net to show you the procedure. However, an electronics background is highly recommended as you need to measure, desolder and resolder.

      Good luck !

  4. Hello overnight I wanted to turn on my LG TV and the red light is blinking. There is a black screen and in the middle a blue band nothing more. What to do thank you

    • Hello,
      Unfortunately the blue band that appears probably means that the screen of your TV is out of order. Unfortunately, the cost of replacing a TV panel is very high because it requires the intervention of a specialist. Indeed, the handling is technical and the replacement panel is often difficult to find by an individual.

      It could also be a faulty capacitor but in principle this type of failure is characterized by the red light which blinks indefinitely, the television set refusing to turn on and when you press the on button you can hear a slight " click ”. The blue band is therefore very unusual for this type of failure. You can still try to check if the problem does not come from a capacitor by replacing it because you can carry out the intervention yourself and it will therefore only cost you a few euros (the price of the part). Note that tutorials exist on the internet to show you the procedure to follow. Be careful, however, this requires certain skills in electronics (disassembly, measurement, soldering, reassembly). Also make sure to disconnect the power supply of your TV before working on it.

      Finally, in order to carry out a more precise diagnosis of your television set, we recommend that you contact an electronic appliance repair service. Indeed, the failure can also come from a power supply or motherboard problem. Do not hesitate to ask them for a quote. You can also contact an LG authorized repair center which will normally have the original parts: And if your TV is under warranty, contact LG support:

      Good luck !

  5. Hi
    Red led disappeared after pressing the remote control to turn it on but it did not turn it on. And since more red led and no image.

    • Hello,

      Your television has no picture or sound? When you press the Power button on your remote, do you hear a “click”? If so, it is very likely that one or more capacitors are broken. In this case, you can first check if this is the case by removing the back of your TV to access the power supply board and the capacitors on it. Then, if it turns out that this is the case, you can change them yourself if you have skills in electronics (disassembly, measurement, soldering, reassembly) or call on someone competent (entourage or professional). . Please note, if your TV is under warranty, contact LG support directly.

      Even if the capacitor track is the most likely because the most common on LG TVs, it is also possible that another electronic component has failed, such as fuses. In this case, a more in-depth analysis is necessary. In this case, we advise you to call an electronic device repair service near you and to request a quote for the expertise of your TV.

      Good luck.

    • Hello,
      It is very likely that the failure comes from one or more capacitors. To popularize and simplify, they are responsible for turning on your television and fluctuating the voltage. The failure on an LG television very often comes from one of these components. It could also be a voltage problem on another of the components that make up the power supply board or a bug / overheating triggering the security mode of the television.

      To check if the fault is due to a capacitor, here is the procedure to follow (be careful, cut the power to the television before carrying out the manipulation. If you do not have electronic skills, call a professional):

      First, you need to remove the back cover of your television to access the power supply board. Then locate the capacitors. These are cylindrical shaped pieces. If one or more of them is slightly bulging on the top (or you notice a small slit on their "cap"), they are defective. To make sure it is faulty, you can also use a multimeter to measure the resistance across the two terminals (tabs) of each capacitor. The downside here is that you have to unsolder the capacitor to measure it so that other components in the circuit do not skew the measurement.
      Once the capacitor is desoldered and disconnected from the circuit, it must be fully discharged. To do this, make a short circuit with a resistor (or a screwdriver for example by placing it on the two terminals).
      Then proceed to the measurement of it. To do this, put your multimeter on the ohmmeter setting. Put the red test probe of the multimeter on the + terminal of the capacitor and the black test probe on the - terminal. If you read a very low or no resistance (OL) the capacitor is not functional due to a short circuit and you will need to replace it. Do not hesitate to watch video tutorials by typing "how to test a capacitor" or "how to change a capacitor on a television" to help you in the manipulation.

      If the capacitors are not responsible for the malfunction, another component is probably having a voltage problem. In this case, we advise you to contact a professional for a further diagnosis.
      Good luck.

  6. Hello,
    When switching on the TV normally, we press the button on the remote control and an LED flashes several times at the base of the screen to indicate that the process is in progress.
    Out for a few days, the led flashes once and the ignition process does not occur. You have to do it several times (remote control button or TV button) for the process to start.

    • Hello,
      It seems that a component allowing the ignition of your TV is tired. It can be a capacitor but also another component. Diagnosing a TV failure is relatively difficult and even more so from a distance. Therefore, the best advice we can give you is to call a professional repairer near you.
      Bonne journée.

