Problem on my Cookeo: code 30, what to do?

When a code appears on your Cookeo, it is never a good sign. Indeed, the error codes indicate that your Moulinex device is encountering a malfunction requiring intervention. Error code 30 or 030 can occur as a result of various factors. The good news is that in the majority of cases, they can be fixed on your own. So, find out in this article what to do when code 30 is displayed on your Cookeo?

Where does the code 30 come from on my Cookeo?

When your Cookeo displays code 30 or 030, it means that your device is in suppression or overflow and that he is put to safety. In other words, your device has locked itself automatically to avoid any damage.

If you do not notice an overflow, it may also be that a software bug either involved. Indeed, like any electronic device, a bug or a malfunction can appear in the system. This can then trigger the locking of the pressure cooker and the appearance of code 30.

Then follow the advice below to try to find functional use of your Cookeo.

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How do I remove code 30 from my Cookeo?

First of all, and if it is not already done, stop cooking in an attempt to save your meal and avoid damaging the appliance.

Problem on my Cookeo: code 30, what to do?

Clean the Cookeo

A overflow has occurred on your Cookeo and code 30 has appeared next, first try to nettoyer after disconnecting it from its power source. To carry out a complete and safe cleaning with suitable equipment and products, consult the user manual for your Cookeo model. Then wait for the time that cutting totally. You will have to wait a few hours if there has been an overflow. Then reconnect it.

Si you cannot open your Cookeo, try to release the steam by pressing the small hole next to the valve with a toothpick.

Restart the device

It is very likely that a software bug is also the cause of the problem on your Cookeo. A simple electrical restart can then sometimes be sufficient to remove the errors and bugs recorded in the system. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. If possible, turn off your Cookeo
  2. Unplug it from its power source
  3. Wait 2 minutes
  4. Reconnect it to its power source

If when it turns on again, code 30 has disappeared, the procedure worked and you can use the Cookeo again, taking care to follow the instructions for use.

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Reset the Cookeo

When the electrical restart has not worked, a device reset can then delete the most major malfunctions and bugs causing code 30 or 030 displayed on the Cookeo screen. In the majority of cases, this procedure works.

However, be careful! The reset procedure may void your warranty rights. If your Cookeo is still eligible for the manufacturer's warranty, then call the Moulinex after-sales servicewithout attempting the reset procedure.

If your Cookeo is no longer under warranty, here is the procedure to reset it and remove error code 30 :

  1. Unplug the Cookeo from its power source
  2. Press the Back button (red arrow) of your device while reconnecting it
  3. When the device starts up and while continuing to press the Back button, immediately click 5 times on the OK button
  4. The menu " 0000 Appears. Using the dial, change the code to " 5923 "(Or" 8127" for the Cookeo Connect). Press OK to validate each digit.
  5. Once the code is entered, the device displays " unplug device« 
  6. Unplug powering your Cookeo again
  7. Reconnect it then wait for the device to turn on again

If code 30 has disappeared from your Cookeo, the problem is normally resolved. However, beware. If it comes back, it means your device is encountering a hardware failure. In this case, you will need to call the after-sales service to solve the problem and avoid creating more damage to your device.

Contact Moulinex after-sales service

Code 030 Cookeo, what to do?

If the error code 30 appeared following an overflow, that it does not disappear after the operations seen previously, or that it comes back regularly, you will then have to contact the Moulinex customer service using their form on their website or by phone on 09 74 50 10 14. This whether your device is under warranty or not.

They will be able to carry out a more in-depth diagnosis, and to tell you the procedure to follow. If necessary, you may need to go to a Moulinex approved repair center near you. Certified technicians will then carry out an in-depth expertise of the problem. They can then proceed to the reparation with qualitative and certified parts or at replacement of the Cookeo.

8 thoughts on “Problem on my Cookeo: code 30, what to do?”

  1. Hello, I have a cookéo connect, impossible to enter the code 8123 because when I turn the wheel the numbers only go up to 5 and if I continue it goes to the second number directly!!! I tried the code to the simple cookéo, same problem on the 2nd digit it does not go up to 9!!! In the 2 cases after the 2 digits I am asked in English to close the lid, open the lid lift the tank, put the tank back and finally something for the valve and there it blocks!!! What to do? If you have any other advice, I'll take it, thank you.

    • Hello,
      The device may be experiencing a software bug. If the indications that appear do not solve the problem, we advise you to call Cookeo customer service…
      Good luck

  2. I bought at the end of 2019, I am very sad that it already shows error 030.
    Rarely used, so I cannot recommend this device.

    • Hello,
      Unfortunately, in this case, you will need to contact the Moulinex after-sales service for more in-depth information depending on your situation and your Cookeo model.
      Good luck


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