Rolling shutter beeping, what to do?

One or more strange beeps come from your roller shutter or its control? The beep of a rolling shutter has been set up by the manufacturer to tell you that a problem with the settings or a hardware malfunction is present on the shutter. This beep is also very often accompanied by a flap failure, which can be all the more annoying. But then, what are the exact causes that may be at the origin? How to try to diagnose and get rid of the beep emitted by a roller shutter? The answers are in this article!

Why does the electric or solar shutter beep?

When your roller shutter beeps, most of the time the problem comes from a programming problem and not from a defective part.

Indeed, the electric shutters must be paired with a remote control. As a general rule, pairing and programming are carried out during the installation of the shutters. However, if you bought the shutters second-hand or you fit them yourself, you will have to perform the pairing procedure yourself. Likewise, it may be that after replacing the batteries in the remote control ou after a power outage, the shutter and its remote control are out of sync. In these cases, the roller shutter beep means that it must and/or is ready to be paired. A reprogramming is then necessary.

This is the most common reason why the electric shutter beeps one or more times. However, it can also happen that the beep is emitted to inform you of a malfunction such as a blown fuse, for an worn receiver, the temporary receive error, or a faulty capacitor. In this case, the roller shutter should no longer operate correctly or no longer at all because its motor no longer receives the information or the power supply necessary to operate. It lets you know by beeping.

Note that if the beep comes from the roller shutter remote control and your shutter does not react, the problem may be low batteries or poor signal reception by the receiver. Try replacing the old batteries with new ones. If this does not work, the beep emitted by the remote control signals in most cases a desynchronization between the two devices. It will then be necessary here also to reprogram the remote control.

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How to fix a beeping roller shutter?

When your roller shutter beeps, you should try to diagnose the problem for thus correctly the solve. Some manipulations are within everyone's reach, while others will require advanced electrical skills.

Note: Risk of electric shock and irreversible damage to the roller shutter. If you are not competent for one or more manipulations, we strongly advise you to call on a professional. When you open the trunk and check the components of an electric roller shutter, always remember cut the electrical circuit of the latter via the electrical panel.

Check the shutter fuse on the electrical panel

A fuse or circuit breaker is attached to the devices and parts of your home and protects them from an electrical overload or a potentially dangerous electrical fault (short circuit). When your shutter beeps, the first thing to do is make sure it receives food by noting whether the fuse or circuit breaker connected to the shutter has not blown on the electrical panel.

If so, reset the circuit breaker or replace the associated fuse. If it jumps when you operate the shutter, then the problem comes from a short circuit in the connectors of the latter. In this case, it will be necessary to check that the connectors of the shutter and its motor are in good condition and well insulated. If you are unable to perform this operation, you will need to call an electrician.

Repair the roller shutter

If the remote control or your electric or solar roller shutter beeps, it's a safe bet that the problem comes from a pairing and programming problem between the transmitter (remote control) and its receiver (roller shutter). Indeed, electric or solar roller shutters can open and close automatically thanks to synchronization with the remote control and the programming they have in memory. Sometimes they lose their bearings and settings following a battery change, a shock to the remote control, a power outage or an electrical bug.

The pairing and programming of an electric shutter is very different depending on the brand and model of the shutter. To find the procedure, consult the instructions for use corresponding to the roller shutter model. If you no longer have it in paper format, you can most certainly find it on the manufacturer's website. If nothing helps, then contact the manufacturer's after-sales service for detailed corresponding procedure.

Note: The pairing procedure is only carried out on non-wired radio remote controls (and not wired controls). 

Note that some roller shutters must be reset so that they can be reprogrammed.

Reset beeping pane

La roller shutter motor reset allows you to reset the factory settings and therefore delete all the saved settings, the previously paired remote control and/or the electrical and programming errors or bugs that may prevent the shutter from working properly.

After a reset, you will need in any case re-pair the shutter to the remote control et reprogram its limit switches. Once again, these manipulations are very different from one model and from one shutter brand to another. As before, we advise you to consult the user manual corresponding to the roller shutter model (paper format or on the internet). If you cannot find it, then call the assistance of your shutter manufacturer to obtain the procedure.

Replace roller shutter receiver or motor

If nothing helps and the shutter continues to beep, there is a good chance that it comes from the receiver or engine.

The following manipulations are repairs which require intervention inside the roller shutter box. To access the engine, it will be necessary to disassemble the trunk, remove the apron, disassemble the axle and remove the engine that is inside. It will then be necessary to test and, if necessary, replace the defective component. The manipulations therefore require advanced electrical skills. If you do not have the necessary authorisations, we advise you to call on a professional.

Note: If your pane is under guarantee, do not carry out the following manipulations because you risk losing your rights. Immediately call the after-sales service of the brand that installed the shutters for you or the manufacturer's assistance. 

Check Receiver

If your roller shutter has a motor with an on-board radio transmitter, then the receiver is in the motor. If your roller shutter has a motor with an external radio transmitter, the receiver is remote and/or in the motor. In any case, you will need electrically test if it is accessible and replace it if it is out of order.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you can also buy a external transmitter/receiver kit to integrate it into your existing installation. This is all the more advisable if you have to change the entire motor because of a simple failure of the receiver, because the price of a new motor is much higher.

Check the motor

It may also be the whole of the engine or his capacitor who broke down and who causes the appearance of the beep on an electric roller shutter. This is all the more likely if the beeps come from inside the winding tube (and therefore the motor).

First check that the current is reaching the motor (220V in France). Make sure the wires are not damaged or disconnected. Then test it capacitor ((cylindrical part connected to the motor). Replacing the latter for a few tens of euros is sometimes enough to remove the beep and for the shutter to operate normally again. The capacitor is used, among other things, to manage the power supply to the engine and therefore to start it. It is relatively easy to change. However, be sure to replace it with one with the same original value (expressed in micro Farad, µF). Note that a capacitor with too low a capacitance will have trouble starting your motor. In the case of a capacitor that is too powerful, it will tend to burn out.

Note: Video tutorials exist on the internet to learn how to test and replace a capacitor. For example, you can refer to the following video: How to recognize a failed capacitor in a roller shutter or blind motor.

If the capacitor is not the cause of the fault or you have deduced that the problem is with the receiver inside the motor, then you will need completely replace the engine. Count between 150 euros and 300 euros. Be careful to replace the defective motor with an identical or equivalent motor. We advise you once again to consult video tutorials to help you disassemble, reassemble and adjust the new engine.

Call a professional repairer

Rolling shutter beeping what to do?

If you are not competent to carry out the manipulations or if you have not been able to diagnose or repair your roller shutter, then you will need to contact a professional of the sector.

If your roller shutter beeping is still under warranty (2 years minimum in France and up to 10 years!), call on the assistance of the manufacturer or the brand that installed the defective shutter. They should send a technician to you to do the repair (at no cost to you).

Otherwise, if you are no longer entitled to the warranty, we advise you to first contact the manufacturer's assistance to see if the problem is a known defect and if they have a more personal solution to your breakdown. Then, if you want to get an estimate, contact the technician or the company that installed the roller shutter, a company specializing in installing or repairing shutters, or an independent carpenter.

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