  7. I have had an LG TV for 5 years.
    For months there had been variations in light intensity and sometimes small, clearer circles on the screen.
    There it does not light up anymore
    Tried everything reset etc.
    So trash.
    My choice never again of LG SEEN THE NUMBER OF DEFECTS OF THIS BRAND

    • Hello,
      It could be a power problem. Have you tried going to a professional repairer for a diagnosis? Ask for a quote in advance but you never know, it may be that the failure is easy to repair ...
      Good luck.

  8. I have an LG TV which must be 5 years old
    One evening a smell of burnt plastic and the next day no more reaction from my TV, the red lamp remains off and nothing happens if I try to light it either with the remote control or with the button.
    I called lg ca my tv is the subject of a power supply board change program due to overheating.
    At each tel (I have already called 3 times) I am told that a technician will contact me but at each no such

    • Hello,
      The smell of burnt plastic is rather disturbing. A component has most likely overheated and melted. As you have already done, you must contact LG after-sales service so that they can repair the fault. Unfortunately, all you have to do is press LG customer service to win your case (we are an independent blog, so we are not in touch with them).
      Good luck.

  9. Hello,
    Overnight got me LG tv no longer wants to turn on. When switching on, the LG logo appears for less than a second and then nothing is displayed. Black screen. If anyone has any ideas on the problem?

  10. Hello,
    My Lg tv turns on and off by itself ...
    I unplugged the cables for 24 hours, I tried again; turn it on via the "on / off" button on the television, turn it on using the remote control ... nothing helps, we hear the small click to start, the red light tries to go out (as when it is on) and after a second it turns off and on again 2,3x without me pressing anywhere; ..
    If you have any advice ...
    thanks in advance

    • Hello,
      If I understood correctly, your TV does not turn on at all and you still hear the small start click?
      If you have electrical skills and your TV is easily removable, we recommend that you check the capacitors. The click you hear is typically the noise a capacitor makes when it is broken. If the fault is verified, you will have to replace it by unsoldering it and replacing it with a new compatible capacitor which costs only a few euros.
      To check and replace a TV capacitor, many video tutorials exist.
      Please do not hesitate to keep us informed. Good luck and good day.

    • (French version below)
      My LG was powering off and then resetting in a few minutes back to on. I took back off and determined the power panel was overheating. As a stop gap I just set up a floor fan and directed it near the power cord area. Problem solved. I have since ordered a small fan and I will cut a hole by the component that is smoking hot. Next weeks project. The on off control panel is overheating.

      My LG would turn off and then reset a few minutes later. I backed up and determined that the power panel was overheating. As a stop, I just installed a floor fan and ran it near the power cord area. Problem solved. I have since ordered a small fan and will make a hole near the smoking component. Project for next week. The on-off control panel is overheating.

    • Hello,
      Unfortunately, your screen is probably broken. When did you buy your TV and what is the model? Because repairing this failure is often very expensive. Depending on the model and the age of the TV, it is often more advantageous to buy a new one ...

  11. Boa noite amigo, tenho uma LG 50uk6520 PSA a 2 anos, atualmente ela não liga mais no controle, somente no botão controller da TV, mas usando o controle smart magic, ela mostra a seta, consigo fazer tudo, menos ligar e desligar a TV pelo controls. Já testei outro controle eo problema persists. Assisti alguns vídeos no YouTube e vi trocarem a placa IR juntamente com o botão controlador. Ainda sim o problema persists. Alguma dica?

  12. Porquê que TV LG não responde ao controlo remoto, mas quando eu disconecto da tomada, e depois conecto da tomada, ela ascende a luz infravermelha ?, no entanto não responde a controle remoto! Por favor responde me

  13. Hello,

    I just installed an LG TV. Once plugged in, the red led lights up and when I press the power button on the remote control or on the TV the red LED flashes but it does not light up ... Do you have any idea what to do?

    Thank you in advance for your answer

  14. Good morning,

    Minha TV sai som mas a imagem pisca e fica tudo preto.
    Entrei em contato com 2 technical assistências e a disse que troca as placas de LED ea outra disse que trata as placas de led, pois trocar não resolve pois elas não valem nada.
    Não sei o que fazer.

    • (Versão em português abaixo)
      If the backlight is broken and it comes from the LED strip, then it is worth changing them. However, it is necessary to establish a more in-depth diagnosis to be sure that the problem does not come from the slab as a whole! What did the technicians offer you in terms of service? Is your TV under warranty and is the repair free of charge?

      Se a luz de fundo estiver quebrada e vier da faixa de LED, vale a pena trocá-la. No entanto, é necessário estabelecer um diagnostic but aprofundado para ter certeza de que o problema não vem da laje como um todo! O que os técnicos lhe ofereceram em termos de serviço? A sua TV está na guaranteed ea reparação é gratuita?

