Your Continental Edison TV does not turn on anymore, what to do?

The Continental Edison brand specializes in the manufacture of household appliances and televisions. Expert in electronic devices, we can then expect an irreproachable quality. However, like all devices, there may be times when your TV has a problem. And one of the most frequently encountered problems is that it refuses to turn on. Fortunately, there are solutions to try to remedy the problem. So find out in this article what to do when your Continental Edison TV no longer turns on?

In the first part, learn the manipulations that are within your reach to try to turn your television back on. Then, learn the solutions when, despite your best efforts, your Continental Edison television still does not turn on.

What to do when your Continental Edison television no longer turns on?

Fortunately, there are several solutions to get your Continental Edison TV working again. Here they are :

Check the status of the remote

TV continental edison does not work anymore what to do

The first instinct to have when your Continental Edison TV no longer turns on is to check that the problem does not come from a malfunction of your remote control. This especially if the standby light is on but stays on.

Depending on the model of your Continental Edison television, the procedure for testing the status of your remote control may be slightly different:

  • If your Continental TV has a power button directly on the TV, try to start it with this button. It is often located behind or below the screen. Refer to the user guide for your TV. If your TV turns on with the button, the problem is with the remote control.
  • If your television does not have a button and the remote control uses the infrared radiation technology, here's how to test your remote:
    1. Place the remote control in front of the lens of a phone or camera
    2. Turn on the camera or the “Camera” application on your phone
    3. Bring the transmitter and therefore the infrared LED of the remote control close to the lens
    4. Press the "Power" button on the remote. You should then see a white or red light appear on the remote control LED on the screen of your smartphone or camera. If so, it means the remote is working.
infrared LEDs
  • You can also test your Continental Edison TV remote control by changing the batteries or by testing a working compatible remote.

If after checking, the problem comes from the remote control, we invite you to read the following article: What should I do if my Continental Edison remote control no longer works? On the other hand, if the remote control does not prove to be the source of the problem, then proceed to the following checks.

Perform an electrical reset

When your Continental Edison television set no longer comes on and the indicator light is flashing or is off, this usually means that a internal problem is responsible for the failure. This problem could be related to a power failure, a software bug, or an internal component that is faulty.

First, carry out a electrical reset to try to turn your Continental Edison TV back on. This allows to remove minor microprocessor malfunctions software or bugs related to its software. To reset, nothing could be simpler:

  1. Unplug your Continental Edison television from the wall outlet. Also disconnect all cables and peripherals connected to the TV;
  2. Wait 2 minutes;
  3. Reconnect your TV to the wall outlet. If your TV turns on again, you can then reconnect the devices.

If unfortunately your TV does not turn on again, a more serious failure is probably the cause of the problem. Continue to the following troubleshooting steps.

Check the power supply to your Continental Edison TV

It is very likely that at this stage, your Continental Edison TV does not turn on due to a major malfunction with its power supply or an internal component.

what to do when my Continental Edison television does not turn on

To start, check that your television is not having a problem in its powering process. To do this, you will need to carry out several checks:

1/ Check that the connections of your Continental Edison television are correctly made. Unplug them, then plug them back in one at a time.

2/ Check that the wall outlet is working. To do this, plug your television into another wall outlet in your house that is in good condition. If your appliance turns on again, the fault is indeed with the initial outlet and it will then be necessary to call an electrician to determine the exact origin of the problem and to have it repaired.

3/ Remove the power strip. If your Continental Edison television is plugged into a power strip, unplug it and plug your device directly into the wall outlet. Indeed, the multiple socket is an intermediate connection which can cause current problems and electrical interference.

4/ Check that the power cord is in good condition. It must not be damaged, deformed, burned, or melted. You can also test that it delivers the correct voltage to the TV using a multimeter, especially if the standby light flashes. If the cord is defective, replace it.

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Check the condition of your TV's internal components

When your Continental Edison TV still does not turn on after all these checks, it is very likely that a internal component is dead. Indeed, parts of electronic devices wear out over time and sooner or later break down. Particularly sensitive parts and which very often fail first are the fuses and capacitors which are on the electronic board of your television set.

Check the capacitors

The capacitors store and store electrical charges. In other words, the capacitor makes it possible to smooth the voltage variations. It is therefore an essential element present in all the electronic circuits of devices.

