Philips mower spinning in a vacuum, what to do?

The motor of your Philips electric trimmer works but the blades spin in a vacuum and no longer effectively cut your beard hair or your hair? Your mower is slipping! This failure can occur overnight due to various factors. Depending on the origin of the breakdown, more or less easy solutions will then be at your disposal to try to repair it. So, find out now the causes that may explain why your Philips trimmer spins in a vacuum. Then, the different manipulations to solve the problem.

Why is your Philips trimmer spinning?

When you hear the motor of your Philips hair clipper running, but it no longer cuts correctly or not at all, several factors may be the cause:

  • dirty or insufficiently greased cutting attachments
  • bad pressure or bad attachment of the cutting accessories
  • broken or damaged teeth
  • too low power of the electric mower
  • deformation or bad sharpening of the blades
  • a hardware failure of a component that drives the blades

As you will have understood, all these breakdowns have very different repair solutions. You will then have to try to identify the origin of the problem that your Philips mower is encountering in order to solve it effectively.

What to do when your Philips trimmer spins but no longer mows?

When your Philips trimmer no longer works because the blades no longer cut, here are the troubleshooting steps to follow in order to try to identify the problem and thus solve it.

Check that the accessories are correctly attached and properly used

First of all, check that you have properly attached the accessories (mower unit or shoe). Indeed, if they are detached from the main body of the Philips mower, the blades will not be carried away by the axis of rotation and they will then rotate in a vacuum. Also check that the blade fastening system has not loosened. These are very often screws that hold the blades. Then try tightening them.

If your mower no longer cuts efficiently enough, then check that you use accessories appropriate for the area you are cutting and therefore to your hair or beard hair. Indeed, the hairs are often thicker than the hair. If you use a hair cutting attachment while trimming your beard hair, the attachment may not be stiff enough to achieve the desired result.

Finally, be sure to apply good pressure, i.e. neither too strong nor too weak. If you apply too much pressure, you risk changing the settings. If the pressure is too low, the blades of the Philips trimmer may spin freely. For optimal pressure, your trimmer should be in full contact with the skin, while still being able to move the device smoothly.

Check the power of the Philips trimmer

It is possible that your Philips trimmer spins in a vacuum because it lacks power. Check that you have properly charged the device if you are using a cordless trimmer. Remember to charge the mower after each use. Also try to increase the vibration power of the blade because the lower the power, the less it manages to cut.

Clean the cutting head of the Philips electric hair clipper

Philips mower spinning in a vacuum, what to do?

If hair, dirt or hair is stuck in the blades of your Philips trimmer, they will no longer be able to vibrate properly. They will then spin in a vacuum and will no longer be able to cut your hair or your hair. To avoid this, you will need the nettoyer. The cleaning technique will depend on your model of Philips electric hair clipper:

1 – If the Philips beard trimmer is washable with water, it will be equipped with a symbol representing a faucet or a shower. You can also find the information on the user manual. To clean the water-washable trimmer, simply remove the comb and blades. Clean them, as well as the area below the removable parts, with clear water. Remove all hair, hair and dirt potentially stuck in your trimmer. Be careful, do not use soapy water or detergent as this may remove the layer of grease that protects the blades and ensures a good shave. Dry all components with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth. Make sure they are dry before reassembling them.

2 – If your Philips trimmer is not washable with water, it will have a crossed-out faucet symbol. If in doubt, consult the instructions for use. To clean the cutting attachments and blades when dry, remove them from the body of the appliance and clean them and the area underneath using the small brush provided. If you don't have it, use a soft-bristled toothbrush or cotton swab. Under no circumstances should you use water or any detergent.

Lubricate the cutting head

It may also be that the blades of your Philips beard trimmer no longer work properly because they lack lubrication. Indeed, the blades are all equipped with a layer of grease which allows them to be protected and to cut better. Over time, this layer disappears and leaves the blades exposed.

So to avoid this, remember to regularly grease the blades. apply 2 or 3 drops of oil on the blades of your mower. You can use the oil provided in the package. If you don't have it, you can use sewing machine oil or a vegetable oil, preferably of a thin consistency. Remove excess oil with a soft, dry cloth.

We advise you to carry out this operation once a week for daily use. Do it once a month for weekly use.

Sharpen the blade of the Philips beard trimmer

When the axis of the motor rotates, the blades move, but the Philips electric mower mows very badly, it may also be due to a misalignment of the axes of the blades and therefore to a uneven sharpening of the two cutting edges. In this case, then you will need sharpen the blades to solve the problem.

Note: If your faulty Philips electric hair clipper is under guarantee, do not carry out this manipulation because you risk losing your rights. Contact now the Philips service or from the reseller store. 

Please note that we recommend that you contact a professional barber who offers this service rather than doing it yourself. This both so that the manipulation is carried out correctly but also so as not to take the risk of cutting yourself. However, if you don't want to put money into repairing your Philips beard trimmer, you can also perform the manipulation alone, by proceeding as follows (do not hesitate to watch a video tutorial to help you):

  1. You will need to purchase a 4000 grit sharpening stone (you can find this in the hardware section of your home improvement store). Be careful, ceramic blades must be sharpened with a special ceramic stone because they are much more delicate than steel blades.
  2. Remove the cutting head from the trimmer. If the cutting head is not removable, you will need to remove it by removing the screws that attach it to the body of the mower.
  3. Position the blades on the 4000 grit stone (grainy side of the stone) at an angle of approximately 35°.
  4. Rub the blade from back to front (and not the other way around as you risk damaging the blades).
  5. Repeat the movement ten times.
  6. Turn the stone over (flat side of the stone), and perform the previous operation again.
  7. Clean the blades with a cloth.
  8. Reassemble the trimmer head onto the Philips beard trimmer ensuring there is no lag.
  9. Lubricate the blades with lubricating oil.
  10. Run the clipper blades empty for a few minutes to fine-tune the sharpness.

Replace the beard trimmer cutting head

It may also be that your Philips beard trimmer is spinning because its teeth are damaged or broken or that his leaf springs are tired. In this case, all you have to do is replace the blades of the mower so that they work normally again. On some mowers, there is also a wear indicator. If this is reached, this confirms that the blades must be changed.

Repair or replace the Philips trimmer

Finally, if the previous solutions did not work and the motor still turns without driving the blade of the Philips electric mower, then unfortunately a internal mechanical failure is probably the cause of the problem. More exactly, the mechanism that drives the blade is probably broken. Depending on the model of your mower, the mechanism and components to be replaced may be different (belt, pin, shaft, key, etc.).

That's why at this point you'll probably need to replace the entire mower or call in a professional. If you have strong electrical skills you can attempt to open the mower and replace the failing mechanism. But the spare parts are often difficult to find and the handling quite technical to achieve.

If your Philips mower spinning in a vacuum is under warranty, contact the Philips service or that of the reseller store. After a quick assessment, you should obtain the repair or replacement of your product free of charge. Otherwise, you can either ask a professional an estimate to repair your beard trimmer, or replace the device directly.

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  1. while using it, my mower suddenly stopped. I charged it to verify it was not the battery. Turning on the switch, nothing happens, the shaft does not rotate. However, I clean it after each use. Do you have any idea where the problem comes from?


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