Video projector that turns off by itself: causes and solutions

Your video projector turns off automatically without you touching anything? Unfortunately, this malfunction is relatively common on projectors. But before imagining the worst, know that solutions exist to find a device in good working order. You will then have to carry out certain checks and sometimes certain manipulations accessible to all. This is what we will find out in this article when we see: what to do when your projector turns off by itself?

what to do when my video projector turns off by itself

First checks to perform when your projector turns off by itself

First of all, check the LEDs and potential indications that your projector can give you and refer to the instructions for use. If the manufacturer gives you indications which correspond to your problem, then follow their recommendations. If nothing is given or it doesn't work, then follow the troubleshooting steps in our guide.

In the case where your projector which turns off by itself is under warranty, do not carry out any manipulations. Contact the brand customer service of your device.

Reset the projector

The first reflex to adopt when your projector turns off by itself is to reset it. This will remove software bugs and microprocessor malfunctions. There are two methods for this.

  • If your projector can turn back on, reset it through its settings. Depending on the model of your device, the procedure is different. Consult your device's user guide to complete the procedure.
  • If your projector has turned off automatically and refuses to turn back on, perform an electrical reset. To do this, unplug your device from the wall outlet for 2 minutes. Then reconnect it.

If your projector does not turn back on despite resetting, continue with the following troubleshooting procedures.

Overheating problem

When your video projector turns off by itself during operation, it is very likely that this is due to overheated. Indeed, all the projectors are equipped with a thermal sensor which causes the safety mode of the device and therefore the automatic cut-off of the power supply. In other words, the projector stops by itself when it detects an abnormally high temperature. Different factors can cause this overheating:

1 / The environment is unfavorable for the correct operation of the projector. Place your device in a place protected from heat (no more than 40 ° C) and humidity. Make sure that it is also positioned in a dry, ventilated place, and in the shade.

2 / The ventilation opening is blocked by an object. Make sure to respect a minimum of 50cm between the objects in front of the exit opening.

3 / The fan no longer works. To check this, put your ear near the projector when it is on. You should then hear a fan noise. If not, it may be defective. In this case, the temperature may be too high and then trigger the thermal sensor and therefore the automatic shutdown of your projector. It will then have to be replaced.

4 / Dust and dirt obstruct the ventilation of the projector. Clean your device using a suitable cleaning product (see your user manual).

5 / The thermal sensor no longer works. It will then have to be replaced.

To check if the problem is due to overheating, wait 30 minutes for the device to cool down after turning off. If it comes back on, this is probably the source of the problem.

Note: If the Lamp light on your projector is on, it could be due to an overheating issue but also a failure. thereof.

Power problem

When your video projector switches off automatically, it may also be that a power problem be responsible for it. Different factors can be at the origin:

  • Bad connections. Check that the cables are correctly connected to the projector and that they are not damaged.
  • A faulty mains socket. Check that the wall outlet is not defective by plugging another functional device into it. If the device turns on again, the outlet is working. Conversely, if it does not come back on, it no longer works and you will then have to call an electrician.
  • Surge problems which cause the device to shut down automatically. In this case, it will be necessary to check the voltage of the internal components using a multimeter. This manipulation is intended for the most experienced since it requires the complete disassembly of the projector.
  • A faulty power strip or that causes voltage problems. Indeed, it is better to avoid using multiple sockets to connect electronic devices because they can cause voltage fluctuations. In addition, if other devices are connected, it may cause electrical noise that interferes with the proper functioning of the projector.

If after these checks your projector still turns off by itself, unfortunately a defective part is probably the cause of the problem.

Component problem when your projector automatically turns off

When your projector turns off on its own, one of the most likely but most compelling assumptions is that it is failure of one of its internal components. In this case, it will have to be replaced. This therefore requires carrying out more complicated operations and a generally more expensive cost. The parts likely to be responsible for the failure are the lamp and the power supply board.

my video projector turns off automatically what to do

Lamp failure

When the lamp reaches the end of its life, it can cause operating bugs. So when your projector turns off by itself, your lamp is defective. Indeed, the lamp of a projector has a limited lifespan (between 2000 hours and 25000 hours depending on the type of lamp). Component both fragile and at risk, if it experiences a malfunction, at the slightest alarm signal, the security mode of the projector automatically switches on and off. Several factors may be responsible:

  • the lamp connectors are not plugged in properly or are defective
  • the lamp is defective
  • the usage counter has been exceeded
  • the lamp overheats

Note: If the red light on your projector is red, this undoubtedly indicates that the fault is indeed due to it.