Luckily, it's relatively easy to see if they're faulty and therefore responsible for your Continental Edison TV not turning on. They are also relatively easy to replace. It is nevertheless necessary to have some skills in electricity (measurement, welding, assembly, disassembly).

check unresponsive Continental Edison TV components

You will need to disassemble the back of your television in order to access the electronic board. Worn and de-energized capacitors will be swollen on the top. To be sure that the capacitor (s) are truly dead, you can use a multimeter. If this is found to be correct, replace the defective capacitor (s).

Check the fuse

The fuses open the electrical circuit by melting when they spot a long-intensity overvoltage. This helps prevent serious damage to the device. However, when it activates or melts, the power circuit fails.

It will then have to be replaced so that your Continental Edison television can turn on again. It is also on the power board, at the board input. To test it, you can use a multimeter or a fuse tester, having previously removed it from the circuit.

If the fuse is dead, you will need to replace it. Note that if the standby light on your Continental Edison TV is off, the problem very often comes from the fuse or its power supply.

Check electronic boards

Most televisions have two electronic boards: the power board and the motherboard. Generally, when a Continental Edison TV no longer responds, the fault comes from one of these two cards.

You can then test the voltages of the power board connectors. If the voltages measured are not correct, it will have to be replaced. If not, it is probably the motherboard to be changed. Be careful to always replace a component with an equivalent and qualitative spare part.

Important : There are many tutorials on the internet to show you how to open your television, test the parts and replace them. However, beware of the risk of electric shocks and cuts. Also pay attention to the risk of damage to the device. If your TV is under warranty, do not open it as this will void your rights. Then call Continental Edison customer service directly. If you carry out any manipulations, switch off the power via the circuit breaker or by unplugging the device from the mains socket. If you are not knowledgeable, call a professional. 

What are the last remedies when your Continental Edison TV no longer works?

If, despite your best efforts, the steps seen previously did not make it possible to detect the origin of the fault, it is very likely that your Continental Edison television no longer turns on due to a deeper malfunction which you will not be able to solve without seeking professional service. In this case, several solutions are available to you.

Check the warranty of the Continental Edison TV

In the first place, check your purchase guarantee. If you have recently purchased your Continental Edison television or have taken out an extended warranty, it is very likely that it is still under warranty. Therefore, you will not be charged for the breakdown and repair service. If after an expertise, it is concluded that your TV is defective due to a manufacturing defect, its replacement will also not be invoiced to you.

Contact a professional repair service

When your Continental Edison TV no longer works, You can contact different repair services.

  • You can contact the Continental Edison customer service to get a personalized solution to your problem. You can also contact them on 3979. In the best case, they will be able to find the source of the fault or offer you a repair service.
  • You can use a repair services expert in the repair of electronic objects. However, be careful with the price charged. Do not hesitate to request an estimate.
  • Finally, you can contact the dispenser where you purchased your Continental Edison television. Ask them for the repair conditions of their after-sales service.

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A Continental Edison television that no longer turns on is a problem that can have different origins: electrical problem, damaged power cable or even failure of an internal component of the television.

To solve the problem, you will therefore have to consider different solutions such as check the correct operation of the remote control, check the state of the connections, reset the television or even test various internal components. If, unfortunately, nothing works, you can always contact Continental Edison customer service for professional help tailored to your situation.

It is important to take into account the various possible causes and to proceed in stages to identify the exact source of the problem in order to find an effective solution.

35 thoughts on “Your Continental Edison TV does not turn on, what to do?”

  1. Hello, I bought a tv in December 2018.
    To this day, I encounter this problem
    - my celed554k1018b7 continental Edison tv turns on,
    -it has sound but there are no more images.
    I tried several manipulations to recommend on the internet but without success.
    I thought about wanting to change the leds but I can't find them on the Internet.
    Could you help me solve my problem please thank you.

    • Hello,

      Your analysis is good. When the sound of your television is still present but there is no picture, a fault related to the backlighting system is in the vast majority of cases the source of the problem. To check if it is indeed the backlight, you can bring a lamp or the flash of a phone near the screen. You should then see the image draw lightly on the screen.

      To find the compatible leds, type "continental led tv backlight Edison celed554k1018b7". Unfortunately, I haven't found a site that sells the LED model that is compatible with your TV… You certainly won't find one in store either.
      In this case, the last solution is to contact a repair service specializing in electronics. However, they usually only offer the replacement of the slab, which is expensive. Do not hesitate to ask them for a quote or if they are able to provide you with just the parts.

