Hairdryer stopping by itself, what to do?

The hair dryer is an essential accessory in the hair routine of many people. So, when it starts to malfunction, it can quickly become a major problem. Fortunately, most malfunctions can be solved on your own. This is the case when your hair dryer stops by itself in use. In the majority of cases, the problem is temporary and a few minutes are enough to restore the good working order of the device. So, without waiting, find out what to do when your hair dryer cuts?

Why does your hair dryer stop automatically?

Your hair dryer may suddenly stop due to various causes :

Abnormal heating

Most of the time, when your hair dryer cuts itself, it has overheated. Indeed, all good quality hair dryers have an automatic circuit breaker which engages when too high a temperature is detected in the device. Finally, this thermal safety is a good thing since it protects your device from dangerous overheating, which could affect the sensitive components of the hair dryer, such as the motor for example, which could melt.

Overheating and therefore the automatic shutdown of the hair dryer can be caused by various factors: a device overuse, the clogged air vents, or a clogging of the filter. If you notice that the shell of the hair dryer is abnormally hot or that a burning smell is emanating, overheating is probably the cause. In most cases, it will suffice to wait about ten minutes to solve the problem. However, if the malfunction persists or is repeated, further investigations will be necessary.

A component failure

In more rare cases, the problem can also come from a hardware failure.

Initially, it may be a failure of an internal component allowing cooling, temperature regulation or ventilation of the hair dryer. It may be the ventilateur, thermal fuse or electronic card.

If your hair dryer shuts down on its own without overheating, the problem could also be a power failure. If your hair dryer stops intermittently, there may be a bad contact in its connectors, and more particularly at the level of cfeeding order. The electronic card can also be responsible for the failure because it provides the electrical connection between the other electronic components of the device. When it breaks down, the other components can no longer function properly. Finally, if your hair dryer shuts off and does not turn back on, the problem may be a On/Off switch or motor failure.

Warning: If the shell of the hair dryer has melted or the power cord is damaged (bare, melted, cut), it is strongly recommended to stop using it and replace it. There are risks of electric shock, short circuit and fire. 

A smart auto shut-off feature

If your hair dryer stops by itself when you put it down, it does not necessarily mean that there is a problem. Some hair dryers have a smart function (usually touch or motion sensor) which automatically cuts off the power when it is put down to save energy. If when you take it back in hand, the hair dryer turns on again, there is no problem. You can confirm this by consulting the manual. On the other hand, if when you pick it up your hair dryer remains off, the problem may then come from a bad contact in its connectors.

How do you fix a hair dryer that cuts itself?

When your hair dryer stops, the resolution of the problem will be different depending on its origin. Therefore, we recommend that you follow our troubleshooting guide in order to enable you toidentify the fault and solve it effectively. The solutions range from the simplest to the most difficult.

Hairdryer stopping by itself, what to do?

Pay attention to the use of the hair dryer

If you find that your hair dryer has stopped on its own due to excessive heating of the device, you will first need analyze if the use of your device is correct :

  • Avoid overuse of hair dryer at high temperature. Although the hair dryer is made to withstand high temperatures, if you use your hair dryer for a long time (more than 20 minutes) at a very high temperature, its components may overheat by force, and in particular if the device is old.
Note: If you use your hair dryer for more than 20 minutes, remember to activate the cold air button from time to time to prevent the components from overheating and the appliance from switching off. 
  • Avoid blocking the air inlet and outlet. The air vents of the hair dryer must always be unobstructed to prevent the device from getting too hot.
  • Clean and dust the ventilation grille regularly. It is very often located at the back of the hair dryer. On some models, it is on the sides or on the bottom of the handle.
  • After the hair dryer turns itself off, wait 10 to 20 minutes let it come down to temperature. Then try to use it again.

If the problem does not repeat itself, the problem was most certainly temporary. On the other hand, if the hair dryer cuts out regularly again or does not turn back on after waiting 10 minutes, continue with the troubleshooting steps below.

If your hair dryer is working again but is no longer hot, we invite you to read the following article: my hair dryer is no longer hot, what should I do? 