In this case, you will need to replace the lamp. To know more about how to replace your projector lamp, click here.

Power supply card failure

Un video projector that turns off automatically can reveal a component problem located on the power board. In most cases, it is a voltage fault in one of these components that causes overheating or a problem with a bad capacitor. To check the components on the power supply board, it will be necessary to dismantle the device. Depending on the model and make of your projector, the disassembly procedure may vary.

Warning : risk of electric shock and damage to the device. Do not proceed with disassembly if you are not proficient in electrical or electronics (disassembly, measurement, soldering, reassembly). Unplug the projector from the wall outlet before any intervention. If your device is guaranteed, contact the brand's customer service.

Once you have accessed the power board:

  • Check that no components are burnt or melted.
  • Make sure that the power supply board and its components are receiving voltage using a multimeter.
  • Check that the capacitors are functional. To do this, visually check that they are not bulging on the top because this is a sign that they are down. To make sure, you can also use a multimeter. If one or more of them no longer work, they will need to be replaced.

If nothing helps and your projector continues to switch off, then you will have to do call a professional to find and repair the fault. Contact your projector brand customer service, your dealer's after-sales service or an electronic device repair service. Remember to ask for a quote to avoid unpleasant surprises!

9 thoughts on “Video projector that turns off by itself: causes and solutions”

  1. Hello, my video projector turns off after about 60 minutes. I can turn it on again 2 minutes later but in general it turns off after every 20 minutes. Does the fault come from the filter?

    • Hello,
      When your projector turns off frequently, the device may be overheating and the problem is with the filter. However, it is not easy to diagnose the failure remotely. You can try to replace it, and if the fault persists, then we advise you to call a professional repairer. Good luck !

  2. While I was updating my BlitzWolf vp13 projector, the power supply was interrupted and it turned off, it did not turn on again, the light comes on when I plug it in. How can I fix this?

    BlitzWolf vp13 projektörümü güncelleme yaparken güç kaynağı kesintisi oldu ve kapandı birdaha açılmadı fişe takınca ışığı yanıyor nasıl düzeltebilirim.

    • Hello,
      We are not familiar with this brand of projector, but it seems that the corrupted update has caused a general bug on your projector. This is probably more of a software failure than a hardware one. Which is good news. Unless the power failure comes from a power surge and therefore fried components. But it's much less likely.
      Can you reset your projector? If you don't know the procedure, you will probably find it in the user manual. Otherwise, we advise you to contact the after-sales service of the brand.

      Hello there,
      Bu projektör markasına aşina değiliz, ancak bozuk güncelleme projektörünüzde genel bir hataya neden olmuş gibi görünüyor. Bu muhtemelen bir donanım hatasından çok bir yazılım hatasıdır. Hangisi iyi haber. Elektrik kesintisi bir güç dalgalanmasından ve dolayısıyla kızarmış bileşenlerden kaynaklanmadıkça. Ama çok daha az olasıdır.
      Projektörünüzü sıfırlayabilir misiniz? Prosedürü bilmiyorsanız, muhtemelen kullanım kılavuzunda bulacaksınız. Aksi takdirde markanın satış sonrası servisi ile iletişime geçmenizi tavsiye ederiz.

  3. Hello, my video projector turns off one minute after starting. You have to restart it several times for it to work again. After that, there is no more problem… There is no lamp end of life message, and it does not seem to be overheating since it is at startup that it happens.
    It happens to us almost every day, is it a lamp problem?
    Thank you for your help !

    • Hello,
      It may be the lamp yes, but it could also be a bad contact or a capacitor at the end of its life. Hard to tell from a distance. We advise you to look at the side of the lamp, and if it does not work to call a professional repairer for a more precise diagnosis of the fault. Good luck

      • Hello, I have a Panasonic videobeem model PT-LB1 that runs exactly 10 minutes and shuts down, including any heatsinks or fans. It is left to cool and when connected it runs for another 10 minutes. The lamp has 740 working hours

  4. Hello, my projector turns on and works in its menu, it starts, the problem is when it entered the roku HDMI, once accessing the roku lasts about 5 min and it turns off, the model is RCA RPJ133… what could go wrong? Thanks in advance

  5. I cleaned the fans of the Promacto X08 led projector. I turn the device back on, but it turns off for about 30 seconds. Passive coolers get hot, but they shut off immediately


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