Xbox One controller getting out of sync, what to do?

Is your Xbox One controller getting out of sync with your console constantly or repeatedly? Indeed, it happens that controllers encounter stability concerns and randomly desynchronize from the Xbox. And there is nothing more annoying when you are in the middle of a game and it has unintended and negative consequences on the game. Fortunately, there are solutions to get rid of this problem. This is what we will see today by answering the question: What to do when the Xbox One controller gets out of sync?

First, learn about the basic checks you need to perform. Then, discover the manipulations that can solve the problem of desynchronization on your own.

Basic checks when your Xbox One controller gets out of sync

When your Xbox One controller regularly and randomly desynchronizes, start with carry out some basic checks regarding its use :

1 / Make sure nothing interferes with the Bluetooth signal between your Xbox One controller and your console.

  • Remove any objects that are likely to interfere with the wireless signal of your Xbox One controller. That is to say the objects which are between the joystick and the console (doors, any objects, furniture etc.) and the electronic objects which emit waves (laptop computer, smartphone, microwave oven etc.). Also, try turning off any wireless devices that are near the console. Then try to sync the controller again.
  • Maintain a distance between your Xbox controller and your console of no more than 9 feet. This range may be reduced if wireless objects or electronic devices are causing interference, or if the front of your Xbox is not pointed toward you.
Note: If your Xbox One controller gets out of sync when another device you've previously connected is in the same room, disconnect your controller from that device. 

If there is no interference that is interfering with the clear signal of your Xbox One controller, proceed to the following checks.

2 / Xbox One wireless controllers cannot sync to more than one device at a time. If you have paired it with another device (computer, mobile device), you must desynchronize it from that device and then reconnect it to your console by pressing the Pair button.

3/ Although connecting your console to multiple controllers is possible via Bluetooth (up to 8 controllers), it is recommended touse a single wireless controller connected to the bluetooth function. Indeed, connection stability can be impacted by all the signals that the console receives. If you're using multiple Xbox One controllers in Bluetooth, try disconnecting them and only using the controller that gets out of sync. If it works fine again, the problem is all found. Then connect the other wired controllers.

4 / Check that the problem does not come from the console by plugging your controller into another Xbox console or test a different working controller on your Xbox One console. If you see that the problem is with the controller, skip to part two of our article. If the problem is with the console, contact Xbox support.

Solutions when your Xbox One controller gets out of sync

After performing the basic checks, find out the manipulations which make it possible to eliminate the biggest dysfunctions that may be involved in a Xbox one controller getting out of sync randomly.

Why is your Xbox One controller getting out of sync

Resynchronize your controller

First of all, if your Xbox One controller gets out of sync and then resynchronizes on its own, simply proceed to the manual resynchronization on your controller. Indeed, it may be that a software bug be the cause and it is therefore necessary to desynchronize and then synchronize again to find the correct operation of the lever.

Note: If you have synced your controller with another console or device, you must sync it back to your console each time.

To re-sync your Xbox One controller, do the following:

  1. Turn on your Xbox
  2. Press the "synchronized" button on your console.
  3. Press and hold the “sync” button on your controller immediately afterward until the controller light controller starts flashing quickly.
  4. When the controller light stays on a few seconds later, it means your controller is synced again.

Bluetooth connection problem

If your Xbox One controller keeps getting out of sync automatically, the problem comes from the bluetooth connection.

To check if the problem is with the connection, try testing the wired connection. As a result, synchronized your Xbox One controller to your console via the USB cable. To do this, plug the micro-USB or USB-C cable (depending on the type of controller you are using) into the power port on the back of the controller. Then plug the other end into your console.

Si the synchronization of your Xbox controller remains stable with the wired connection, therefore the fault comes from the bluetooth connection. Then call on Xbox support to obtain a repair or replacement of the controller. If your Xbox One controller keeps getting out of sync, then the problem is most likely with a software bug or a hardware defect.

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Restart your console and Xbox One controller

If you can sync your Xbox One controller to your Xbox console, but it gets out of sync all the time, the problem may come from a software or microprocessor bug. To remove these malfunctions, try restarting your hardware and turning it on. electrically reset. For that :

  • Press and hold the Power button on the front of the Xbox for 10 seconds until the console turns off.
  • Disconnect the power for 20 minutes.
  • Plug your console back in and turn it back on.
  • Turn your controller back on and sync it.

Test again if your Xbox One controller continues to get out of sync. If so, the software bug may be from an outdated system due to a late update.

Update your Xbox One controller

Many gamers complain about the issue of their controller getting out of sync. So it turns out that most out of sync issues are the result of a software bug, not a hardware issue. The latest Xbox updates have then made fixes to resolve the problem. A simple update should allow most of those affected by this problem to find a controller in working order.

Then check if an update is available for your Xbox One controller :

  • Connect your controller via the USB cable
  • Open your console guide by pressing the Xbox button
  • Go to Profile and system then Settings
  • Click on Devices and connections then select Accessories
  • Select Xbox Wireless Controller. If you see the “Update” option, launch it and follow the procedure.
  • After your controller finishes installing the update, disconnect the USB cable and try to sync it wirelessly.

If the steps resolved the syncing issue on your Xbox One, you can stop troubleshooting. In the opposite case, unfortunately the malfunction is most likely due to a hardware problem. This will then require replacing a component and sometimes buying a controller.

Battery issue on an Xbox One controller

When your Xbox One controller gets out of sync inadvertently, it may be that the batteries are the cause. Indeed, a controller with weak batteries can synchronize but have difficulty maintaining its connection because the connection signal will certainly be too weak. Check the battery level which is in the right corner of the Home screen when your console is on.

If so, and depending on the battery type of your Xbox One controller, replace the batteries or recharge the controller batteries.

USB cable problem

If your Xbox controller gets out of sync when using a USB cable connection, then it may be that your cable is defective. To verify this hypothesis, you can test the wireless connection or another USB cable. If this proves to be the cause of the malfunction, replace the USB cable with a new compatible cable.

Note: Sync your controller with a quality USB cable. Avoid stripped, damaged or counterfeit cables that may not work properly. 

What to do if your Xbox One controller refuses to sync despite everything?

Xbox One controller getting out of sync, what to do?

If your Xbox One controller continues to randomly desynchronize when using wired or wireless connection, or other problems arise, your controller is most likely defective due to a component or internal power supply problem. It will then be necessary that your controller is replaced.

To do this, first check whether it is still eligible for warranty. In this case, contact Xbox Support and ask for it repair or replacement of your Xbox controller One. You can also contact the customer service department of your controller.

If your Xbox controller is no longer under warranty, you can still contact Xbox Support for a personalized solution. Indeed, if the failure is due to a manufacturing defect, you may obtain a free replacement of the controller. You can also contact the reseller. Ask him for these repair or replacement conditions. Finally, you can contact a repair service specializing in electronics. Be aware, however, that on this kind of breakdown, repair is sometimes not possible or the price is not worth it. In any case, always ask for a quote for the service offered.

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