The plates of my Steampod are moving, what should I do?

When you receive your Steampod straightener, the first use can be disconcerting. Between the water tank, the size of the device and the plates that move, one can ask questions about what is normal and what is not. In principle, when a plate moves, it is completely normal since this straightener is equipped with floating plates. However, when the two plates of your Steampod straightener move, then there may be a hardware problem. In this case, sometimes a solution can easily solve the problem. Then discover all our explanations about the plates of the Steampod straightener below.

Why do Steampod straightener plates move?

The L'Oréal Steampod straightener is a feat of innovation and performance. Capable of straightening the most stubborn hair, it has established itself as THE straightener for frizzy, curly and difficult to straighten hair. And this thanks to innovative technologies such as the steam diffuser, the integrated comb, but also the floating plates. And this is indeed a surprising technology at first sight.

Indeed, when you use the plates of the Steampod straightener, they move. We can then wonder if it is a normality or a manufacturing defect. It is indeed a thoughtful technology of the brand. Indeed, the Steampod is equipped with " floating plates“. Those are removable plates Which make it possible to carefully follow the natural curve of your hair from root to tip. The mobile plates are therefore designed to adapt to your hair and best match the shape of your hair. This allows for much faster and more effective straightening. In addition, the fact of having plates that move, allows you to give those who want a wavy or curly effect more easily.

In principle, only the top plate of your Steampod straightener is not fixed. If the top plate of your Steampod moves by a centimeter, so it's completely normal. And on the contrary rather reassuring since it will allow you a better smoothing efficiency.

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On the other hand, if the two plates of your Steampod straightener move and separate from one of them, there may be a hardware problem. This problem can either be related to a manufacturing problem if you acquired it not long ago, or be related to the wear of a component if you bought it a few years ago and you asked for it a lot. In this case, you can try to fix it yourself by following the tips below.

What to do if the Steampod straightener plates move abnormally?

The plates of the Steampod straightener move, what to do?

Tighten or replace Steampod screw

When the plates of your Steampod straightener move abnormally and do not stay aligned, the problem may be with the screws that are loose. And in particular the main screw which is located at the level of the handle of your straightener. In this case, you will have to try to tighten the screws :

Note: Be careful to store the components you remove from the straightener in a small box so as not to lose them. The manipulations are done with the straightener turned off and off. 
  1. Remove the screw cover located at the handle of the straightener using a flat screwdriver
  2. Then tighten the screw located under the cover (do not force too much)
  3. Replace the screw cap
  4. Tighten the screws that are located in the inner part of the Steampod plates (do not force too much)

You can then check if the plates of your Steampod straightener are still moving abnormally. If so, you may need replace main screw which is located at the level of the handle. To do this, remove it by removing the screw cover on both sides of the straightener. Check its condition. If it looks oxidized or damaged, replace it. Attention, if your hair straightener is under warranty, immediately contact the Rowenta after-sales service, without carrying out this last manipulation, because it can make you lose your rights.

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Contact a professional

When plates on your Steampod hair straightener move when they shouldn't, the problem may come from a material problem at the assembly level. In this case, the repair will be much more laborious. Therefore, we advise you to contact a professional if it really becomes unusable or is still under warranty.

If your Steampod is still under warranty, contact the Manufacturer's after-sales service (Rowenta). You will then get a free replacement or repair of your hair straightener.

If your hair straightener is no longer under warranty but is unusable, then contact a professional repairer or Rowenta authorized repair center. They have the skills and spare parts to repair a Steampod efficiently. Do not forget to contact them beforehand to be sure that they support the repair of your device. And in any case, when your Steampod hair straightener is no longer eligible for warranty, don't forget to also ask for an estimate of the repair price. Indeed, sometimes it is better to buy a new straightener …

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