Clean the air filter

In the majority of cases, when your hair dryer cuts itself, the problem comes from filter that is clogged. The filter prevents particles in the air (dust, dirt, animal hair, etc.) from entering the engine block. When it becomes too dirty, the incoming air flow is reduced and the particles penetrate inside the hair dryer, forcing the device to force more, which therefore leads to overheating and the automatic shutdown of the dryer. device.

It will then be necessary that you nettoyer the filter to avoid automatic cuts of the hair dryer. The filter is often located under the air vent, on the back, on the sides or at the bottom of the handle of the device. Since all hair dryer models are different, we invite you to consult the instructions for your hair dryer to find the exact location of the filter and the instructions for cleaning it. If you no longer have the paper manual, you can certainly find it online, on the manufacturer's website.

Important: Not all hair dryer models allow the filter to be cleaned. If nothing is indicated in the instructions, or if the grid does not come off easily, it is certainly not possible to clean it. 

Test the components of the hair dryer that stops

It may also be that the hair dryer stops due to the failure of an internal component. At this stage, operations are reserved for people withsolid electric homes. Indeed, it is necessary to disassemble the device, test the components and replace the defective component knowing that the spare parts are only very rarely found for sale to individuals. In addition to risking irreversible damage to the hair dryer, there is a risk of electrocution. If you don't have electronic skills, then hire a professional ou replace the device.

Attention: If your hair dryer is still entitled to the guarantee, do not disassemble the device as this removes your eligibility. Immediately contact the after-sales service of the selling store or the manufacturer to obtain a repair free of charge. 

If you have electrical clearances, here is the parts of the hair dryer most likely to have caused it to automatically shut off :

The power cord

If your hair dryer has stopped and won't restart, or works intermittently, the problem may be power cord. If you visually see that it is damaged (stripped, cut, melted, etc.), it's a safe bet that its internal connectors are also damaged. It may also have detached from its pod due to a shock or repeated winding. Depending on the failure, you will have to open and put the conductive wire back in its terminal or replace the power cord.

Note: Be careful not to wrap the hair dryer cord too tightly around the device when you store it, especially if it is hot, as this can damage the connectors and end up causing a bad contact and therefore a breakdown! 

On/Off switch

If your hair dryer turns itself off and never turns back on, the problem can also come from a switch failure or the Power button. It may be faulty or broken. To verify this, do a continuity test. The multimeter should beep or display a value close to 0 when running and no beep, 1 or OL when stopped. If the multimeter does not display anything or does not beep in the on position, then the switch will need to be replaced.

The fan

If your hair dryer shuts off by itself after overheating, the problem may be due to a fault in the ventilateur. Indeed, it is the main element that cools the hair dryer. If it no longer works properly, the temperature will be too high and the circuit breaker will activate. The fan is often located at the back of the hair dryer, close to the air vent. You can normally see it spinning through the air vent. Otherwise, the hair dryer will have to be opened and mechanically tested. If you notice resistance, it does not turn correctly or not at all, it must be replaced.

The thermal fuse

If your hair dryer cut itself while in use, following overheating and that it does not want not turn back on, thermal fuse probably fried. The fuse is a thermal safety which is in the resistance of the device. It is programmed to shut off the power in case of excessive heat. Perform a continuity test on the fuse using a multimeter. If there is no continuity, then it will need to be replaced.


Le engine activates the turbine which draws in cold air and exhales hot air. Yes the hair dryer has switched off but remains on (light on but no engine noise), it is probably responsible for the failure. You will then need to measure the voltage at its terminals using a multimeter set to an alternating current voltmeter. If the voltage is correct, it works normally. If not, there is less or no voltage, it is faulty. It will then have to be replaced.

The electronic card

La electronic card provides power to all other components. If it no longer works, the other components will also malfunction. To check this, measure the turntable's input and output supply voltage using a multimeter set to AC voltmeter. If the two voltages are approximately the same, the card works. If the voltage is zero, lower or not the same, the board no longer works. It must be replaced.

Contact a professional repairer

Hairdryer cutting, what to do?

If the fault persists or you are not competent to handle it, contact a professional. In case your hair dryer that stops by itself is still under guarantee, call the after-sales service of the retailer or the manufacturer. If unfortunately the warranty has expired, contact a electronics repairer or replace the hair dryer depending on the repair price.

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