The lamp of my video projector does not come on, what should I do?

While you want to watch your movie, your projector lamp refuses to project the images. This problem is the one that is most frequently encountered on video projectors. And for good reason, the lamp is a particularly sensitive electrical element which has a limited lifespan. It is therefore not surprising that she ends up giving up the ghost. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to replace it. So find out what to do when your projector lamp does not turn on.

First, find out about the different causes that may be causing your lamp to fail. Then, find out how to replace your projector lamp.

Why does your projector lamp not turn on?

what to do when my projector lamp does not turn on

The lamp of a video projector is composed of a frame (the frame), a bulb (the bulb) and connectors. Several signs can announce the failure of a lamp. The most common are:

  • the Lamp indicator lights up red
  • the fan makes noise but does not project an image
  • the video projector does not turn on at all

The lamp is one of the most fragile components on a video projector. Particularly sensitive to shock and very stressed during each use, the lamp eventually wears out and does not light up. Corn several causes may also be the cause of its failure:

The projector lamp is near the end of its life

A projector lamp has a predefined life by the manufacturer in order to avoid any risk for your device if it wears too much. This lifetime is timed by a usage counter. When the life of your lamp is coming to an end, it can no longer light up and it will have to be replaced. Most projector lamps have a lifespan of between 2000 and 6000 hours depending on its use. Indeed, its usage time can be extended by setting its consumption mode to economy. Today, some lamp technologies can display a lifespan of over 20000 hours and up to 30000 hours.

Check the lamp life on the user manual for your projector model, then compare it to the usage meter which is usually found in the information menu of your projector. Note : depending on the model of your projector, the information may be found in another menu. Do not hesitate to consult your user manual to find it. Also note that when it exceeds the usage counter, on most projectors the Lamp indicator lights up red.

The bulb has burned out

when the projector lamp no longer lights up but the device emits an audible signal (fan on, switching on noise, etc.), it is very likely that the bulb burned out. Indeed, after many hours of use, it is no wonder that the bulb wears out and eventually breaks down.

To verify that the projector lamp no longer lights up because of the bulb, you will have to extract the lamp from the device, then inspect the filament of the bulb. This one must not have burst. You can also lightly and gently shake the bulb near your ear. If you hear a noise, it means the bulb filament has jumped. If so, then replace bulb.

The projector lamp is defective

When your video projector lamp does not turn on, the problem can also come from a failure of the latter due to various factors :

  • lamp connectors have burned out or are not plugged in properly
  • the lamp is defective
  • the lamp overheats and causes the device to switch off automatically

The first step is to verify that the projector lamp no longer lights up simply because of a bad contact of the connectors. To do this, unscrew and screw the bulb again.

If the projector lamp does not come back on, it is most likely defective. In this case, it can also cause overheating and trigger the thermal sensor which will automatically turn off the projector. In all cases, when the lamp is defective, it will be necessary replace the entire lamp (frame + bulb).

Note: In principle, if the Lamp indicator lights up red, this confirms that the lamp is defective.

The usage counter has not been reset

Si you have already replaced your projector lamp and it still does not turn on, you may not have reset usage counter. As we have seen previously, when the lamp has exceeded a certain number of hours of use, it stops working. So check that the lamp counter of your projector has been reset to "0".

Depending on the model, the procedure may vary. Refer to the user manual that corresponds to your manual to find out how to reset the counter.

How to replace the lamp on your projector that no longer lights up?

the lamp of my video projector does not light up what to do

As we have just seen, when your video projector lamp does not turn on, it is very likely that it is defective and therefore you need to replace it.

First, it will be necessary to determine where the problem comes from because you may have to change the entire lamp (frame + bulb) or simply the bulb (also called bulb) that you can reassemble on the original chassis.

Bulb replacement

Note : Video projector manufacturers do not make replacement bulbs. They simply offer the frame and bulb assembly for resale and apply a significant margin. That is why it is advisable to buy a generic bulb.

To replace the lamp bulb, the procedure requires some electrical skills. We do not recommend the procedure if you are not experienced. In addition, some video projector lamps do not allow this manipulation to be carried out. In case of crimping on the frame, the option is not possible and you will then have to replace the entire lamp.

Here is the procedure to replace a bulb on a projector lamp that no longer lights up :

Note: the procedure may differ slightly depending on the model.

  1. Turn off the power by unplugging the power cord from the wall outlet. Also wait for the device to cool down if necessary.
  2. Open the flap on the back of the device (using a screwdriver if necessary).
  3. Examine how the connectors are attached.
  4. Remove the connectors from the faulty lamp and loosen it from its frame.
  5. Remove the lamp, and open the frame to replace the old bulb with the new one.
  6. Finish by reconnecting the connectors and reassembling the chassis in the projector.

Lamp replacement

In the majority of cases, when your projector lamp does not turn on, it will have to be replaced entirely. The handling is quick and easy when you order the frame + the bulb. You can therefore very well do it yourself without calling on a specialist.

However, the price of the lamp will be more expensive than that of the bulb. Indeed, depending on the type and quality of lamp you buy, the price can range from around fifty euros to more than 2000 €! You have the choice between buying an original or generic lamp. If you choose a generic lamp, be careful that it is compatible with your model.

To replace a projector lamp that does not turn on, here is the procedure to follow :

Note: the procedure may differ slightly depending on the model. If you have the operating instructions for your projector model, it contains the exact procedure for replacing the lamp. Then refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

  1. Turn off the projector by pressing the "Power" button on the device.
  2. Turn off the power by unplugging the power cord from the wall outlet. Also wait for the device to cool down if necessary.
  3. Open the flap on the back of the device (using a screwdriver if necessary).
  4. Unscrew the lamp protection and frame fixing screws to be able to remove it from the projector. The lamp is sometimes difficult to remove. Be gentle to avoid damaging the device. Use the screwdriver to pry. Some lights also have a handle to help you remove it.
  5. Take the new lamp out of its packaging. Be careful, do not touch the lamp with bare hands to avoid leaving grease on it, which could damage its operation. Use plastic gloves or a clean cloth.
  6. Install the new lamp in the device in the same place as the old lamp and replace all the fixing and protection screws. Make sure the lamp is secure and does not move.
  7. Replace the valve.
  8. Reset the lamp usage counter to zero. Refer to the user's guide for your projector.
  9. Turn on your video projector and enjoy your device again!

Warning : If you are not competent for handling, call a professional. Risk of electric shock and damage to the projector. In case your device is still under warranty, do not carry out any manipulations and contact customer service brand or your dealer.

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