TCL TV turns on but black screen (6 solutions)

TCL TVs are becoming increasingly popular due to their excellent value for money, but as with any electronic device, there can be problems. One of the most common problems is when your TCL TV turns on but the screen remains black.

There are several possible causes, ranging from simple video input issues to more complex hardware issues. In this article, we will explore the possible causes of this failure and the solutions to help you solve it in order to enjoy the image of your TCL television normally again.

Why TCL TV turns on but has no picture?

The screen of your TCL television is black even though it is on? The image appears then darkens or disappears? There is sound but no picture? Here are some of the most common causes for which a TCL TV can turn on but display a black screen:

  1. Bad video input. An incorrectly selected source or a faulty source.
  2. Connection problem. If you are using the HDMI source, the HDMI cable that connects the TV to your cable box or game console may be faulty or improperly connected.
  3. Software issues. If the internal software of the TV is corrupted or crashed, this can also cause a black screen.
  4. Backlight issues. If you see a weak picture or a black screen but can hear sound, the problem could be related to the From or led bars which provide brightness to the screen.
  5. Connection problems. If the connectors allowing the screen to work and light up are disconnected or faulty, the image is not displayed even though there is sound.
  6. Faulty T-CON board. If the T-CON board is defective, it may not display an image or display a defective image.
  7. Defective motherboard. If the motherboard is defective, it is possible that the TV turns on but the sound and image are not broadcast.

6 Solutions to Fix Black Screen Issue on TCL TV

For fix the black screen problem on your TCL TV, you need identify the cause of the failure. To guide you and achieve this, we invite you to follow the steps below one by one.

It is important to note that each case is unique and that the causes previously mentioned are not exhaustive. It is therefore recommended to contact a qualified technician if you can't solve the problem yourself.

Check TCL TV video input

When your TCL TV turns on but there is no sound or picture, start by checking that it is set to correct video input. To do this, press the button Input ou Source on the remote control.

check the source on a TCL TV that turns on but black screen
input button

Following this, you will then find yourself in two scenarios:

1 – The source menu is displayed. Then select the source you want (AV2, HDMI1, TV, etc). If this does not work, try the other sources because there may be a problem with a particular source. If you have selected the HDMI source, check that the cable is functional. Note that a faulty cable may pass the sound but not the picture.

2 – Nothing is displayed on the screen, then the failure is indeed due to a software or hardware malfunction of the television.

Reset TV

The second step to fixing the picture problem on a TCL television is to electrically reset it. This helps eliminate the assumption that the TV won't turn on simply because of a software glitch.

In order to reset your TCL television that has a black screen, you'll need :

  1. Switch off the television and the TV decoder if applicable
  2. Disconnect the power cable from the TV
  3. Wait 1 minute
  4. Reconnect the power cable and turn the devices back on

Check and replace backlight

Note: If your television has the right to guarantee, call now TCL Support or at the reseller store. You will get the device repaired for free. If you are not fit for the manipulations, contact a professional.

When your TCL television broadcasts sound but does not display an image, the problem may come from backlight. To make sure, there is a infallible trick :

  1. Start TV even if the picture does not appear
  2. Aim a powerful light source at the TCL TV screen (phone flash, torch, etc.).
  3. Si you see the TV picture appearing very faintly, the problem stems from backlight.
  4. If you don't see anything appear, the problem is with another component. Then move on to the rest of the article.

If you have noticed that the black screen problem is indeed due to the backlight, then two elements may be incriminated: the From and led bars.

Sound but no picture TCL television: check the backlight
LED strips

As part of these repairs, in-depth electronic skills are necessary because the handling is particularly complex, especially if your screen is large; and hard-to-find spare parts, especially if your TCL TV is getting old.

We advise you to call on a professional repairer online or near you for more information on your model and/or on the repair.

Check and reconnect the connectors of the TCL TV

If the TCL TV has sound but no picture is showing on your TV screen even with the previous light test, the problem may be a incorrectly connected connector between the motherboard, the T-CON board and the panel.

TVs are often equipped with 3 electronic cards : the motherboard, the power board and the T-CON board. To recognize them, it's simple: - the motherboard has all the inputs and outputs of the television, it is connected to all the internal elements. - the T-CON card is connected to the screen and to the power supply card, it is often rectangular and is located on the top of the television. 

You will need to open the television, having previously unplugged its power cable. Then check if the LVDS-cable is properly wired and connected to the motherboard and T-CON board and check if the tablecloths between the T-CON board and the panel are correctly connected.

If in doubt, unplug them, then plug them back in immediately. You can then test the voltage of the connectors to be sure that they work.

Check and replace T-CON board

If the connectors are correctly connected and functional, the screen of your TCL TV remains black while there is sound most certainly because of the T-CON card which is defective. In this case, it will have to be changed to find the image.

Replace the card with an equivalent and qualitative one. In any case, avoid counterfeits so as not to end up with other malfunctions.

To help you replace the T-CON board, refer to a video tutorial by typing "how to change T-CON board on a TV". We recommend the video of Spareka which is particularly well done:

Check and replace the motherboard of the TCL TV

If your TCL TV turns on but has no sound or picture, then the problem is certainly motherboard. You can make sure of this by testing the voltage of its elementary components and its input and output connectors.

If they are not compliant, the motherboard is defective and you must then change it. Once again, pay attention to whether it is compatible and qualitative, always keeping in mind to avoid counterfeits to avoid the appearance of other problems such as tv not turning on or who is very slow to respond.

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