Dyson hair dryer flashing red, what to do?

When you needed your precious hair dryer to achieve your best brushing, it decides to cut itself while using it and its three lights start flashing red? This failure is quite common on the Dyson hair dryer. Fortunately, very often it is benign and your device can work again without going to a repair center. So, without further ado, discover why is your Dyson hair dryer flashing red? Et what to do to fix the problem effectively?

Why is the Dyson hair dryer flashing red?

When three lights on your Dyson hair dryer are flashing red, most of the time problem is easily fixable on your own. And the good news is that you don't have to be a DIY whiz! Indeed, the red flashing is a signal put in place by the manufacturer to indicate to you that the filter is too clogged to operate normally. Thus, in the majority of cases, it will be enough to clean it to find a device in working order.

In rarer cases, it may also happen that your Dyson hair dryer stops flashing red due to hardware failure. In this case, the problem may come from different components of the device: electronic board, motor or thermal fuse. Unfortunately, this failure will require the intervention of a professional to avoid any risk to you or your device. If your hair dryer is still under warranty, the breakdown will be covered by the Dyson brand. Otherwise, you will certainly have to pay the price of the repair. But before giving in to panic, discover below the manipulations accessible to everyone to try to repair your device.

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What to do when the lights are flashing red on a Dyson hair dryer?

Clean the hair dryer filter

dyson hair dryer flashing red, what to do?

The hair dryer filter retains dust, dirt, hair and animal hair so that they do not enter the motor, and thus prevent a serious breakdown of your appliance. Over the years, the filter can accumulate dirt and no longer fulfill its role correctly. A sensor controls this system. When it detects that the filter is too dirty, he puts the device off and you signal the problem by flashing. So to fix your Dyson hair dryer that's flashing red, all you need to do is clean the filter by proceeding as follows:

  1. Unplug the device from the electrical outlet
  2. Let it come down to temperature for about ten minutes.
  3. Remove the filter grid located at the base of the hair dryer handle by turning it slightly counter-clockwise, pulling it down until it reaches the cable and then gently opening it in half.
  4. The filter is the metallic gray part that sits underneath. Then gently remove the dirt on the filter, by hand, with the help of a dry, soft cloth and/or with a clean toothbrush with soft bristles. Caution, never put water, liquid or detergent directly on the filter.
  5. Then clean the filter grid, and therefore the removable part, by running it under running water. Let it dry, then use a dry cloth or soft-bristled toothbrush to remove stubborn dirt.
  6. Refit the filter grille in the same way as removing it. The grid must be clipped and therefore must not move.

For a video tutorial on cleaning the filter, check out the Dyson brand video:

In principle, your hair dryer should work normally again, without the lights flashing. If this is not the case, then the problem may come from a defective internal component.

Call Dyson after-sales service or a professional

Why Dyson hair dryer lights are flashing red

Unfortunately if your Dyson hair dryer keeps cutting and its lights are flashing red, the fault most certainly comes from a hardware failure. Indeed, it may happen that following a manufacturing defect, overheating, shock or natural wear, an internal component breaks down. In your case, it will most certainly be the electronic card, the motor or the thermal fuse.

If your hair dryer is still on guarantee, contact the Dyson after-sales service to obtain a free repair or exchange of the device. Note that there are several guarantees. If you have not opted for an extended warranty, your product is covered by the 2-year manufacturer's warranty (compulsory in France).

On the other hand, if your defective hair dryer has plus warranty claim, you can choose to contact the Dyson after-sales service because if it is a manufacturing defect, the costs will be borne by the brand; or contact a independent repairer. In this case, do not forget to ask for an estimate to be certain that the repair is worth the cost.

Testing Dyson hair dryer components

If you have some solid electrical clearances, you can also try to disassemble the hair dryer and test the different components cited above. However, note that disassembling the device will make you lose your warranty rights and that spare parts are very difficult to find for an individual. In addition, there is a risk of electric shock and irreversible damage to the device. If you do not have electronic skills, these manipulations are strongly discouraged.

The components most at risk of causing your Dyson hair dryer to break down and flash red are:

The thermal fuse

The fuse is a thermal safety which is in the resistance of the device. To test it, you must perform a continuity test using a multimeter. If there is no continuity, then you will need to replace it with a similar fuse.


Measure the voltage at the motor terminals using a multimeter set to AC voltmeter. If the voltage is approximately 220V, it is working normally. Otherwise, it is defective. It will then have to be replaced by an identical one.

The electronic card

Measure the input and output supply voltage of the turntable using a multimeter set to an alternating current voltmeter. If the two voltages are almost identical (approximately 220V) the electronic card works. If the output voltage is zero, lower or not the same, the electronic card is faulty. It will therefore be necessary to replace it with an identical one.

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