Your GoPro Hero 9 does not turn on anymore, what to do?

The latest release in a long series, the GoPro Hero9 has nothing to envy of its predecessors. Efficient and complete, it draws on years of experience and refinements to offer the best on the market. However, despite great improvements, certain dysfunctions persist. This is the case of an eternal problem: that of a GoPro which, one fine day, refuses to turn on. There may be several causes of the problem. This is why, in this article, we will try to answer the questions: why is your camera no longer working? And what to do when your GoPro Hero9 no longer turns on?

To get started, we'll see how to try and get your GoPro back to work on your own. And if nothing helps, we will see the external solutions to support your Hero9 camera as efficiently as possible.

What should I do if my GoPro Hero 9 no longer turns on?

Before carrying out any manipulations, it is necessary to prepare your GoPro Hero9. To do this, remove the micro SD card and unplug the camera from any external power source. Then remove and reinsert the battery. Press the Mode button. If no reaction is detected (audible or visual signal), proceed to the following instructions.

Sealing problem

First of all, it is important to rule out the fault in the sealing to avoid short circuits or further damage to the components.

So if your GoPro Hero9 no longer turns on after you put it in the water, it may be that his sealing encounters a defect and therefore internal components are damaged. Indeed, although it is in principle waterproof up to 10m, it is possible that following shocks, it is damaged.

In this case, there are few solutions to confirm this hypothesis. You can still check the battery compartment for signs of water or moisture infiltration. If this is not the case but it no longer works after swimming in the water, we recommend that you wait several days before attempting to turn it on so that all the components have time to to dry.

If after leaving it to dry for several days your GoPro Hero9 still does not turn on, try the operations below or call the GoPro customer service.

Starting problem

When your GoPro Hero9 no longer turns on, the first thing to do is to try to reset. Indeed, one of the main faults that we find on the GoPro is their bug at startup. So, to restart the camera system and reset it to correct any malfunctions, follow these instructions:

  • Press the Mode button for 10 seconds
  • Release the button
  • Wait 5 seconds
  • Press the Mode button again.

Your Hero9 should normally turn back on. Otherwise, proceed to the following operations.

Charging problem on your GoPro Hero9

When a GoPro Hero9 no longer turns on, this is often linked to a malfunction in the charging process.

At first, if you have not used your camera for a long time, your battery may be completely discharged. If this is your case, do not hesitate to charge your Hero9 for a long time. It is important that you wait a few minutes, because when it has not been charged for a long time, the red light indicating that it is charging may take several minutes to appear.

If you get no reaction and your GoPro Hero9 still won't turn on, the problem may come from the charging or the battery. To check this, remove the battery and plug the camera with its original charger into a wall outlet. Within 5 seconds, the charging indicator on the front should light up.

  • If the charging indicator does not light up and that therefore your GoPro Hero9 is not charging, replace the original cable with another USB Type-C cable or change the wall outlet.
  • If the charging indicator flashes, wait 5 seconds and turn the camera back on (without replacing the battery). If this works, turn off the camera, put the battery back on and check that the charging light is still flashing. It can sometimes take a few minutes if the battery is completely discharged. Then let your GoPro Hero 9 charge for several minutes, then unplug it from its power supply. Then try to turn it back on by pressing the Mode button.
    • If the answer is positive, turn off your Hero9 again, reinsert the micro SD card, wait 5 seconds, turn it on again, and try to record a video.
    • If there is no response when your camera is unplugged, the battery is very likely dead. To be sure of this, you will need to replace it with a new battery.

Update problem on your Hero9 camera

One of the problems that can also be encountered when a GoPro Hero9 no longer turns on is related toobsolescence of the software used. Indeed, it is important to regularly update the software adapted to the Hero9 to avoid bugs and malfunctions. To update when your camera refuses to turn on, use your computer:

  • Download the latest update for your Hero9 to your computer
  • Transfer it to your micro SD card
  • Insert the card into your sports camera
  • Wait a few minutes. And try to turn your GoPro back on

What solutions if despite everything your GoPro Hero9 no longer works?

If despite all these manipulations your GoPro Hero 9 does not turn on, the problem may be out of your reach and therefore you will not be able to fix it without call on expertise. You will then have to resort to an external service. And for this, several options may be available to you:

First, try to get your guarantee. Indeed, if your purchase invoice is recent or if you have taken a warranty extension, operate it with the brand or the store where you bought it.

If this option is not possible, you can always contact GoPro Customer Support to find a solution to your problem. It is sometimes possible totrade in your GoPro Hero9 if the concern comes from a manufacturing defect. Nevertheless, you will have to send your camera to the brand for it to be appraised. In the event that you have subscribed to the GoPro subscription, upon simple request for an exchange you will be able to obtain a brand new GoPro Hero9.