      Good luck !

  2. Bonjour.
    My TV is working fine. Except that I can no longer turn the volume up or down? Can you help me please .
    Thanking you.

    • Hello,
      Do you have a tactile keyboard on one of the facades of your TV to test if the problem is with your remote control or your TV? If the sound reacts with the touch keyboard, the problem is with the remote control. Otherwise from the TV.
      If you don't have a touchscreen keyboard, you can also test by downloading a universal remote control mobile app on your smartphone. As an application you can for example have: "Universal Remote Control - Lean Remote" or "Universal TV Remote Control". After downloading and configuring it on your TV, try to adjust the sound with.

      If you conclude that the problem comes from the remote control, it will then be necessary that you clean the contacts of the circuit at the level of the volume + and - button of your remote control. We wrote an article on the subject:

      If you conclude that the problem is with the TV, first check that you have no other external audio volume connected (speaker etc) as the sound may be adjusted to come out of this device. If so, unplug the HDMI. Then you can attempt a factory reset of the TV. And if finally nothing helps, the connection cable to the internal loudspeakers either is probably defective or the loudspeakers themselves are faulty. In this case, you will either have to replace them yourself with equivalents, or have the TV repaired by contacting a repair service near you.

      Bonne journée.

  3. I blocked the keyboard of my TV and I can not do anything because it marks me locking the keyboard but more remote control and buy more universal not possible thank you

    • Hello,
      First, try unplugging your TV for 30 minutes. Then reconnect it.
      How did you manage to block the keyboard? With your old remote control or with buttons on the front? If the TV has front panel buttons, try pressing the Power or ON / OFF button for 30 seconds.
      Otherwise you have no choice but to buy a remote control similar to the one you had. You will find the reference in the user manual of the TV.
      Good luck.

      • Good evening, my edison model h55k6v2 continental TV is stuck on the media menu. the source button to switch back to an HDMI does not want to work. Looks like she's stuck. I unplugged it, turned it back on, looked in the menu, but nothing works. Factory reset or hotel mode, nothing works. I'm desperate can you help me please?

        • Hello,
          A hardware failure (generally motherboard) can lead to a software bug as you describe. However, to carry out a more precise diagnosis of the fault, a physical intervention is necessary. In view of what you have already tried on your own, we can now only advise you to go to a repairer near you...
          Good luck.

  4. Bonjour,
    I have a continental TV edison led model CELED320817B3, I have sound and we see in transparency from very far that there is a miage but we do not know what it really is
    I heard that it was necessary to go in the economy mode cut this mode, but how to do it if one does not see anything?
    and are you really useful?

    • Hello,
      You can indeed try to switch off the eco mode of your TV. You can try to approach a lamp or put a flash on the screen to see better.
      However, be aware that unfortunately the failure that you describe looks more like a failure of the backlight of your TV. As its name suggests, the backlight illuminates the screen from behind. When it is broken, the image will no longer be able to be displayed. The backlight problem may be with the entire screen, one or more LED strips, or poor contact between the power supply and the screen.

      When the backlighting is out of order, you will certainly have to replace the entire screen. Indeed, repairing LED strips is a solution that is very rarely offered in repair shops. However, do not hesitate to check with television repair stores near you if they provide this type of service (of course in the event that after expertise there is indeed a tape failure. LED and not the panel).

      If you want to do the repair yourself, be aware that it is difficult to find compatible LED strips. You can still try your luck by searching and ordering the parts on the internet. Also note that to replace one or more LED strips by yourself, you will first have to check that the failure actually comes from them. There are video tutorials on the net which explain the procedure to follow to do this and, if the failure is confirmed, which explain how to replace them.

      Caution, risk of electric shocks and damage to the device. If you are not proficient in handling, call in a professional. If your device is under warranty, contact Continental Edison Support. If carrying out any manipulations, always turn off the power before carrying out any manipulations and wear rubber gloves.

      Good luck.

