My Xbox One controller is disconnecting, what should I do?

Sometimes Xbox One controllers have stability issues and randomly and uncontrollably disconnect from Xbox or PC, cutting off the game while you are in the action. And there is nothing more annoying when it negatively affects your game. There are several hardware or software causes that can cause this problem. So find out what these causes are. And What to do when your Xbox One controller disconnects?

First checks when your Xbox One controller disconnects

Why your Xbox One controller disconnects all the time

When your Xbox One controller disconnects inadvertently, it may be that some minor problems related to your use are the cause. Then carry out the following checks to get rid of the problem quickly and easily:

1 - Check the quality of the Bluetooth signal. Make sure that the Bluetooth signal is clear between the Xbox One controller and the console or your PC and that nothing is blocking the connection. To do this :

  • Remove any objects that are across the console and the controller (door, cupboard, any object, etc.).
  • Move away or turn off wireless electronic devices that can disrupt the connection because of the waves they emit (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.).
  • Maintain a distance between the Xbox controller and the console of no more than 9 feet. Be aware, however, that at this distance the connection may be unstable, especially if waves or objects disturb the connection. This may then be the reason why your Xbox One controller disconnects regularly. Then try to get closer to the console.
  • Point the front of the Xbox console where the Bluetooth sensor is located toward your controller when gaming.

2 - Check that the Bluetooth connection is not congested. Xbox One controllers can connect to 8 controllers at the same time. However, the stability may be affected due to interference from all the information transmitted by the throttles. If you're using more than one controller at the same time and one of them just disconnects, try connecting the others wired. If the controller works again, the problem is found.

3 - If your Xbox One controller disconnects after 15 minutes of inactivity, then the controller automatically turned off. You must reactivate it for it to connect again.

4 - Unplug the headset which can sometimes prevent the controller from connecting. Reconnect the controller and synchronize it if necessary. Reconnect the microphone after your Xbox One controller is connected.

5 - Make sure that the malfunction does not come from the console by plugging your controller into another Xbox console or by testing another working controller on your console. If this hypothesis is confirmed, contact Xbox support.

Manipulations when your Xbox One controller randomly disconnects

If after the checks previously seen your Xbox One controller continues to disconnect on its own, the malfunction may then be a software or hardware problem. Depending on the origin, it may then be more or less easily repairable. Discover the different manipulations to try to repair your controller.

Xbox One controller disconnecting, what to do?

Software issues on an Xbox One controller

Most Xbox One controllers disconnect due to a software or CPU bug. To eliminate these malfunctions, updates are released regularly. But before that, you can do an electrical reset of your console which helps to remove the one-off bugs.

Electrically reset your Xbox console

La electrical reset console and Xbox controller allows you to restart the system as well as remove minor malfunctions that encumber them. This procedure does not result in any loss of data. To do this, nothing simpler :

  1. Press and hold the Power key on the front of the Xbox console for 10 seconds. This until it goes out.
  2. Unplug its power cord for 30 minutes.
  3. Reconnect its power cord and turn the Xbox back on.
  4. Turn the controller back on and connect it.

Update the Xbox One controller

If this does not work and your Xbox One controller keeps disconnecting all the time from your PC or console, check that the last update was installed. Indeed, since your problem is far from being an isolated case, the latest updates have made it possible to correct this bug. This of course when the fault comes from the software and not from a hardware problem. To update, here is the procedure to follow:

  1. Connect your Xbox One controller to the console using the USB cable.
  2. Open the guide for your Xbox by pressing the Xbox button.
  3. Click on "Profile and system" -> "Settings" -> "Devices and connections" -> "Accessories".
  4. Go to "Xbox Wireless Controller". If the “Update” option appears, launch it and follow the procedure.
  5. After the console finishes installing the update, disconnect the controller from the USB cable and attempt to reconnect it wirelessly.

Hardware issues on an Xbox controller

If no previous intervention has resolved the issue, your Xbox One controller is probably disconnecting due to a material defect.

Bluetooth connection failure on your Xbox One controller

When your Xbox One controller disconnects all the time and for no apparent reason, it may be that a Bluetooth connection malfunction be the cause. To connect your Xbox One wireless controller to your console, you have two options: the wireless connection using the Pair button and the Bluetooth connection and the wired connection using a USB data cable (or micro-USB).

To check if the problem is with the bluetooth connection, try pairing the controller with the USB cable. If the controller no longer randomly disconnects, it means that the wired connection is stable and the problem is with Bluetooth. Contact then Xbox support to get your Xbox One controller repaired or replaced.

Weak or out of service batteries

A Xbox One controller that refuses to connect or disconnects unexpectedly can also be the fault of weak or excessively worn batteries. Indeed, when the batteries of the controller are weak or are at the end of their life, they can connect but have difficulty maintaining the stability of connection because the signal will be too weak. Thus, they risk disconnecting the controller at the slightest interference.

Then check the battery level once the console is on. If you find that the level is low, replace or charge them if necessary.

Defective cable

Your Xbox One controller may also disconnect from your PC or Xbox on its own while you are using a wired connection. In that case, the USB cable may be faulty. To verify that this assumption is correct, test if your controller works correctly over the wireless connection or when using a different USB data cable. 

If you have confirmation that the problem is with the USB cable, replace it. If your Xbox controller keeps disconnecting regardless of your connection and your USB cable, unfortunately your controller will probably need to be replaced. Take the last step of our guide.

Component or internal power supply faulty

If your Xbox controller keeps disconnecting over wired, non-wired, and another USB cable, the problem is most likely due to a internal component or power failure. Your controller is therefore defective. In this case, there is nothing you can do about it because the fault is too complex to find. It then requires a expertise carried out by a professional or a replacement.

Who to contact if despite everything the Xbox One controller continues to disconnect?

If your Xbox One controller disconnects from your console permanently or repeatedly, and no solution seen previously worked, you will then have to do call a professional to obtain its repair or replacement; or that you buy a new controller.

Before making your choice, remember to check if your faulty Xbox One controller is still under warranty. In this case, contact the dealer of your controller or Xbox support. Contact them by phone or request the replacement of the controller via a form. Basically, you should get your controller repaired or replaced at no cost.

If your Xbox One controller is not under warranty, then you can contact Xbox support or to the after-sales service of your controller for a personalized solution. You can also hire an independent repair service specializing in electronics. However, be aware that the price of repair is sometimes higher than buying a controller. Remember to always ask for a quote from the professional contacted.

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