Flashing Xbox Series X Controller: Causes and Solutions

An Xbox Series X controller that flashes when it shouldn't be a signal that your device is malfunctioning. Two malfunctions can be involved. It could be a problem with the batteries or a problem with the connection between your two devices. Fortunately, there are solutions to try to find a controller in good working order. Then, What to do when your Xbox Series X controller flashes?

First, find out how to fix the problem when it comes to a battery problem. Then, find out what to do when your Series X controller blinks because of a connection problem. Follow the troubleshooting steps in order to effectively resolve the issue.

Battery problem that is why your Xbox Series X is flashing

Xbox Series X controller blinking what to do?

A joystick Xbox Series X flashing and no longer turning on may be the fault of a battery or batteries that are too weak or worn out. Indeed, the battery may not be sufficiently charged or reach the end of its life. The same goes for batteries that need to be replaced or charged regularly if you have opted for rechargeable batteries.

Note: Your controller may turn on even if the batteries are worn out or low. In this case, check the battery charge indicator which is in the upper right corner of the screen when the Xbox is on by pressing the Guide button (center button with an X).

If the battery icon is red or if the Xbox Series X controller does not turn on, replace or charge the batteries or the battery.

Connection issue when your Xbox Series X is blinking

In the vast majority of cases, the flashing of a Series X controller is caused by a problem with the connection between the controller and the console. To get started, find out what to do when your Xbox Series X controller flashes and won't connect because of a software problem. Then we will see how to solve the problem when it comes to a equipment failure.

Software bug

Personalized software bugs to minor microprocessor malfunctions may prevent the Xbox Series X controller from working properly. In this case, it may start blinking to let you know. A reset material or update can simply eliminate these malfunctions and find a controller in working order.

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Restart your hardware

When your Series X controller is flashing, reset it first. For that :

  1. Connect the controller to the Xbox via the USB cable
  2. Hold down the Guide button (center key with an X) on the controller for a few seconds, until the controller turns off.
  3. Turn it back on in the same way.

If that didn't work, restart and electrically reset your console :

Note: this procedure does not delete your personal data. 
  1. Press the power button on your Xbox for 10 seconds. The console turns off.
  2. Unplug its power cable from the back of the console.
  3. Wait 20 minutes.
  4. Reconnect the power cable and turn the console back on.

Update your Xbox Series X system

If this procedure did not work and your Xbox Series X controller keeps flashing, try update your controller by proceeding as follows:

  1. Connect your Xbox Series X controller to the console in wired mode using the USB cable.
  2. In principle, the update instructions are launched automatically. Otherwise, open your console guide by pressing the Xbox button on your controller.
  3. Select “Profile and system” then “Settings”.
  4. Then click on "Devices and connections" then "Accessories".
  5. Go to "Xbox Wireless Controller" and select "..." to check the firmware version of your Xbox Series X controller.
  6. If the screen displays the "Update" option, proceed to launch it.
  7. When the update is complete, unplug the controller from the console and attempt to reconnect it via Bluetooth.

Equipment failure

Your Xbox Series X may also flash due to hardware issues. It may be a cable or bluetooth circuit malfunction or problem of faulty internal components.

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Cable or Bluetooth issue on an Xbox Series X

When your Xbox Series X controller is blinking because it is not connecting, it may be that the Bluetooth signal or USB cable is defective depending on the type of connection you are using (wired or wireless).

In this case, start with a few basic checks:

1 / Check that you have a clear Bluetooth signal between the Series X controller and your Xbox. Remove any objects that may interfere with the signal because they are between the two devices (walls, doors, cupboards, any objects, etc.). Move away or turn off electronic devices that emit waves that could interfere with the signal between the controller and the console.

2 / Keep a connection distance of maximum 9 meters so that the Bluetooth signal is strong enough. Feel free to get closer and point the front of the Xbox towards the controller for an easier connection between the two devices.

If nothing helps and your Xbox Series X controller continues to flash and not connect, check the bluetooth connection by plugging your controller into the console with the USB cable. If the controller stops flashing on a wired connection, it most likely means the problem is with Bluetooth. Then call on Xbox support to try to get your Xbox Series X controller repaired or replaced.

If you are already using a USB cable and the controller is flashing and not connecting, try using a different USB cable as yours may be faulty.

Controller problem

If nothing works, your controller is defective due to an internal component or power supply problem. If your Xbox controller is flashing but working, the problem may resolve itself. If the controller flashes and no longer works correctly, you must either have your controller repaired or replaced by contacting a professional, either by buy a new one.

First, check if your Xbox Series X controller is under warranty to obtain a free repair or replacement of your controller by contacting Xbox support.

If your controller is no longer under warranty, you can call a repair service specializing in electronics. Note, however, that the price is generally less advantageous than buying a new controller.

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