The menu of my LG TV is displayed by itself, what should I do?

Technology brings us unprecedented comfort, until it breaks down. This is what happens for some LG TV users, who encounter a recurring problem: the television menu that appears by itself, without reason or intervention on your part. Since seeing the TV menu appear and disappear unexpectedly can spoil your viewing experience, we will see in this article the solutions to fix it, ranging from simple and quick methods to more advanced techniques.

Why LG TV menu appears by itself?

To properly troubleshoot a problem, first understanding the potential causes is necessary. The phenomenon of self-displaying the menu on LG TVs can manifest itself in different ways: the menu can appear random way or the TV may begin to navigate the menu on your own. In some cases, the menu may even open and close repeatedly and non-stop which can be particularly disturbing.

Mediafixer causes of this problem can be Varied. They can be classified into three main categories :

  1. Remote control issues: Your LG TV's remote control could be faulty, or the keys could be stuck, which sends a constant signal to the TV to open the menu. In some cases, another nearby remote could also be interfering with your TV.
  2. Software issues: Your TV software may have a bug. This can happen due to compatibility issues with a certain software version, or when the software is not up to date.
  3. Hardware issues: Although less common, a hardware failure inside the TV can also cause the menu to self-display. This can include issues with the TV's motherboard or other internal components.

Understanding these causes can help you target the problem effectively. For example, if you suspect a problem with the remote control, you could start by checking that it is working properly. Discover then in the following part the solutions to solve each of the factors.

What to do when LG TV menu pops up for no reason? 5 answers

Now that you have a better understanding of the problem and its possible causes, let's move on to methods to solve it and return to a screen-free viewing experience.

Solution 1: Restart LG TV

Un forced restart is perhaps the easiest, but often the most effective approach to fixing the menu that pops up automatically issue with your LG TV, as it can fix many minor or temporary software problems by resetting the software components and electronics of the device.

LG TV menu appears by itself, what to do?

To restart your LG TV, unplug it from the power supply, wait about 1 minutes, then plug it back in. Wait for the TV to fully restart before attempting to use it again.

Solution 2: Check the remote

If the menu continues to appear on its own after restarting, the remote control is the next item to check.

First of all, reset the remote. To do this, remove the batteries from the remote control, press several buttons (any) for about ten seconds. Then put the batteries back and turn your LG TV back on.

If the incessant appearance and disappearance of the menu on the LG TV screen continues, make sure the Menu button on the remote isn't stuck or damaged. To do this, examine the button closely. Is it sunk deeper than the others? Is there visible debris or dirt that could be blocking it? A visual inspection can give you clues to the cause of the problem.

If so, you can try to unlock it and / or clean it. Note that unblocking a stuck button on a remote requires a few simple but painstaking steps. Here is a procedure you can follow:

  1. Before we start, remove the batteries from the remote control to avoid short circuits or other electrical problems.
  2. If you see debris or dirt, try remove them with a toothpick or a small brush. You can also use a compressed air canister.
  3. If the button is simply stuck up in the depressed position, try to handle it gently to release it. Press it several times in a row, or gently rotate it (if possible) to try to free it.
  4. If the button is still stuck after these steps, you may need to disassemble the remote control for a more thorough cleaning. The remotes are usually held together by screws on the back. Once the screws are removed, you can usually open the remote by gently prying it apart with a small screwdriver or similar tool.
  5. Once opened, you can clean the button assembly and the area around it with a cotton swab lightly moistened with isopropyl alcohol. Be careful, some remote controls have a slightly blackened material on the rubber part which should not be removed because it is conductive. Do not use alcohol or liquid on this part, just a soft cloth.
  6. Once the cleaning is finished, you can reassemble the remote control and put the batteries back. Check if the button works properly.

Note: Remember to always handle the remote control with care, especially if you need to take it apart. If you are not comfortable doing this, you may consider hiring a professional or replacing the remote.

Finally, you can also try turning on the TV and remove the batteries from the remote control to check if the menu problem that appears on its own comes from the remote control and therefore persists even after removing the batteries. If the problem stops after the batteries are removed, it may mean that the remote control is defective. In this case, you will need the replace with a compatible remote.

Solution 3: Update TV software

It may also be that a obsolete software is involved in the menu auto-display. Indeed, LG regularly publishes software updates to improve the performance of its televisions and resolve bugs.

lg tv menu keeps popping up what to do?

For check if an update is available :

  1. Tap the " Settings "," Smart " or " Home » on your remote control
  2. Click on " All Parameters (“General” on some LG menus)
  3. Select " About TV »
  4. Go to " Check for software update ».

Then follow the on-screen instructions to install the update, if available. Of course, make sure your LG TV is connected to the internet for this step.

Solution 4: Factory reset

Resetting your LG TV to factory settings can help fix the menu showing up by itself issue. However, note that this option will erase all custom settings, user data, and installed apps on the TV, and restore it to the state it was in when you took it out of the box.

For perform a factory reset on your LG television :

  1. Go to settings by pressing “ Settings "," Smart " or " Home »
  2. Click on " General » or « General settings »
  3. Look for the option " Reset to factory settings or “Reset Settings” or “Reset to Initial Settings”

Once again, be sure to write down or save all important information before proceeding with the reset (passwords, logins, applications, etc.).

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Solution 5: LG Technical Support

If your LG TV continues to spin out of control, displaying anything on the screen, the problem most certainly comes from the motherboard. It is in a way the "nervous system" of the device, connecting and controlling all the other components. Therefore, if it malfunctions, it can cause various issues, including the menu that keeps popping up on the LG TV screen.

Unfortunately, this breakdown will most certainly require professional repair. Indeed, repairing or replacing a motherboard is a delicate operation that requires specific technical knowledge and appropriate tools.

Therefore, at this point, whether your television is still under warranty or not, we advise you to contact the lg customer service or the retailer where you purchased the device for instructions on how to proceed and for more specific information on the cause of the problem as well as the possible cost of repairs depending on your situation and the age of your device. LG TVs. Also, if your TV is still under warranty, repairs or replacement may be covered.

You have been warned! : Remember that if you are not comfortable performing these advanced operations yourself, we recommend that you contact a professional. Modern televisions are complex devices and attempting to repair them without the proper knowledge can sometimes cause more damage.


Facing a technical problem such as the unexpected and unintentional display of the menu on your LG television can quickly seem discouraging, but know that most problems have solutions ! Simple actions like checking your remote, restarting, or updating your LG TV's software can often resolve the problem.

And in more complex cases, you can consider advanced solutions like factory reset or motherboard replacement. Note, however, that it is always best to contact a professional if you do not feel comfortable carrying out these operations yourself.

We hope this guide was helpful and provided you with the tools you need to fix the menu showing up on its own issue on your LG TV. Good luck !

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