Finally, you can also call on repair service from a specialist store when your Hero9 no longer turns on. In case you bought your GoPro from a store, you can call their after-sales service.

18 thoughts on “Your GoPro Hero 9 won't turn on, what to do?”

  1. Hello,
    I have a gopro hero9, it does not turn on when I plug it in without the battery the indicator light comes on and then goes off. And same thing when I put the battery… a solution for me?

    • Hello,
      Is the charging light on when you plug it into a USB cable? If not, plug in your GoPro using its USB cable and press the Mode button for 10 seconds. If it still won't turn on, try using a different USB cable as yours may be faulty.

      If that doesn't work, try unplugging the GoPro from any external power source and then removing the SD card. Remove and replace the battery and press the Mode button. If it turns back on, then you can put the SD card back in and do an update. If it bugs again after you put the SD card back in, try resetting it by pressing the Mode button for 10 seconds. Then wait 5 seconds and press the Mode button to turn it back on.

      If unfortunately your camera still refuses to turn on after these few operations, it is probably encountering a malfunction requiring attention. Then contact GoPro support or your dealer if it is under warranty.

    • Hello,
      Did you follow the lighting advice given in the owner's manual?

      If so, first try removing the battery and plugging the camera into its USB cable. Wait 5 seconds then try to turn it on. If your GoPro stops bugging, turn it off, then try reinserting the battery and turning it back on.

      If the malfunction persists, this time try to remove the micro SD card having previously turned off your GoPro. Then try to turn it back on without the micro SD card. If this is functioning normally, the card may be faulty and prevent your camera from turning on properly.

      In any case if the bug persists, operate your warranty by contacting the dealer or GoPro Customer Support to request a replacement for your camera.

  2. Charging last night.
    This morning, overheating of the cable at the level of the gopro9 * melted.
    Battery swollen inside.
    Will call after-sales service tomorrow….

    • Hello,
      If your outlet has no voltage problem, it seems that the problem is with a hardware fault. You should get service from the after-sales service without too much trouble.

  3. Hello,
    I just bought a GoPro hero9 black when I insert the battery I see a red light in front of the camera I try to turn it on no response from the camera even if I plug it into its USB cable it's the same thing .
    Please tell me why.

    • Hello,
      Have you tried a long charge of the GoPro (2 hours)?
      If so, try removing the SD card first, removing the battery, waiting 5 seconds and then reinserting the battery. If that doesn't work, try removing the battery and plugging in the camera with the USB cable. If the light is blinking red and the GoPro turns on, the problem is with the battery. If that doesn't work, try resetting the GoPro by pressing the Mode button for about ten seconds. Then release the button and wait about 5 seconds. Press the Mode button again to attempt to restart your GoPro.

      If nothing works, we recommend that you call your dealer or GoPro customer service.
      Good luck .

    • Hello
      Unfortunately, this may be an internal connection problem. However, opening a GoPro is very tricky and not all repairers risk it. If it is no longer under warranty, we can only advise you to call a professional repairer to see if he can take over the service, and especially if it is worth the cost...

  4. Hello, In my go pro 9 the button to take a photo or start recording does not work. Supplement does nothing when pressed. Any advice other than going under warranty?

    • Hello
      If your GoPro is still under warranty, the best thing to do is take advantage of it… If the button doesn't work at all, chances are the power supply is faulty. In this case, the GoPro would have to be disassembled, which is absolutely not easy.

  5. Hello,

    After buying the GoPro Hero 9 at launch, I'm having problems for the first time.

    I have a spare GoPro 9 battery and the battery charger charges both batteries well.

    My problem occurs when I try to use the GoPro itself, it won't turn on with a fully charged battery or when plugged into my PC (no battery in the GoPro) – do you know a solution?

    I've tried holding 'mode', removing and reinserting the battery, etc.

    Thank you

    • Hello,
      If your GoPro no longer turns on at all, unfortunately the board inside the camera may have failed. In this case, this problem is very difficult to fix. We advise you to call a repairer near you so that he can carry out a more precise diagnosis and tell you whether or not the camera is repairable… Regards

  6. Gopro won't turn on, followed reset instructions, turned on.
    But then when recording the screen is black and frozen

  7. Hello. In my case, I updated the go pro hero 9 to its latest version. Almost half an hour later, all functions disappeared from the touch screen. The camera turns on, I can see the image through the touch screen, but the configuration options do not appear. Does this problem have a solution?

    • Besides, when I want to turn it off, I can't. I can't save either because the trigger is not responding. I can only turn it off if I remove the battery. And when I turn it back on, the problem persists, what should I do?

    • Hello,
      In the case of a corrupted update, the only solution is to contact the GoPro after-sales service so that they can send you a new update.


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