Why is my Steampod flashing white?

When using your Steampod for the first time, you may have questions about how it works. Indeed, it is not necessarily usual to use a straightening iron, and even less a steam straightening iron. So, in this article we will see why your Steampod is flashing white. Also be aware that if the flashing never stops, it may mean that the L'Oréal straightener has a problem. In this case, it will then be necessary to act so that the device functions normally again.

Why is your Steampod flashing white?

When you turn on your Steampod, it starts to heat up. It is then normal to see the Steampod's temperature light flashing white. In effect, white flashing indicates that the device is heating up to reach the programmed temperature. Once the device has reached this temperature, the flashing light should then change to solid. You can then start using your Steampod straightener.

Note that sometimes during use, the Steampod readjusts its temperature, especially if you are using a high smoothing temperature. When this happens, the straightener then starts flashing white again. This does not impact the performance of the straightener.

Si your Steampod continues to flash white after several minutes of heating, then there can be a problem with your straightener. First, check that there is enough water in the tank. If there is very little left, we advise you to fill it again. If there is enough water, then the problem may come from a failure of one of its components :

  • If the straightener heats up but the flashing does not stop, the fault may come from the thermostat.
  • If the straightener does not heat up, then the problem may be resistance.
  • Finally, if all the lights are flashing or the Steampod does not heat up or heats up very little, the fault may be due to the electronic card principal.

In this case, it will be necessary test these components then replace the faulty one.

 If your hair straightener is no longer steaming, we invite you to read the following article: My Steampod is no longer steaming, what should I do? 

What to do when your Steampod light won't stop flashing white?

Si your Steampod flashes white continuously even after waiting several minutes, the problem most likely stems from a component that has failed. It can be the resistor, the thermostat, the electronic card or a power connector. Unfortunately, when this happens, it will then be necessary to disassemble the straightener, test the various components mentioned, then replace the defective one with a similar reference often very difficult to find for individuals. In addition to risking irreversible damage to your device, there is a risk of electrocution. This is why, of electrical clearances are needed at this stage.

If you have any, you can then disassemble the device and then test the various components by taking the necessary safety measures (handling with the power off, use of gloves and antistatic mats). Otherwise, you will need contact a professional. And this, especially if your Steampod straightener is still under warranty (2 years manufacturer in France) because disassembly makes you lose your rights to the warranty.

• If your faulty Steampod straightener is still under guarantee, contact the seller's after-sales service or the Rowenta after-sales service. You can also go directly to a Rowenta authorized repair center. Do not forget to contact them beforehand to be sure that they support the repair of your device.

• If the device is no longer entitled to warranty, you can contact an independent repairer or one of Rowenta's approved repair centres. Since the repair will be charged to you, do not forget to ask for an estimate to avoid a bad surprise.

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