  15. Salve la mia tv lampeggia 3 volte e poi non si accende, ma questo solo a casa mia, ho fatto controllare tutto (corrente e tv) perche quando la porta in un altra casa funziona bennissimo e anche dal tecnico funziona. chiedevo se qualcuno mi poteva dare una soluxione, gray.

  16. Wij hebben een LG tv die van de week een update aangaf en wij hebben op oké geklikt. Sindsdien gaat de tv aan, hebben we horizontaal 2 pixels breed een streep in beeld en kunnen niet van zender veranderen. Na 10 seconden krijgen we meer strepen in beeld en schakelt de tv uit. Ik heb alle uitgangen afgekoppeld en het problemem blijft. Resetten met de stekker helpt niet. Krijgt de kans niet om via het menu de tv terug te brengen naar fabrieksinstellingen. Wat kan ik nog mee doen? Wat kan het problemem zijn. Hebben from tv sinds augustus 2021

    • Hello,
      It seems that unfortunately your TV is experiencing a software bug following the update. So the problem is not hardware related. If you are unable to do a reset via the menu, we can only advise you to call LG customer service, within the framework of your guarantee, so that they can call a technician or replace the defective television for you. if the fault cannot be repaired.
      Good luck

      Het lijkt erop dat uw tv na de update een softwarefout ondervindt. Het problem is due to niet hardware gerelateerd. Lukt het niet om via het menu een reset uit te voeren, dan kunnen wij u alleen adviseren om in het kader van uw guaranteed contact op te nemen met de LG klantenservice, zodat zij een monteur kunnen bellen of de defecte televisie voor u kunnen vervangen. gerepareerd.

  17. Hallo,
    ich habe einen LG 47LB650V. Baujahr 11/2014
    Gekauft habe ich es im Mai 2015, also ist das Gerät ist ca. 6,5 Jahre alt.
    Seit ein paar Wochen hatte ich manchmal rechts oben ein leichtes flackern, wenn das Bild sehr hell war.
    Heute lässt es sich nicht einschalten.
    Es geht an, aber das Bild ist jede Sekunde immer nur für den Bruchteil einer Sekunde zu sehen, und es ist dann wieder schwarz. Also jede Sekunde ein kurzes Bild.
    Your ist da.
    Das wiederholt sich die ganze Zeit.
    Ich habe mal bit der Teachenlampe auf den Bilschirmgeleuchtet, dann ist sehr dunkel ein Bild zu sehen. zB das Fernsehlogo.
    Ist das ein Fehler im Netzteil? Oder der LED Beleuchtung?
    Lohnt sich eine Reparatur? Ich traue mich zu, das selber anzugehen.
    Habe auch ein Voltmeter.

    Danke für die Hilfe im Voraus.

  18. Hello,
    My LG television does not turn on anymore, there is a bar which is used to check the ignition but it disappears immediately, I unplug it reappears then again and again the same thing

    • Hello,
      What do you mean by "bar used to check the ignition"? Do you see like a bright flash and then nothing? If so, it's probably a backlight fault.

  19. Good evening, please I needed to know why my LG TV won't turn on, it has the red light on, but it quickly turns off and won't let me turn it on. Thank you for your attention and quick response...

  20. Hello. My TV screen (LGUP7000PUA 65 inch) no longer turns on after a system update I performed. No lights come on. I turned it off for 1 hour then turned it back on but without success. it should be noted that after the update, on restarting the red light flashed and as I had no image I had to cut the power supply to restart it.

  21. Hello, my TV was working fine. I turned it off at night and the next morning it wouldn't turn on. The red led does not light up. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi
      Have you tested that the electrical outlet is working or that the fuse at the electrical panel has not blown? Because if no indicator lights up, the problem most certainly comes from the power supply.
      If the electrical outlet works, it will be necessary to lean towards the electronic card of the TV (measure the input and output voltages). If the input voltage is zero, then the power cord is probably faulty. If the input voltage is correct, but the output voltage is not correct, the electronic card is defective and must be replaced.

      • I had a similar problem. No red light. I checked the input was correct and checked the output against the map on the board. Grounded at the corner of the screw, the 20V pin read 14, the 12V pin read 7. So I bought a replacement power supply, which didn't fix the problem. Oddly, the new board read the same as the old one. So, I think I measured wrong, but I don't understand how.

        I returned the power supply and ordered a motherboard. Hopefully this will resolve it.

