Xbox Series X controller not connecting, what to do?

The new Xbox Series X pleasantly surprised its users when it was released. Powerful and reliable, few bugs have been identified since it is in service. Unfortunately, "little" does not mean "none". Some players have noticed a few issues that hamper their experience. Among the most frequent, we find connection problems. But rest assured, there are solutions to fix it. This is what we will find out in this article by seeing: What to do when an Xbox Series X controller doesn't connect?

Basic checks when your Xbox Series X controller won't connect

why your Xbox Series X controller won't connect

An Xbox Series X controller may refuse to connect to the console due to a software bug, a hardware malfunction, or an error in your use.

First, discover the some checks on the use you make of your controller to make sure that your use allows the correct functioning of the latter:

1 / Make sure the Bluetooth signal is clear between the controller and your console or PC. Avoid placing objects between the two signal receivers. Keep electronic devices away that cause interference that may interfere with the Bluetooth connection.

2 / Maintain a connection distance between your controller and the console or the PC of a maximum of 9 meters. Be aware that signals may interfere with the connection. In this case, it is advisable to move closer to the console. Also, be sure to point the front of the Xbox toward your controller when you sign in for better reception.

3 / Check that your Xbox Series X controller does not connect because of the console. To do this, plug your controller into another console or try plugging another working controller into your Xbox. If you find that the problem is with the console and not the controller, contact Xbox support.

4 / Check that the Bluetooth connection is not overloaded. Indeed, the Xbox controllers can connect in Bluetooth to 8 controllers. However, the connection may be more difficult due to all the interference that the controllers can produce. If you are using more than one controller at the same time and one of them cannot connect, try to wired it.

5 / Unplug the headset before connecting your controller. Indeed, some users find that when the headset is plugged in, it can interfere with the connection of the controller. In this case, unplug the headset, connect the controller to the console, and reconnect the headset after your Xbox Series X controller is connected.

Steps to resolve the issue of an Xbox Series X controller not connecting

If these checks did not work and your Xbox Series X controller still refuses to connect, the problem most likely comes from a software bug or a hardware problem. You will then have to proceed to manipulations to try to solve the problem. Then follow the troubleshooting steps in order.

What to do when your Xbox Series X controller can't connect

Restart and reset the controller and console

When your Xbox Series X controller not connecting, it is very likely that minor software or CPU bugs are at the origin. In this case, a reset of the controller or a restart on your console may be enough to remove the problem.

First of all, reset your Xbox Series X controller that refuses to connect by doing the following:

  1. Plug in the controller to the Xbox via the USB cable
  2. Appuyez on the xbox button the joystick for 6-7 seconds, until the button goes out.
  3. Turn it on again proceeding identically and resynchronize it.

If this procedure does not give any results, restart your console like this :

  1. Keep pressed about ten seconds on the power button on your console, until it turns off.
  2. Unplug the power cable Xbox from its wall outlet for 2 minutes.
  3. Reconnect the power cable then turn the Xbox back on.

If your controller still won't connect, continue to the next step.

Update your Xbox Series X controller

The Xbox Series X controller is experiencing connection issues that Microsoft engineers have been trying to correct through updates since January 2021. If your controller disconnects in the middle of the game and / or sometimes refuses to connect when it starts up, try to update by proceeding as follows:

  • Plug in your controller on the Xbox using the original USB cable or a high-quality compatible cable.
  • In most cases, you will be automatically offered the update. However, if this is not the case, open the guide on your console by pressing the Xbox button.
  • Then go to " Profile and system "->" Settings "->" Devices and connections "->" Accessories "->" Xbox wireless controller ”->“… ”to check the firmware version of your Xbox Series X controller.
  • Yes " Update profile Is displayed, install it by following the instructions.
  • When the update is complete, unplug your controller and reconnect it wirelessly.

Check the batteries of your Xbox Series X controller

Thanks to the previous two steps, you have just checked whether the problem is due to a software bug. If your Xbox Series X controller still won't connect after the previous manipulations, she probably encounters a hardware problem.

The first check in this case concerns the batteries. Indeed, when the controller batteries are low, the connection signal will not be strong enough to successfully connect the two devices. Make sure that the batteries are properly charged and functional. If you can log in to the console briefly, the battery level will be displayed in the upper right corner.

If the batteries are weak, worn out or at the end of their life, load them ou replace them.

Check wired and wireless connection

When your Xbox Series X controller no longer connects, it may also be that a USB cable or Bluetooth is defective.

1 / If you use the wireless connection and therefore via Bluetooth, try connecting your controller with the USB cable. If the controller connects, the Bluetooth circuit is probably down. Then call on Xbox support to describe your problem and try to get your controller repaired or replaced.

2 / If you use the wired connection and therefore via the USB cable, try connecting your Xbox Series X controller to a different compatible and working USB cable. If your controller is able to connect, the problem is most likely with your original cable. You will therefore need to replace it. If your Xbox Series X controller still refuses to connect, unfortunately your controller will likely need to be changed.

Repair or replace your Xbox Series X controller

At this point, if your Xbox Series X controller still won't connect to your console, a larger malfunction is at the origin.

In this case, first check if your controller is eligible for warranty. If so, contact Xbox support et request the replacement of your controller.

If your controller isn't under warranty, you can always contact Xbox Support for a custom solution. In the event of a negative response to your request, you will then need buy a new controller or contact an electronic device repair service. However, the price will most certainly be higher than buying a new controller.

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