PS5 controller which bug, what to do?

If the PS5 console and the DualSense controller are full of new features very well received by Internet users, some bugs were soon reported in the first weeks after their release. And unfortunately, some malfunctions that were already appearing on the PS4 console are back. Drift, display, loading or even flashing bug… The players have something to complain about. But fortunately, there are solutions to these problems. So find out in this article what to do when the PS5 controller bug?

PS5 controller which bug, what to do?

What are the bugs of the PS5 controller?

Since its release, the console and the PS5 controller are almost unanimous among gamers. However, while it is marketed as the benchmark of the new generation of consoles, it already encounters bugs that we have known its predecessors. More or less restrictive for the game, the developers have already managed to resolve some, while others are still waiting for a final solution. But then, what are the bugs of the PS5 controller?

PS5 controller drift bug

The most reported bug and one of the least harmless is that of PS5 controller drift. This bug causes the character to move or the camera to move without the player activating the joysticks on the controller. This issue already existed on the PS4 DualShock controller, but it appeared much later. The problem with the DualSense is that the drift bug can appear way too quickly. Indeed, iFixit experts have determined that the sticks have a lifespan of 7 months at the rate of 2 hours of use per day (i.e. 2 million cycles) on games requiring a lot of joysticks!

Battery display bug

Le second bug of the PS5 controller that many players know about battery display. Indeed, the controller alerts the player to recharge their battery much earlier than it should. The PS5 controller has an autonomy of between 9h and 12h. However, some players noticed that the console showed low battery after 6 hours of play. In addition, this bug appeared late, following an update. Fortunately, Sony quickly took matters into its own hands regarding this problem as we will see in the second part of the article.

Loading bug on the PS5 controller

La PS5 controller may also experience a loading bug. Indeed, many players have noticed that the PS5 DualSense controller does not not charging when plugged into front USB port en rest mode or even when you use it. The problem could be with the USB cable you are using or the front port on the console that is not receiving proper power. Both of these problems are caused by a manufacturer defect. Solutions have therefore been provided by Sony to solve the problem and avoid the many criticisms on the quality of its products.

Flashing bug on a DualSense

Finally, among the most frequently identified bugs on a PS5 controller, there is a blinking problem (Blue, orange, red, white, etc.). The blinking and light bars on the DualSense are power indicators. It is therefore normal to see them appear. However, it happens that the blinking is abnormal (too fast, too slow, without interruptions etc) and unusual colors (white or red). In this case, it is very often the result of a software or CPU bug on the controller or console. It can also happen that this is a sign of a malfunction on the DualSense controller.

What to do when the PS5 controller bug?

The various bugs of the PS5 controller that we have just seen all have solutions that can help you regain the correct use of your device.

DualSense Drift Solution

Le PS5 controller analog stick drift may be the result of a software bug or material wear of these. In the vast majority of cases, the hardware malfunction will be the cause. Although it is not normal for this wear to appear so early and reveal a quality flaw that is difficult to deny, there are solutions not recognized by Sony but very effective.

Indeed, the brand has not yet given any solution to this problem, so the specialists in disassembly of iFixit electronic products have found a solution: cleaning the joysticks. In some cases, if the joysticks are too worn, it will be necessary replace them. Find all the information and detailed solutions on this problem in our article on the PS5 controller drift problem.

Solution against false display of battery status

Si the bug of your PS5 controller concerns the battery which appears empty, a update was initiated by Sony in June 2021 to correct the problem. In principle, the update should be offered to you automatically when you connect your console to the internet.

If not, or you declined the update, you can also manually launch the latest update by proceeding as follows:

  1. Connect your console to the internet network.
  2. Go to "Settings" then to "System".
  3. Click on "System software" then "System software update and settings"
  4. Select “Update System Software”.

Solution against charging problem

If you encounter a loading bug and therefore more particularly than your console does not charge your PS5 controller, there are several solutions that can solve the problem. First, you must check that the charging of the USB ports are activated during the idle mode. You can also try to launch the latest updates to your console because Sony has released fixes for this bug.

If that doesn't work, then you need to change your loading method (change the USB cable or plug your cable into the back of the console are the methods that work best). Discover all the solutions and efficient charging methods in our article specially dedicated to the charging problem of the PS5 controller.

Solution against the flashing bug on the PS5 controller

The blinking of the joystick therefore provides information on the status of the system. However, sometimes abnormal flashing appear following a malfunction or bug with the PS5 controller. In this case the problem can be of software origin or of hardware origin.

In the event of a problem of software origin, it will then be necessary to reset of the DualSense controller, to a safe restart from the console, or an update. If your controller has a hardware problem, you will need to check the correct operation the Bluetooth circuit, the USB cable and the USB port. In more rare cases, it may be a failure of components or power supply which will unfortunately require a repair carried out by a professional or the purchase of a new controller. Discover our full article about the flashing problem by clicking here.

In any case, if your PS5 controller is experiencing bugs that persist or prevent you from playing correctly, contact PlayStation support.

And you, have you noticed any other bugs in the PS5 DualSense controller? Tell us so that we can identify them and find a suitable troubleshooting solution! 

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  1. New controller
    Bug of the touchpad when you write the touch circle remains blocked in the middle of the keyboard, ask the store for an exchange and they refer us to Sony after-sales service. And Sony sends us an email with a dummy address and an invalid phone number, so none After-sales service possible and therefore no refund or change of controller, €70 lost 😠

    • Hello,
      Have you tried contacting them through social media? At the following number: 01 70 70 07 78?
      Otherwise, you absolutely have to contact the store where you bought your controller. They are obliged to exchange the defective product for you and to make the link with the brand. Explain your situation to them, and insist that they provide you with Sony's contact details.
      Good luck


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