Ps5 controller making noise, what to do?

Does a squeaking or mechanical noise appear on your DualSense controller? Very often mild, these noises do not indicate a major malfunction on your PS5 controller. However, they can get very annoying when you're in the middle of a game. So fortunately there are solutions to get rid of these sound effects. This is what we will see in this article by answering the question: what to do when your PS5 controller makes noise? First find out the causes. Then discover the different solutions to get rid of these noises.

PS5 controller that makes noise why

Why is your PS5 controller making noise?

A little squeaking or mechanical noise appears when you press the buttons on your PS5 controller or when you press the controller a little too hard? Although this problem rarely announces a serious malfunction, the noise can quickly disturb your attention. So where does the sound of your PS5 controller come from?

When your PS5 controller makes a squeaking noise, it can be:

  • if your controller is new, the mechanism needs to lubricate and relax. The noise should then disappear on its own.
  • dust, dirt or small parasitic objects which are stuck at the level of the buttons and which cause discomfort in the mechanism.
  • a metal spring which is no longer sufficiently well lubricated and therefore begins to squeak.
  • a perpetual solicitation of the buttons which cause small movements of the components of the mechanism. This then creates friction and generates a squeaking noise.
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When your DualSense controller makes a mechanical noise, it can be:

  • a new mechanism and therefore which needs to lubricate and relax. The noise should then disappear on its own.
  • a spring and / or a mechanism which is worn and which has lost its elasticity.
  • an internal component that has come loose or unsoldered and is hitting other components of your PS5 controller.

What to do when your PS5 controller makes noise?

what to do when your PS5 controller squeaks

When your PS5 controller makes noise, fortunately there are some Tricks that allow it to be overcome.

Important : If your PS5 controller is eligible for warranty, never disassemble it. This removes your warranty rights. In addition, if you have no skills in electronics and have never disassembled a controller, we strongly advise against disassembling the DualSense, as you may cause more damage. Finally, always remember to unplug your controller before proceeding with any manipulations. 

Do a full maintenance of your PS5 controller

Clean the DualSense controller

When your PS5 controller squeaks, it may be that dust, stray micro-objects or dirt slipped through the crack of a trigger or joystick. In this case, first try to press your trigger several times or move your joystick several times to remove any embedded objects. In case this does not work, try to dust off button (s) by blowing into the slot. You can also use a dry air dust collector.

Lubricate the joystick buttons

When your PS5 controller makes a squeaking or mechanical noise, you can also try to lubricate the spring of its buttons which cause the nuisance. Especially if you notice that these buttons in question are also harder or that they get stuck when you press them. Indeed, the spring is a metal part which wears out more or less quickly because of repeated friction. Its protective layer gradually decreases and then causes these unpleasant noises each time the spring is tightened and relaxed.

To lubricate the button on your DualSense controller that is making noise, use a silicone lubricant spray like for example the multifunctional product WD-40 Specialist suitable for printed circuits and therefore for electronic components. It provides long-term lubrication of parts and mechanisms. Consequently, he suppresses squealing and mechanical noises. In addition, it does not attract dust or dirt that may interfere with the proper functioning of your buttons.

Apply the lubricant to your noisy PS5 controller by doing the following:

  1. Use a wipe or cotton rolled up and soaked in silicone spray so that it can penetrate the slot of the trigger or the joystick. Be careful, a small amount is enough to lubricate!
  2. Gently rub inside the pimple (s).
  3. Remove the wipe or cotton.
  4. Press or move the trigger or joystick several times so that the product properly permeates the metal of the spring. If the pimple continues to make a noise, you can try putting a small amount back on.
Note: You can also disassemble the joystick to make it easier to lubricate the buttons. However, we do not recommend this maneuver if you have never done it before and if your controller is under warranty. You risk damaging the lever or having difficulty reassembling it. 

Natural wear of the DuelSense mechanism

A PS5 controller that makes noise can also be the result of natural wear of components and in particular of the spring or its mechanism but also be the result of repeated rubbing that appear over time.

In that case, the concern resolves in the majority of cases naturally and the noise then eventually disappears. However, if you notice that the controller is having problems, the buttons no longer respond as well as before, professional help to replace the button may then be useful.

Call on professional service

If the noise of your PS5 controller is not accompanied by a malfunction and does not prevent you from playing, be aware that specialized stores or PlayStation after-sales service will not take back your controller. The same goes for the warranty which will not work in this case because the controller is still usable. You can still try to contact theplaystation support for advice or a personalized solution to your problem.

You can also go to a specialty gaming store so that they dust or lubricate your DualSense controller with suitable products because you are not the only one having this problem. Finally Yes your controller makes noise and no longer works properly, you can contact a electronic device repair service to try to repair the malfunction. If nothing works, you will unfortunately have to buy a new controller.

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  1. Hi, please don't use WD40. It's (A. Not a lubricant
    (B. Known to damage a lot of plastics and never intended for electronics.

    Use a silicone-based lubricant that is safe for electronics.

    • Hello,
      Thank you for your precision.
      There is a WD 40 Specialist, suitable for electronic components (and which also contains silicone). It is of course this product that we recommend.


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