Why does my oven turn on and off by itself?

You are preparing an important dinner, the dessert is in the oven and suddenly, for no apparent reason, the oven starts to turn on and off by itself. This situation, far from ideal, is a problem that many people face. Not only can this jeopardize the success of your dish, but it can also be a sign of a more serious problem that needs attention. In this article we will see the possible causes that can explain why your oven turns on and off by itself and, above all, to offer solutions to solve this problem.

Why does my oven start and stop by itself?

Your oven turns on but turns off by itself for no reason? It starts and goes out on its own in a loop or unexpectedly during cooking? Although there can be many factors for these on and off problems, some are more common than others:

  1. Dirty or faulty program selector or Power button. The program selector or the on/off button on your oven is used to select the different cooking modes and to switch the appliance on or off. If the knob or dial is dirty or defective, it can cause the oven to turn on and off erratically or in a loop.
  2. Faulty electronic card. The oven's electronic board, sometimes called the motherboard or electronic controller, is the brain of the appliance. If this part is faulty, it can affect various functions of the oven, including its heating or starting cycle.
  3. Small parts : The oven timer may also play a part in this problem. If the timer is set incorrectly, it can cause the oven to start and stop uncontrollably.
  4. Thermostat malfunction. The thermostat is a crucial part of the oven, controlling the heating cycle. If the thermostat is faulty, it can cause it to cycle irregularly, causing the oven temperature to cycle on and off unpredictably. A thermostat can fail for a variety of reasons, such as a wiring problem or simply wear and tear.
  5. Electrical problems. Power surges, wiring problems at the terminal block or wiring, and other electrical problems can interfere with oven operation. And if the electric current is not stable, it may cause the oven to turn on and off irregularly.
  6. Faulty temperature sensor. The temperature probe, different from the thermostat, is used to give an accurate reading of the temperature inside the oven. If this probe is faulty, it may give incorrect readings, which may cause the problem you are having.

Note that sometimes the cause may be a combination of several factors.

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How do you fix an oven that turns on and off by itself?

Now that you know the possible causes, let's see the solutions to solve the problem of your oven turning on and off by itself.

Note that the majority of manipulations require electronic skills. If you don't have one, call a professional. Attention, if you have to dismantle the oven, remember to always turn off the power upstream ! In case your oven is under guarantee, do not, under any circumstances, dismantle the oven as you would lose your rights to it. Call the retailer or the assistance of the oven manufacturer (Whrilpool, Brandt, Samsung, etc.) now.

Resetting the oven

The first step to take when your oven has an uncontrollable on and off problem is to reset. This eliminates minor malfunctions and errors that may affect its normal operation.

Handling is very simple since all you have to do is turn off the oven, cut off its power supply for 30 minutes via its circuit breaker or by unplugging it from the electrical outlet. After the wait time has elapsed, turn the oven back on and see if you have solved the problem.

oven turns on and off by itself, what should I do?

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Timer setting

If the reset did not work, there is a setting or component problem with your oven.

The second step will then be to check if you have programmed the timer correctly. Indeed, most electric ovens are equipped with a programmable timer and if it is incorrectly set, this can cause the oven to turn on and off automatically.

Then make sure you have set the timer correctly according to the instructions in your user manual.

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Checking the program selector or power button

If your oven switches off when you release the on/off button, the problem certainly stems from a bad contact at this button. In this case, you can try to clean it by removing the upper panel of the oven and checking its wiring, then cleaning its contact. However, if this is not enough, it will have to be replaced.

If your oven is equipped simply with a knob allowing it to be turned on and off, the program selector may be dirty or faulty. To check this, remove the top panel of the oven and examine the program selector which is located behind the cooking mode selection dial. If a switch contact is blocked, it is certainly responsible for the problem. In this case, disconnect its cable and use a soft cloth and cleanser for electronic components (or special electronic compressed air spray) to remove any dirt from potentially dirty connectors.

If you find using a continuity test with a multimeter that the program selector is defective, it will have to be replaced by an equivalent.

Checking the electronic card

If your oven keeps turning on and off by itself, the electronic card is definitely responsible for the problem.

why does my oven turn on and off by itself?

Note that modern ovens generally have two boards: the power card and control card. It will then be necessary to check these two elements although in your case, the power card is often the one at fault.

To do this, remove the upper and rear panel of the oven. Then visually check both cards. If you notice any damage (black spot, dry solder, etc.), you certainly have your culprit. Otherwise, if nothing is visible, it will be necessary to test their voltage using a multimeter. In Europe, the power board voltage should be around 230 volts, while that of the control card must be between 5 and 12 volts.

Thermostat control

Si your oven turns on, starts heating, then stops heating after a few seconds or a few minutes, the problem is certainly due to the thermostat. This is a small box often located at the back of the program selector or the oven and connected to the temperature sensor and the electrical card. You would have to disassemble the top and/or back panel to access it.

Once you have located the thermostat, disconnect it and test its resistance (Ω) with your multimeter. If the multimeter displays 0,1 or "OL", this means that there is no continuity and that the thermostat must therefore be replaced by an equivalent.

Temperature probe test

As for the thermostat, the temperature sensor inside the oven and can then cause the heating to stop of the latter following the sending of erroneous information. You will then have to carry out the same test as for the thermostat, taking care to disconnect it from the circuit before carrying out the test. If the probe is defective, it must be replaced by an equivalent one.

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Electrical system check

Finally, it may be that the oven turns on and off by itself due to a bad contact or a short in its wiring.

Then check the status of the terminal block and its Electric wires. If you identify a problem, you will need to reconnect the cable in question or replace the entire wiring or terminal block.

If you are unsure of what you are looking for, or are not comfortable with electrical work, we recommend that you have a qualified electrician examine your system. Indeed, this procedure can be particularly complicated and dangerous for you and your oven.

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