  5. I made a bad manipulation by going to contrast a window appeared you want to deactivate the screen and stupidly I confirmed and since then I only have sound but no image I can not even see the menu to reset the state factory. Basically I wanted to put the zelda game with the game cube as I had a black and white image that's why I was in light and contrast what to save me please thank you

    • Hello,
      We are sorry but we do not know the solution to this problem. If no information appears on the user guide, it is best to contact Continental Edison support or the after-sales service at the retailer store (if you bought your television new and recently).
      Do not hesitate to keep us informed of the following events.
      Good luck.

  6. Hello,
    Our Edison Continental CEDLED32ML3 television does not turn on anymore. In fact, we turned it off normally and since then it no longer turns on. When we press the on button (on the remote control or on the TV itself) the red light flashes about fifteen times but nothing lights up.
    Thank you in advance for your help!

  7. I recovered a Continental Edison 43″ TV that no longer turns on. I don't have a remote. When powered up, the LED next to the infrared control lights up and goes out when the backlight comes on. If I connect a DVD player to an HDMI terminal, the sound is perfect But I have no picture. Can you help me?

    • Hello,
      The problem comes from the backlight if you have sound but no image (panel, LED strip or power supply). Repairing a panel is very expensive, so depending on your model and its age, it is sometimes better to replace the TV. We advise you to contact a professional with the reference of your TV to obtain information and a personalized quote. Good luck

  8. Hello,
    My continental edison television when I turn it on I have the massage which appears no command on a black background with an android man.
    what should i do please thank you

    • Hello,
      Have you tried the electrical reset? Because a software bug is probably the cause of the problem. If nothing helps, you should contact Continental Edison customer service because we don't know about this very specific problem (we are an independent advice blog unrelated to the brand). Good luck

  9. My CONTINENTAL EDISON CELED43SA21B6 television turns on, displays the inscription CONTINENTAL EDISON then the 4 logs do their research and the screen goes completely black. I did the electrical reset several times, disconnection for 5 minutes, reconnection with appearance of the red standby light, ignition with the remote control and again the same cycle and result mentioned above.

    • Hello,
      Do you have sound or the TV turns off completely?
      If you have sound, the problem may be with the backlight.
      If you have no sound and the TV turns off, then you should test the voltage of the power cord, then that of the power supply board and the motherboard. If you have the necessary electrical clearances, you should test the input and output voltages of both cards using a multimeter.

  10. Hello,
    I have a Continental Edison smart tv – 4″ UHD 55K LED TV, and for a few days when I watch TNT I have sound but no image. However, when I switch to Netflix or Youtube, everything works fine. An idea ?

  11. My smart TV for two days has been systematically ejecting me from my youtube type applications, etc. when I use them to put myself on the main menu or activate other applications alone how can I proceed to stop this bug I can no longer watch anything without being cut.

  12. HELLO I bought tv continental celed320817B3 on 17/10/18 out for a few days my TV no longer works with the original remote control that I checked my remote control works out strangely my TV only works via my box and the colors have changed

    so my question why I can no longer turn on my TV via its original remote control and why when I turn it off with the remote control of my box the after images are weird and I have a green background

    • Hello,
      If you have image and display bugs, the problem is probably with the motherboard. It could also be a T-con board failure but the fact that your TV won't turn on with the remote is more like a problem on the motherboard. You can test it electrically if you have the skills, and replace it with an identical one. Be careful not to buy a counterfeit which can lead to other breakdowns.

  13. Hello, I have a CELED95865MX model TV. I bought it on June 26, 2020 when I wanted to turn it on by itself. It tries to start and shuts down again.

    Could you help me please

    • Hello,
      Does the TV manage to turn on or not at all? Different elements should be tested:
      – First the power cord. Either test it electrically using a multimeter, or replace it with another identical cord if you have one available.
      – Then open the TV and check the components on the power board. Indeed, the problem you are encountering most certainly comes from a tired capacitor! If so, you need to change it. If not, test it electrically.
      – Finally, it can be the motherboard, although this is rarer. Then test its different voltages. And if necessary, replace it with an identical one.

  14. Hi, my Continental Edison Android QLED TV keeps turning off and won't turn back on for a few hours. You hear a rapid clicking sound when you reconnect the power supply. Since the last time it blew it hasn't come back on. Do you have an idea of ​​the problem?

    • Hello
      It is certainly a capacitor which was at the end of its life and which has definitely given up the ghost. The clicking noise you hear is typical of a faulty capacitor. You can still check before that that it is not the power cord that has jumped (also possible in relation to the symptoms you describe).


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