  22. Hello.
    I have an LG plasma TV that I turned off with the remote last time. When I tried to turn it back on, all I heard was a "click", the red LED light faded and went out, then there was another "click", but the TV does not light up. what can i do, thanks in advance

    • Hello,
      The click you hear is often the noise a capacitor makes when it tries to turn on the TV but fails. You should check on this side by opening the television and testing the capacitors of the electronic card and/or the electronic card (input and output voltage).

  23. Hello,

    I have my Oled 55 c7V which lights up and stays on the spinning balls and it can stay on for hours.
    I unplugged and then waited by pressing the OK button for 10 seconds.
    But nothing does.
    Do you have a lead?

  24. Hi,
    I have an LG 24TK410-WZ TV model, connected to a normal coaxial cable and to the laptop via the HDMI socket.
    There are many times, usually once a month, that the TV cannot turn on.
    The red LED on the television is on, but the box no longer turns on via the button or the remote control. Unplugging all the plugs and unplugging the power supply from the wall doesn't help either.
    Sometimes after a few days the TV turns back on.
    I have a multimeter so I can check if I have electricity on the power supply, I can also use my cell phone to check if the remote control (IR LED) is working.
    Now that I read this article here, I just tried to heat up the back and front of the TV with a hair dryer at an ambient temperature of 22°C.
    Turn on the power and voila! he jumped again.
    So I saved €250, almost started buying a new one…
    But never again LG!

  25. Hi, my tv just flashed and i did everything, i waited for 2 minutes, then i plugged everything back in, but the tv is still not responding, is it broken then???
    Thank you very much for answering

    • Hello,
      Can you tell us about other symptoms? Do you hear an abnormal noise when you try to turn it on? is the light flashing?
      If there is no sign of life, you have to look at the power supply side and therefore the connectors. If the light is flashing, check the power board (take the input and output voltages).

  26. Hello,
    My LG television does not respond to the remote control or the touch buttons on the television, the fixed red light comes on when plugged in but no reaction.
    Thanks in advance ^^

  27. Hi
    my tv turns off every time after 2 seconds and there is a green stripe on the left side
    from top to bottom

    • Hello,
      We are simply an advice blog. We do not do repairs… The best we can advise you is therefore to contact several independent repairers near you to obtain quotes and make your choice accordingly.

  28. My LG OLED suddenly turned off this afternoon. The red standby light stays on. When I want to turn the TV back on, I hear the click the TV normally makes when it turns on. The picture stays black and after a second or two I hear the click the TV normally makes when it turns off. The picture stays black and the TV does not turn on anymore. I already unplugged it, but it still does the same thing. The TV is 3 years old.

    • Hello,
      The click you hear is typical of a bad capacitor. You should test them and replace the one that no longer works. In this case the repair will only cost you a few euros.

  29. Hello,
    My LG Oled TV can no longer start normally. When I turn it off, the red light on the TV goes out after 10 seconds and from then on I can't turn the TV on with the remote anymore. It only works again if I unplug it from the mains for two minutes. I have already done a factory reset but the problem persists.
    The only device still connected is a decoder for television reception. Until recently, it was possible to turn it on with the LG remote, then the TV started up shortly after. But that's no longer possible.
    An idea of ​​the problem?
    meilleures salutations

  30. Hello, my LG suddenly stopped turning on, if I give the same power for the remote control as for the touchscreen, the red light of the LED fades but in a few seconds it returns to fixed and nothing happens, suggestions? Thanks in advance

  31. Hello ;
    My television (oled cx) does not start or when it is finally started after removing the plug for a few minutes, it freezes the image which suddenly switches to black and white or displays a light gray screen with a faded image. The TV then starts to turn off and on again without stopping with the image which freezes each time. This process lasts 10 minutes and then the screen stays off with the nightlight lit red. At this point there is no way to turn on the screen without removing the plug first.
    My TV is still under warranty.
    I would like to have all the steps to take in order to solve my problem.
    Wouldn't it be easier to contact the store that supplied my product.

    I look forward to a response from you.

    Cordially ;

    • Hello,
      If your television is under warranty, contact the after-sales service of the brand that sold your television. Your breakdown necessarily requires the replacement of components and therefore a cost. Better take advantage of the warranty. Cordially

  32. Hello,
    my LG TV turns on, the LG home screen appears but does not show. We changed the batteries in the control and unplugged it for a while and plugged it back in and nothing. Who can be? It has 10 years of use. Thanks.

  33. We unplugged the bedroom TV, plugged it back in and the TV doesn't work at all.
    Normally the standby light is always on all the time and now nothing at all.
    How do we turn our TV back on?


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